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KAM RASLAN ~ A Movie You Can Read ~ by Antares

First published December 2006 in The Hilt...

Meet Kam Raslan, college dropout, filmmaker… and now, first-time novelist. Physically, Kam is an unlikely cross between Keanu Reeves and Woody Allen. Mentally, I’d suggest Fyodor Dostoevsky overlaid with a strong hint of John Cleese. Mother: Welsh, fond of classical music, a violinist and closet fan of David Bowie. Father: Malay, successful banker, passed away when Kam was only four.

Educational background: Kam went to some excellent schools in England and flunked all his exams. Remembers seeing his mother with her head in her hands after he failed his ‘O’ Levels, and all he could say was, “I’m going to the pub.” After screwing up his ‘A’ Levels, Kam’s friend at a film school asked him to help out on a shoot, as sound recordist.

The very first day of the shoot, Kam fell in love with filmmaking: “I suddenly discovered something that I understood and something that I was good at.” That was 21 years ago. He has since worked on films in London, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, and even Los Angeles. In the 1990s Kam directed a lot of commercials and was making good money… until he wrote a magazine article dismissing Malaysian adbiz as a load of crap.

Not exactly a smart business move – but perhaps it forced Kam to concentrate on writing. He was kept busy for a period scripting material for the Instant Café Theatre. In fact, rumor has it that Kam wrote the bulk of the skits for their 2nd First Annual Bolehwood Awards - which ruffled quite a few bureaucratic feathers and almost got the show shut down by City Hall.

Kam paid his penance by scripting and directing several Malay TV dramas, none of which he seems keen to discuss in any detail. More recently Kam Raslan’s byline has graced the pages of The Edge as well as Off The Edge (which serialized several chapters from his forthcoming novel).

When I broached the possibility of an interview and personality profile for The Hilt, Kam was pleased with the prospect of some publicity for his soon-to-be-published book – but unsure if he wanted to be identified as the author. You see, Kam’s first novel is a personal narrative attributed to a retired civil servant named Dato’ Hamid. Kam wants his readers to believe that Dato’ Hamid is a real person – not just a fictitious character assembled from components of various personalities he has known or heard about.

After a brief exchange of SMSes, Kam agreed that it was quite pointless to assume the role of ghostwriter – and far too complicated to spin a yarn that Kam Raslan was only the Dato’s spokesman and facilitator. Might as well accept all the credit… as well as the possible censure from certain quarters who may be acutely discomfited by Dato’ Hamid’s published confessions.

Kam’s approach to writing is distinctly more cinematic than literary, in that he prefers to set the scene and then allow his characters to reveal themselves through their words and deeds. This makes his book a painless pleasure to read. By eschewing verbal embroidery and highfalutin stylistics, Kam draws the reader straight into his tale - just as a well-crafted film instantly immerses us in the action and the atmosphere. The naturalism that Kam has achieved in his story-telling grants us a privileged glimpse of a world within a world – that of the upper class Malay in the context of post-colonial Malaya’s rapid evolution into the multi-layered complexity of a multicultural, multiracial Malaysian nation. Dato’ Hamid’s stories engagingly reveal the foibles and follies of the Malay elite, and offer a rare insight into the sociopolitical and psychological factors governing Malaysia.

“What’s the title of your book?” I asked Kam. “Umm, still thinking about it…” he said, wondering if I had any suggestions. I SMSed Kam: “Call it HAMID, in bold 3D font like BEN HUR, with a subhead: Confessions of a retired civil servant.” He shot back an SMS: “Funny, I was thinking along the lines of Ben Hur myself.” Later I Googled the Arabic name “Hamid” and found out it means “praiseworthy.” Definitely a name that looks good carved in stone.

[Note: In 2007, a few months after this article appeared, Kam Raslan's debut novel, Confessions of an Old Boy, was published by Marshall Cavendish. It proved to be a runaway bestseller.]

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A message from Montague Keen to his wife Veronica...

