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Why I should be Minister of Phynance (revisited)

"It is the artist/scientist/architect who is the mover of history. Under our present nation-state system, the artist/scientist/architect is enslaved in a world where the politicians are entropically concerned with their own fragmented power and wealth. The visionary is unemployed and finds it difficult to fit into the rigid educational system that is becoming more financially exclusive each semester." ~ Libby Hubbard, paraphrasing Buckminster Fuller

"We find all the no-life-support-wealth-producing people going to their jobs in their cars or buses, spending trillions of dollars' worth of petroleum daily to get to their no-wealth-producing jobs. It doesn't take a computer to tell you that it will save both Universe and humanity trillions of dollars a day to pay them handsomely to stay at home." ~ Buckminster Fuller, Critical Path (1981)

First of all, I readily admit that I know next to nothing about money. The word “economics” leaves me cold. The concept of busyness (as in business) makes me yawn.

Second of all, if you look at the self-appointed phynancial wizards who have each claimed to be some sort of “foremost authority” in his field (and it’s still pretty much a male precinct; can’t think of any female economic advisors offhand) it’s obvious they have completely screwed up at every turn.

If these economic experts were worth their own weight in salt, would there be so many starving children in some countries – and so many obese ones in others?

Doesn’t take a degree in rocket science to figure out that these “economic strategists” are essentially a bunch of conmen who serve the narrow interests of a tiny elite cabal and not humanity as a whole.

The deep background to this out-of-whack state of affairs makes a fascinating study but I won’t delve into it here. Those interested are encouraged to do a bit of DuckDuckGoing on the Anunnaki colonization of Planet Earth (as recorded in the Enuma Elish) and how they manufactured a slavish subspecies (Homo sapiens sapiens aka the Adama) to perform menial tasks - and inadvertently got genetically entangled with Adamic humanity’s evolution towards autonomy and spiritual consciousness.

Coming back to my appointment as Minister of Phynance, here are some good reasons why I feel I’m the best person for the job.

For a start, I’ve become expert at minimizing overheads. I quit my last full-time job on April 1st, 1977, and have managed to live modestly but comfortably since. In those 40-odd years I’ve acquired intimate knowledge of the true value of everything.

If you‘ve been trekking up and down several hills through the forest for four hours, you most certainly will appreciate what shelter means: to arrive finally at a cosy lodge with facilities for boiling water and making tea, and to be able to put your weary feet up and sip sweet black tea and listen to the jungle – that’s certainly an enriching experience. Moments like these, what’s a cup of tea worth to you? Or a warm bed to lie in? How about the company and conversation of a few good friends?

In the real world – and I don’t mean the dog-eat-dog “real world” cynically alluded to by moneyed folk and crime syndicates – where nature reigns supreme, our understanding of what constitutes wealth becomes grounded in tangible experience. For instance, if you find yourself lost in the desert and you’ve been trudging in circles up and down sand dunes under a blazing sun for hours on end, which would you rather stumble upon – a well containing potable water or a bag stuffed with currency notes or even uncut diamonds?

Our sense of values has become distorted over many generations with the introduction of money as a symbol of wealth. To a hungry man, a bunch of bananas and a pitcher of cool, sweet water are worth infinitely more than a gleaming new Porsche or a platinum credit card with unlimited access.

As Minister of Phynance I would shut down the stock exchange and turn it into a budget hostel for young travelers. It’s totally absurd that people think it’s okay to make money with money. It’s not okay, folks – because money isn’t real!

It’s just a puerile game wherein folks with surplus cash are lured into investing it in big corporations, thereby giving them sufficient financial clout to wreak total havoc with their endless expansion schemes. Giant corporations are an unhealthy phenomenon as they tend to grow and grow like a cancer, devouring everything of genuine value – especially natural ecosystems - in their path.

What do people with surplus cash do with the stuff then? Well, they can donate it to a community trust fund managed by a panel of respected citizens and this trust fund will supersede the parasitic insurance companies and the Employees Provident Fund. Anyone who requires financial support and funding for adventurous and worthwhile projects may apply for a grant from this fund. If they accrue a financial surplus from any of these projects, they are expected to donate it to the fund so others can benefit from it.

What constitutes a financial surplus? If we calculate the cost of supporting an adult human for a single day and multiply the amount by ten to make sure that his or her quality of life is at least ten times better than basic – anything above that amount would be considered as surplus.

