Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Walt Disney Women... Vava-voooom! (revisited)

This is a confession of sorts. My 20-year-old son Ahau and I... we share the same taste in women.

Ever since his eyes could focus he's been fond of watching videos. An early favorite was Peter Pan, which he could happily watch several times a day. One day he discovered the rewind button on the VCR (those were pre-VCD/DVD days). That was it. Ahau became the Instant Replay Man, compulsively and obsessively replaying his favorite bits of every video.

One day, I caught the little tyke pressing his face to the TV screen. He was trying to kiss Tinkerbell. I had to laugh. When I was a kid, I was myself intensely intrigued by Peter Pan's sexy little sidekick.

X-rated Tinker Bell
The irresistibly cute pixie with the hourglass figure and gossamer wings and magic dust that could sweep you off your feet with happy, horny thoughts!

In fact, I named my second daughter after my childhood sex symbol - but when she grew up she decided to drop the "Tinker" and add an 'e' to the "Bell" - and it has worked out beautifully for her (see the glam shot she sent me at left...)

Ah, what an absolute prodigy he was, that fellow, Walter Elias Disney (1901-1966). His unmitigated genius deserves a series of in-depth studies - but this is not the time and place to dwell on this supremely inspired icon of animation art. Instead, I want to ramble on a little about the fetishistic femmes Mr Disney conjured from his fertile imagination. Remember, this is America in the early 1950s - the heyday of Life magazine's Norman Rockwell covers and clean-cut Sunday schoolkids, when the only erotic art you might find would be on the back of naughty playing cards. Overt sexuality wouldn't come into fashion until Hugh Hefner unleashed his Playboy Bunnies on the world in 1953 - the same year, incidentally, that Disney released Peter Pan.

Ahau's next major crush was on Ariel, the redhead with a hauntingly melodious voice and a fish tail. I could see why he adored Ariel, but she wasn't really my type, not even with legs. Too wishy-washy, the way she mooned over that cardboard cut-out prince. Now, if only Ariel had the street cred of the neurotic, waif-like mermaid in this sketch...

Belle, as in Beauty and the Beast, is something else. Feisty and admirable in her devotion to her eccentric inventor dad. A daughter after my own heart... and one who can surely bring out the, I mean, the best in any man.

But, ultimately - and both Ahau and I agree on this - it's Pocahontas we'd seriously love to poke. Indeed, we'd wed her without a moment's hesitation.

Her wild spirit, her incredible courage, and her ability to leap off waterfalls (not to mention her flawless anatomy) make her utterly irresistible to us both. Too bad she only seems to go for raccoons and Mat Sallehs* named John.

*Mat Salleh - local slang for Caucasians.

[First posted 25 March 2007, reposted 4 Februaery 2014]

Meanwhile, back at Eyjafjallajökull... (a flashback)

I'm glad to be living in Ulu Selangor (a name that easily rolls off the tongue) - where the only rumblings that can be heard are the sound of BN's imminent collapse!


[First posted 22 April 2010]