Thursday, February 28, 2019

Upgrading Your Biocomputer Software & Reconnecting With Your Core Essence

A weekend masterclass with Darien Nagle & Antares Maitreya

Darien Nagle and Antares Maitreya are initiating a masterclass unlike any other that has ever taken place on earth.

It won't be for everybody. Only a maximum of twelve self-selected individuals at a time, whose unique energy signatures will help shape the structure and content of what might otherwise become an open-ended ramble through a forest of issues. Those who hear the call and respond will be ready to reclaim their own sovereignty and molecular integrity, unlearning and reassessing everything they have been conditioned to accept as truth since they arrived on the planet. They would have already done their own research into various religious doctrines, and begun to explore the mystical, metaphysical dimensions of the reality spectrum. Having outgrown institutionalized belief systems, they will be discerning about what notions to value as meaningful, yet receptive to fresh inputs. They will be courageous and clearheaded enough to reset their personal agendas, and rescript their own destinies. They will be passionate seekers, looking for answers to the questions deep in their hearts: "Who am I? Why am I here? What can I do in this moment to obtain emotional equilibrium and an authentic sense of fulfillment?" Most importantly, they will cherish their own autonomy and freedom from the dictates of external authority.

As facilitators, the role of Darien & Antares would be to create and maintain a safe, non-judgmental, non-punitive space and a clear, coherent field in which participants can shed their protective masks and social conditioning - in a friendly, supportive atmosphere wherein they can relax, reconnect with their own core essence and reveal themselves to themselves. We'll share some practical spiritual tools you can experience and take away with you. We promise you won't be bored!

For more details, please download the pdf, look through it and then decide if this could be the perfect opportunity for you to take a quantum jump into a whole new earthly adventure. 

Click here to download registration form. The first Masterclass at The Fusion Longhouse, Pertak Village (near Kuala Kubu Bharu, Malaysia) is scheduled from 29-31 March 2019.


Darien Nagle is a seasoned advanced skills trainer who left his well-paid job as a Technical Director and Sales Specialist with Microsoft to dedicate himself to helping others escape “The 3D Matrix.” He began awakening to his own true nature about seven years ago and has been getting stellar “downloads” which have recalibrated his own neural circuitry, enhancing his ability to retrieve data from “The Cloud” and gain experiential access to many lifetimes of service as part of a “search and rescue” team operating on this planet. Married to a Malaysian, Darien commutes between Kuala Lumpur and Australia when he isn’t on call as a Cloud computing consultant and trainer to giant tech companies in the Asia-Pacific region.

Having explored various meditation techniques, Darien has devised his own method, aimed at helping others quickly and effortlessly plug into their own inner selves, easing their journey from confusion back to conscious fusion with Source.

Antares Maitreya was born in 1950 to English-speaking middle-class Chinese parents in a small southern town called Batu Pahat. He got a job in advertising and moved to Kuala Lumpur at age 20, where he became known as “Kit Leee” through his involvement with theater and music. In 1989 his first book, ADOI! was published by Times Books International and it became a national bestseller. Three years later, apparently turning his back on fame, fortune and the bright lights, he relocated to the Pertak forest reserve in Ulu Selangor where he claimed “Antares” as his new User ID and became the Ceremonial Guardian of Magick River.

For the next seven years he lived without electricity and no fixed income, unlearning everything he thought he knew and learning how to simplify his life. He also kept himself busy producing hours of music, writing and illustrating books, making documentaries, and freely sharing his mystical insights and visions with those receptive to his counsel. In 2018 he built The Fusion Longhouse to provide a simple but charming venue for retreats, workshops and masterclasses. [See Antares’s full resumé at

Front Deck of The Fusion Longhouse @ Magick River
View from the Upper Deck
The Green Walkway
Family Dorm for Five
 Hot shower, anyone?

Pertak Village seen from the bridge at the end of the Selangor Dam lake