For example, I estimate that an adult human can manage comfortably on a budget of RM100 or €20 a day. Ten times that is RM1,000 or €200. So in a month of 30 days an adult human would be more than comfortably supported on a income of RM30,000 or €6,000. If he or she lives frugally, at least half the monthly income can be saved in an interest-free account. This way, those who tend to be spendthrift will end up with hardly any surplus; whilst the thrifty ones will have plenty of surplus to donate to the community trust fund.

Those who donate their surplus to the community trust fund will acquire the status of community elders and therefore share the responsibility of governing their communities. By living well within their means and managing to accumulate a monthly or annual surplus, they would have demonstrated their maturity, inner discipline and freedom from self-indulgent habits and addictions.

Essentially, this will help resolve destabilizing imbalances resulting from generations of financial mismanagement at the hands of those who tend to be most extravagant and undisciplined in their misuse of energy. To be sure, they won’t be overjoyed about this – since this class of humans has traditionally set themselves up as the ruling elite by dint of the fact that they were descended from the Anunnaki creator gods – or were able to become leaders of armed gangs that routinely plundered the land, terrorized the populace, and proclaimed themselves overlords.

And where will the guaranteed income come from? It will accrue from harvesting free energy and effectively converting and rechanneling it for specific tasks. Back in the early 1970s, whole systems thinker Buckminster Fuller calculated that if we could efficiently tap the daily universal income of raw energy from our nearest star, Sol or Ra, and convert it to its monetary equivalent in US dollars – we would receive sufficient energy from the Sun alone to pay every living human on Spaceship Earth a daily wage of approximately USD400,000.

Now that is way beyond my recommended basic daily wage of RM500 or €100. Buckminster Fuller was merely stating a point in very broad terms. It’s unlikely that we could harvest 100% of the daily energy income we receive from the Sun. 60-70% would already be more than sufficient to provide a daily energy income to each human worth approximately USD280,000. And since each human will be guaranteed only RM500 (approximately USD142) per day, it means that at least USD279,858 per human would accrue to the planetary energy pool for infrastructural design, development and maintenance.

In effect, after deducting the basic daily cost of maintaining each adult human, there would still be an enormous amount held in reserve for large-scale operations like the building and maintenance of transport systems, ecosystem rehabilitation projects, educational networks and a state-of-the-art planetary communications grid.

Notice that I have omitted any mention of defence systems or military forces. We really don’t need these archaic institutions anymore. If we haven’t matured enough as a species to resolve our conceptual differences through philosophical engagement, interpersonal interaction and conflict resolution, then Homo sapiens sapiens truly deserves to become extinct. And the rest of the universe won’t shed a single tear to be rid of such a virulent and warlike lifeform.

In order to make such a planetary scale transformation possible, it would of course be much easier if there existed an enlightened planetary administrative body modeled after the United Nations – but minus the political bullying that currently makes the UN a mere symbolic gesture rather than an authoritative unifying and coordinating force.

Many of us are disturbed by talk of a New World Order or One World Government and rightly so – because the ones pushing this nefarious agenda are merely perpetuating the ancient caste system wherein the most aggressive egos form themselves into an overpowering elite cabal and systematically exploit and enslave the rest of humanity.

What I’m discussing here is the cosmically kosher counterforce to the Illuminati’s One World Order agenda. In effect, the most aggressive and immature egos will no longer be allowed to plunder the Earth for their own aggrandizement and the enslavement of the ignorant masses.

Instead, because of their lack of self-control, they will be allowed to do what they wish within the generous means granted them – but will have no say in the management of their communities, since that responsibility will be assigned only to those who have developed sufficient inner discipline and wisdom to accumulate a surplus and donate it to the community trust fund.

Give this some serious thought and if you still think I don’t deserve to be appointed Minister of Phynance, I shall be forced to use the pschittapump on you.

Literary footnote: The spelling of “finance” as “phynance” and the introduction of the pschittapump were inspired by the pataphysical works of Alfred Jarry (1873-1907), originator of the infamous Ubu plays.

