Friday, October 8, 2010

Meanwhile over in West Papua...

I've never given much thought to West Papua. In fact, I had almost forgotten it exists. Recently I've been receiving links to news items and videos that once again reveal the grim consequences of human greed and hypocrisy.

In the end it matters not whether it's the Indonesian government, or the Australian government, or Malaysia, or the USA or the CIA that's orchestrating the oppression, colonization, exploitation and murder. The root cause is all too familiar: a misplaced sense of priorities that puts corporate profits ahead of human and environmental well-being.

West Papuans are demanding their freedom and autonomy. They want Merdeka (Independence). Who doesn't?

Monday, October 4, 2010

Tunku Abdul Aziz on Anwar Ibrahim as PM

The only Malaysian politician, who can, without making a fool of himself, stride the world stage with the right combination of strong intellectual credentials and honesty, is not to be found within the serried ranks of the BN, but in the person of Anwar Ibrahim, Malaysia’s iconic liberal democrat.

As I saw here in Brussels, he had the European parliamentary leadership, figuratively speaking, eating out of his hands. Many have already put the champagne on ice; they clearly see this victim of a rotten political system as the next man to lead the country.

For all our sakes, I hope they are right. Malaysia needs a thorough overhaul and Najib - whom we need like we do a great big hole in our head - is unlikely to understand the dynamics of change for the great leap forward.

He is not only busy watching oversized baggage, but also his back with the sort of loyal friends he has had foisted on him. There simply isn’t much time for anything else while the ship of state springs more leaks by the day...

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Why Islam And Democracy Are Destined to Coincide
Keynote address by Anwar Ibrahim, Parliamentary Opposition Leader of Malaysia at Brussels, 28th September, 2010

'March to Putrajaya' now online!

Click here to download and read!

Kim Quek's explosive book The March to Putrajaya – Malaysia’s New Era is at Hand, recently banned by the Malaysian Home Minister, is available online. By clicking here, readers can view as well as download the uncensored contents of the book.

This is as it should be. Citizens of a country should not be deprived of free access to information by the government simply because such information is deemed unfavourable to the regime.

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