Thursday, September 5, 2019


The second MAGICKAL MYSTERY MASTERCLASS for 2019 has been scheduled for 20-22 September (with an optional free day on the 23rd for those who opt to stay back and integrate the experience). Star Commander Darien Nagle will join us on Sunday with a demonstration on how to clear your chakras and enhance your ability to manifest your desires.

Why am I facilitating these Masterclasses, you might wonder (as I occasionally do myself)? It's very simple, really. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the Reality Spectrum each of us accesses - the problem lies with the negative, disempowering programming ALL of us have been subjected to from birth (and even prior to our arrival via our parents' acquired and inherited baggage). With a tiny bit of effort – but, most importantly, the conscious decision to reclaim our individual destinies and debug our operating systems - we can begin to expand our awareness and truly enjoy being alive at this unprecedentedly exciting juncture of human evolution - instead of being a passive consumer of prepackaged truth, habituated to moaning and groaning about how fucked-up everything appears to be.

The Upper Deck of The Fusion Longhouse
has witnessed a great many Reality Shifts!
Truth be told, a single weekend doesn't allow us much time to unravel an entire lifetime (or many lifetimes) of confusion, perplexity and systematic indoctrination. In the old days, an undertaking of this nature could stretch over 25 years or more (much of it spent on ascetic practices and osmotic absorption of cellular wisdom from some venerable sage). But we are, for better or worse, living in the Digital Era, where compression (and decompression) technology has made it possible to pack several lifetimes of experience into a painless weekend (with healthy and tasty meals thrown in).

And while it's true that an entire week would be far more intensive and comprehensive, that's a luxury few of us can afford. Most of us (including myself) are bound by domestic and professional commitments that make setting aside an entire week extremely difficult, except under exceptional circumstances. So we must do what we can within the confines an extended weekend.


"Core Essence" by Ravin Sikander
(acrylic on canvas 3' x 5')
In the brief but intensely compressed space of a single weekend you will experience full body-mind-soul immersion within a transformational vortex, a safe nonjudgmental space in which you can release and transmute societally ingrained beliefs and behaviors - especially those involving your own sexuality. This is an opportunity to integrate fresh inputs that will support your liberation from enslavement to an illusory system called The 3D Matrix.

You will begin to reclaim your unique individual sovereignty, molecular integrity and innate nobility - perhaps even befriend your own shadow self (your “Mr Hyde” side) - and reconnect with your core essence as a constantly evolving, wholeheartedly loving, human animal with a dynamic mix of diabolical and divine potentialities.

I co-facilitated the first MAGICKAL MYSTERY MASTERCLASS @ The Fusion Longhouse with Star Commander Darien Nagle in March 2019. The maximum intake was 10 participants and we actually had 9, but 3 canceled, leaving 6, which turned out to be just the right number (at least for that particular episode). Here are excerpts from the encouraging feedback we received from The Intrepid Fusion Timeship Crew (that's what I call the courageous humans who signed up for our maiden Masterclass):

"Keep up the good work. It’s very enlightening and mind boggling. More people should experience and hear about it. Great for networking with likeminded people. Great environment. Good food and unique accommodation with views upstairs where the cat also keeps you company at night. I had a great time. Thanks for making it memorable! 👍🏻👍🏻😬" ~ Roger Young

"Thank you again to Antares, Darien and all my fellow Crew members for a life-changing and enriching weekend. I'm keen to see which new frontiers this Ship will go to!" ~ Lukas Angelo Yap

"It was fun! The river magick! And fellow Timeship passengers joyous company 😘😘😘 and non-stop awesome great meals from the chef supremo Emanar! 🙏😘" ~ Lim Hean Beng

"After being in quite a few workshops and classes of the spiritual kind, I found that I was most nervous about this one but only because I knew in my heart there would be a significant shift when I left. I have to say my nervousness was arrested when I met everyone. I have never felt at ease quite so quickly as I have with everyone in this group including the teachers. I feel put back together and this is the shift I needed. So Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you from my heart ❤ I would also like to acknowledge Emanar for holding the space for all of us with her nurturing nature and feeding us with love. I am grateful to have had her with us." ~ Dawn Marie Ng

View of misty hills from the front deck of The Fusion Longhouse

"Dear Magickal Mystery Teachers (& Fellow Crew Members): I thank you from the bottom of my heart for an “out-of-this-world” class which is a huge milestone marker in my life. I learned new information & new practices that I can take home. I also appreciated the personalised feedback about myself & how I can move forward in my life. Most importantly, I had the opportunity to be with & observe 2 Master Teachers over a weekend & that had to be the most precious experience of all - that you are BOTH a living inspiration of what I can aspire to be. I feel honoured & humbled that I could participate." ~ A. M. Saniman

"Thanks, Darien and Antares, for the course. It was great! 👍🏻👍🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 And I am still astounded by the uniqueness of everyone involved. Love the Fusion Longhouse design - simple, elegant, nice artistic touches. I appreciate the healthy, clean, tasty and carefully prepared food from Emanar. It's extremely rare to meet people who are aligned, that share many uncommon personal interests and such usually taboo topics, etc, so it's great to have the fellowship. The informal talks we had among the participants and with Antares and Darien, the deep sharing and personal feedback were much needed to deal with my own issues and shadows, while learning from others' journeys too was great. These informal sessions were intimate, gloriously organic and one of a kind, while being thoroughly insightful and filled with so much knowledge and wisdom. That really made the course truly special and outstanding.  Ever since my journey started a year ago, I've been quietly observing and filtering many mystics and 'masters' whom I learned from a great deal. I have to honestly say that Antares is really up there among the wisest, definitely the wisest I've ever had the chance and honour to meet." ~ Yik Boon Tan

NOTE: Passengers on The Fusion Timeship are limited to TEN only. Download the e-brochure and registration form by clicking on the links!