APPENDIX: Notes by Libby Hubbard

Wealth is defined by Buckminster Fuller as the "technological ability to protect, nurture, support, and accommodate all growth needs of life." The computer will show us that at least 70% of jobs in Western private-enterprise countries are work that creates no life support, therefore no real wealth. Examples of these jobs are: "inspectors of inspectors, reunderwriters of insurance reinsurers, Obnoxico promoters, spies and counterspies, military personnel, gunmakers, etc." It is more economical to pay these people to stay at home and not drive their cars to work since it cost "nature well over a million dollars to produce each gallon of petroleum."

The Sun does not make us pay for the energy the Earth imports. It wants to us succeed in the cosmic scheme by using what Fuller calls "cosmic costing accounts." Cosmic accounting can never go bankrupt, since the sun is always shining, accept when humans make the mistake of withdrawing our critical "capital" assets as we are doing presently with fossil fuels. So one can see how we are living in a bankrupt state of affairs, wasting our fossil fuels and burning fusion and fission nuclear energy which Fuller says is "burning our terrestrial production equipment," when we should be living syntropically by the sunlight being imported to Earth.

When we begin living in a syntropic way on a "cosmic-energy wealth income" by wind, wave, and solar power, big businesses will see no way for putting a meter on these forms of energy to run their bureaucracies and war machines. National governments and big business continue to use up "nature's energy savings account," that is, fossil fuels and by atomic energy which is what Fuller calls "Spaceship Earth's physical hull," even though scientists can find no solution to the problem of nuclear waste. (Fuller thinks we should rocket the waste back into the sun). But because of our intuitive wisdom strongly forming an anti-nuclear energy movement, the energy owners have turned back to the coal and shale mines to convert them into meterable and pipeable liquid fuels. Fuller writes: "This selfishly exploitable energy fuel strategy will inexorably destroy the atmosphere's capability of supporting biological life on planet Earth."

[First posted 26 November 2009, reposted 20 July 2015 & 25 October 2018]

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Mercury retrograde and the Cabal's final assault against my sense of well-being

How to avoid getting bitten by spiders (photo by Honey Khor 19 October 2021)

In recent years I've stopped paying particular attention to Mercury retrogrades - but this recent one which began 27 September and ended 18 October 2021 certainly got my attention before it fizzled out.

I think it was a spider that bit me between my last two toes on my right foot during the first week of October. It began as just a slight itch and I applied some Tiger Balm (time-tested relief for insect bites). A few days later the itch turned into a slight swelling. 

An important meeting had been arranged at The Fusion Longhouse for October 11th. I began to suspect it was no random spider that bit me. 

It wasn't exactly Shelob but the negative impact on my sense of well-being
was almost as dramatic!

The swelling on my right foot got so bad on October 9th, it hurt when I walked, and I noticed the lymph node in my right groin was inflamed. There was much to be done around the Longhouse so I grit my teeth and went about my daily routines, despite feeling increasingly feverish and having no appetite.

I was prompted along the way to pop an antihistamine pill, followed by 12mg of "horse dewormer." My foot felt fine when I got horizontal and had a good long sleep. Only when I got back on my feet and attempted to go about my daily routine did I feel growing discomfort and fatigue. I took a second antihistamine, followed by another dose of "horse dewormer."

How to say no to this being?
Again, I felt all right whenever I lay in bed. Only when I got vertical did I feel unwell. I observed that the venom from the spider (or whatever the agent had been) was subtly affecting my perceptions, making them cynical and pessimistic.

I was able to enjoy meeting with the small delegation from a growing movement of newly awakened young starseeds but unable to join them with any physical activity. A beloved friend came to hang out and brought her favorite seafood noodles for lunch. Against my better judgment and my survival instincts, I ate her offering of yummy mussels & vermicelli - and, true enough, it exacerbated the swelling in my right foot!

After the guests left, I woke up and when I attempted to clear some mucus from my lungs, I felt my lower back go out of alignment. In March 2011, in conjuction with the abrupt disappearance from my radar of someone I believed to be my "twin flame," I pulled a nerve in a coughing fit and for the next couple of years suffered bouts of intense lower back pain. It took almost a whole year and more than RM10,000 in 2013 to resolve the problem - first with acupuncture, then chiropractic adjustment, and finally ten sessions of structural integration (Rolfing) with my angelic healer friend, Michelle Ch'ng.

A large group had booked the Longhouse for the weekend and there was no way I could handle setting the place up for them.

I texted and Abigail came to my rescue, taking over Longhousekeeping chores and doing so with aplomb.

She did it so efficiently I began to contemplate letting her take over The Fusion Longhouse whenever I feel I deserve a break. Indeed, Abigail qualifies as the ideal locum: not only does she know what goes where, she can also cook up a storm and is an entirely sexy redhaired singing witch.

Meanwhile, good neighbor Mary came to my rescue with her healing energy, dressing the oozing wound on my foot and applying turmeric and an icepack to reduce the swelling.

Miraculously, Michelle Ch'ng showed up a couple of days later and gave me a 30-minute Rolfing session which enabled me to stand straight and walk normally - at least till the next day!

I've been recommending healing frequencies (lots of them to be found on YouTube) to many friends but this was the first time I was prompted to use them myself. They work best with headphones just before drifting to sleep. Believe me, the healing frequencies penetrate all your cells and bring tremendous, almost instant, relief. Toxic pharmaceutical products and fake vaccines will be a medical nightmare of the past when most humans opt for these far more civilized approaches to health. But most therapeutic of all were the impassioned backrubs with spicy essential oil offered by my beloved tantric partner and lifelong soulbuddy who also got me to buy some alcohol pads (never heard of them) to dry up the wound on my feet. After several sessions, the pain was all but gone - but I still have to be very careful not to get my spine out of whack again by carrying heavy loads.

1:11 am, 21 October 2021



Meditation on the Muse (revisited)

Van Gogh painting stolen in Cairo: [22 Aug 2010] A Van Gogh painting worth an estimated $55 million was stolen from a Cairo museum yesterday and after reporting it had been recovered, the state news agency quoted a minister as saying it was still missing.

VINCENT VAN GOGH (1853-1890): During his brief career he managed to sell one painting (to his younger brother Théo, an art dealer). Van Gogh's finest works were produced in less than three years in a technique that grew more and more impassioned in brushstroke, in symbolic and intense color, in surface tension, and in the movement and vibration of form and line. Van Gogh's inimitable fusion of form and content is powerful; dramatic, lyrically rhythmic, imaginative, and emotional, for the artist was completely absorbed in the effort to explain either his struggle against madness or his comprehension of the spiritual essence of man and nature. [Source: The Van Gogh Gallery]
If you happen to be involved in the arts, you'd probably be familiar with some of the downsides of being a producer rather than a consumer of artifacts.

No matter how shy you may be - and whether you're a visual artist, dancer, photographer, writer or musician - there comes a point when you have to present your efforts to an audience. That's when every self-doubt you've ever encountered (and thought you had overcome) returns to haunt your waking hours.

Many of my painter friends are extremely reclusive by nature and recoil at the thought of being in the limelight. Yet they realize they eventually have to make their private obsessions public and exhibit their work. After the invitations to the opening have been posted, there's the nagging anxiety that only a handful will bother showing up - or that the usual incestuous clique will turn up for the free wine, stand around "networking" amongst themselves, and then adjourn for dinner somewhere chic after a cursory, non-commital glance at the work you sweated for months to produce. And, of course, there's always the scary thought that your exhibition may finish its run without a single piece being bought.

Lying in a hospital bed at the start of 2010, I had a flash of inspiration. Rather than wait till some miraculous windfall dropped a huge amount of money in my lap, enabling me to produce a 7-CD boxed edition of my music archive, I would reissue my 1986 second solo album as a stand-alone CD and flog it on my blog!

It would be a relatively painless exercise, requiring only minimal physical exertion on my part (meaning, no more than 3 or 4 trips to KL). The music had already been painstakingly digitized by Daniel Tang of AddAudio from 27-year-old open-reel masters and required only minimal tweaking by my audio wizard friend in Koh Phangan. I could scan the original cassette cover and program notes and resize it for the CD package. No problem persuading a few hundred curious souls to order the CD by post, I figured, so long as it was reasonably priced. And that should cover production costs, with enough profit to pay for services rendered along the way, and perhaps even cover expenses for a 10-day retreat in Bali...

The original 1986 release of 2nd Coming on compact cassette

As it turned out, the scanned cassette cover proved unusable. A totally new cover design and layout was in order as the original photos and artwork no longer existed. Not a major problem, especially when a helpful artist friend had kindly offered to take care of the technical details.

Finally the CD master arrived by express courier. My audio wizard mixmaster, Sanuk aka Daniel Schwörer (left), had done three versions - one with no equalization or processing, original tape hiss and all; another with souped-up dynamics; and a "mellow" version with a less aggressive personality. His feedback on the 2nd Coming project is well worth documenting in a separate post.

No Commercial Potential

After the excitement of listening to various versions of the mix (through loudspeakers as well as headphones) had subsided somewhat, I began to feel a twinge of anxiety about how the music would be received.

The way I create music in the studio is so uniquely idiosyncratic the results don't fit into any familiar categories or genres. Since early childhood, I have been exposed to an eclectic spectrum of different styles of music - ranging from schmaltzy big-band post-war dance music and Afro-Cuban cha-cha to totally far-out experiments by envelope-pushers like Conlon Nancarrow, Terry Riley, Sun Ra, John Cage, John Coltrane, Soft Machine, Captain Beefheart, and Henry Cow. I even owned an LP of George Harrison's little-known experiments with electronic music. Apart from this offbeat diet, I also listened a lot as a kid to soundtrack albums (my favorite film composers were Jerry Goldsmith and Elmer Bernstein).

One of my early musical heroes, Frank Zappa, was fond of mocking record company executives by describing his own prolific output as having absolutely "no commercial potential." Zappa never aspired towards mainstream acceptance, but his genius as a composer, producer and guitarist made him a living legend, respected by musicians of all genres - classical, jazz and pop alike. I wonder if Frank occasionally suffered from bouts of self-doubt about the ultimate artistic worth of his oeuvre.

The Acid Test

Well, I do. That's why my music undergoes stringent laboratory tests before being released. For instance, I would play rough mixes of 2nd Coming on various friends' sound systems to check the dynamics under different atmospheric and spatial conditions - and one evening, under the mind-expanding influence of lysergic acid diethylamide, I listened to the whole of Sting's 1985 debut solo album, The Dream of the Blue Turtles; and immediately afterwards played 2nd Coming all the way through. Both albums sounded perfect  to me, even though the musical idioms were worlds apart.

When Sting came out with The Dream of the Blue Turtles, I had been awestruck by the amazing artistic and technical heights the man had achieved. The recording sounded gloriously fresh and every one of his sessionists contributed a magical ingredient to the mix that was truly inspired. Apart from that, Sting's songs were remarkable in their beauty of construction and maturity of expression.

For a long time, Blue Turtles was my measure of absolute perfection in the annals of recorded music, along with the Beatles' ground-breaking Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Cliub Band. Now, I'm not comparing myself to Sting or the Beatles. The music we produce is totally different. What I'm saying is that I was able to enjoy my own stuff as much as I enjoyed Sting's album, without feeling a sense of letdown. That's what I call passing the "Acid Test"!

Not Exactly Easy Listening

I'd be the first to admit that the music in 2nd Coming doesn't qualify as "easy on the ears." I was going through a pretentious phase, so the music is extremely cerebral and demands the listener's full attention. At that point in time I didn't have a strong interest in rhythm, so anyone looking for funky grooves will probably be disappointed. It's not the sort of music you might hear on FM radio or put on at a cocktail party. Unless, of course, you've added a few exotic ingredients in the punch.

1986 ink portrait of E. Manu Eel (now known
as Antares) by Ahmad Fauzi
Why on earth do I make music? That's a question I often ask myself. Of all the activities I have indulged in since my childhood days - writing, cartooning, taking photos, acting, directing, videomaking - making music is perhaps the most intimate expression of my soul.

The hours I spend in the studio laying down multiple tracks in rapid succession, one after another - usually working all through the night - can be counted as my happiest, freest moments. Leaning back on the sofa and listening to the playback of a fresh mix through the recording studio's giant JBL speakers is more gratifying to me than sex.

I did the layout for the cassette inlay myself

It so happens that I have a rather low tolerance for campfire songs and instantly accessible music (such as has made composers like Bollywood whizkid A.R. Rahman and instrumentalists like Kenny G immensely rich). I can admire (and sometimes envy) the catchy hooks and saccharine melodies that constitute the main ingredients of mainstream pop music, but I guess I'm too much of a snob to ever be caught churning out such formulaic stuff.

Or, at least, I was. As one matures, the powerful desire to come across as "different" begins to diminish - perhaps because youth is the appropriate time for us to explore and express our uniqueness as individuals.

Antares (right) plays pots and pans on Chaos at the Supermarket with Rafique Rashid and R.S. Murthi (pic by Syed Zainal Rashid, 1984)

I believe that with my early musical output I went as far out on a limb as anyone possibly could to be totally individualistic - which, alas, automatically disqualified me as a candidate for Top of the Pops. Much as I admired the Beatles (I still do and always will) and at one time yearned to be as rich and famous as the four lucky and talented lads from Liverpool, the influence of Saturn in my Leo makes me distrust popularity and commercial success. This trait can be a serious liability, I know. Another reason why I could never be a politician - I'd lose my deposit at every contest.

I'm not counting on selling a million CDs like Michael Jackson or Cold Play. In fact, I'd be delighted if even 500 people on Planet Earth show enough curiosity to give 2nd Coming a fair hearing - since only 500 copies of this CD exist. And if they find my musical explorations thought-provoking, neurologically stimulating and mysteriously instructive, I'd be positively over-the-moon.

Click here for more background info.
Click here to listen to 2nd Coming.

[First posted 22 August 2010, reposted 10 November 2013 & 17 October 2019]

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Regain Control of Your Imagination (it's a powerful holographic projector!)

The insane feeding frenzy of human animals has never been more apparent. How easily misled we are by destructive ideologies and beliefs antagonistic to Life Itself. 

For nearly 4,000 years Mother Earth has been ravaged by an alien virus injected into the collective psyche via a portal overhanging the Middle East. Its human agent is documented in tribal lore as a patriarch named Abraham (an anagram for Brahma) and since his advent the world has been deliberately split asunder by messianic and apocalyptic faiths each claiming to be the only "true religion."  

Via this portal, insectoid and reptilian ET influences have spread throughout the 3D computer simulation we call "The Matrix" which have infected the elite bloodlines and corrupted all political systems through manipulation of wealth distribution mechanisms. 

By subtly promoting rule by fear and scarcity conditioning, the power structure has ensured that humans be mostly driven by negative emotional tendencies like paranoia, suspicion, hostility and dread of the strange and unknown. The herd mentality is formatted via institutions like schools and universities and vulnerable young minds forcibly given a left-brain bias, effectively suppressing intuitive faculties and disconnecting them from their own senses. They are programmed to focus on the dots, not to connect them.

Well-paid shills are given the task of "manufacturing consent" by cluster bombing the collective psyche with disjointed trivia and ephemeral distractions, to ensure that the bulk of the populace never attains independent and original thinking and feeling, but remains content to parrot catchphrases and memes, in the process turning themselves into automatons and zombies, easily swayed by statistics and trends.

Competition is encouraged instead of cooperation, to further fragmentize the human ego - an artificial social construct that obstructs us from a constant awareness of the interconnectedness and interdependency of all biological processes and living species. Anthropocentric concerns justify the systematic exploitation and ultimate desecration of the ecosystem that supports and nurtures life. Humans are taught to fear and worship invisible, punitive, judgmental deities and a set of rules and regulations issued by power-hungry priesthoods - rather than revere the beauty and integrity of the natural environment and trust our instinctive, spontaneous responses to external stimuli.

Cult figures are made of long-dead tribal heroes and vast resources squandered on constructing spectacular monuments to their memory - instead of channeled to alleviating poverty and lack across the social spectrum. The disempowered and disenfranchised are kept in their place as a reservoir of menial labor to be drawn upon ad infinitum, to support the luxurious lifestyles of the privileged. In such a distorted reality, truth speakers are habitually incarcerated or allowed to starve, worm-tongues exalted to ministerial posts.

52 years ago I woke up to the realization that Heaven on Earth is not only possible - but absolutely necessary to the continuance of Anthropine evolution on this planet. It has been a full-time job keeping this vision alive in my heart, but there have been many encouraging signs. The incoming souls I have encountered since have reassured me that masterful, powerful entities are now in our midst, in physical embodiment, many from a dazzling pedigree of star lineages. They are here with unimaginable talents and cutting-edge apps, waiting in the wings to take the reins of power from the decadent and debauched Old Guard, which obstinately refuses to give way.

Well, the Old Guard may refuse to give way, step down, hand over... but just wait a few more weeks, at most months, and you will see the traditional power structure crumble into a huge pile of rot. So shall it be!

[First posted in Facebook on 19 December 2016. reposted 17 February 2021]