This was the last major interview with Montague Keen before he passed away on 15 January 2004. Within one month of Montague passing away, his wife reported to American parapsychology expert Gary Schwartz that the spirit of Montague had spoken to her. This event was evidence in itself that our personalities survive the death of the physical body. Montague Keen is here talking about the Society for Psychical Research which was formed in 1882 by a group of scientists, philosophers and poets assosciated with Trinity College Cambridge. Together with a group of spiritualists they set about to investigate the paranormal. This partly came about as a reaction to Darwin's Origin of the Species, and was an attempt to bring objective, scientific discipline to the investigation of the paranormal. Topics include cross correspondances, extra sensory perception (ESP), telepathy, psychic communication, séances, mediums, messages from the dead, death, the soul, the afterlife, orthodox scientific materialist view vs alternative spirituality.

Message from Montague Keen to Veronica on 24 June 2012:

Veronica & Monty Keen 
It was great for John [John Mack] and I to be able to give you so much information this week. It is important that you understand better what is going on. John was able to explain why so much emphasis is being put on the London Olympics, so as to ensure that you do not notice what the Cabal is doing elsewhere. They are not of your planet, this is why they can run rings around you. Humans have been dumbed down so that they can be kept under control. You, naturally have standards; they do not. The Cabal cannot exist on your planet as it is, beyond 2012, so it¹s all or nothing for them. They will do whatever it takes to hang on. There is nano-technology that can stop them in their tracks. Nothing on your planet would be effective against them. You are actually at war on several levels.

Assistance is coming to you from many quarters. The Spirit World and several other planets are poised and ready to come to your rescue. It is just an evil few who are holding your planet to ransom.

You can see that the floodgates have opened. The truth is being placed before you. Please take the time to study it. What you saw this week, proved without doubt, that what you were taught about World War II was total LIES. It is no longer possible to keep the truth hidden. You need the truth to set you free. Be aware also that there are those among you whose purpose is to mislead you and create a false sense of security. They are unaware that they are being used for this purpose. When something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Too much emphasis is being placed on money, something you will not need after the Transition. Money is a tool of the DARK, not of the Light. It was created by the Dark as a tool to control your lives. You have to admit, they were very successful, as you are completely dependent on it. Now that your eyes are opened to this great scam, it is losing its power over you. The mighty are about to fall. Money will not save them. They will not be allowed to remain on Earth. It will not be long before their tight control over your communication network will be removed. The TRUTH will be transmitted over the airwaves. Then you will enjoy freedom of speech, at last. If you had any idea how hard we are working on this side of life, to bring this about, you would not be impatient. Together, we are stronger than they could ever be.

The two steps taken by the Irish government have NAILED THE COFFIN OF THE CABAL. Nobody expected it. I told you, many times, how we needed the Irish to take back what is theirs: to remove the corrupt forever from that sacred land. The true history of Ireland will expose all the lies that were forced on you. It just had to start there. The biggest crimes against humanity began when the language and history were stolen and the people of Ireland were condemned to a control system that abused the innocent children, controlled governments, and all education, with a grip so tight it was difficult to release. When Enda Kenny, the Prime Minister, was inspired to stand up to defend the innocent, this was the first step necessary for your world to gain its freedom and to release your planet from the domination of the Cabal. Both sides of life are grateful to him.

Many believe that the banks control your world. This is not so. They, too, answer to Rome. They are but an arm of the control system. They answer to their masters also. This will be a surprise to many of you, but it is true. ³Nothing is as it seems.²

You have seen, over the years, that anytime anyone touched on the truth, they were attacked, ridiculed, and condemned. David Icke is the perfect example of this. Spirit supported him and encouraged him to stay the course. Look at him now ­ a bit battered, but triumphant. His following, today, is more than he could ever have imagined it could be. He has devoted his life to waking up his fellow man to the Truth, to the shackles that enslave him. The day will soon come when mankind will applaud him and acknowledge the great sacrifice he has made on its behalf.

Be vigilant at all times. Share information and support each other. The Cabal has controlled your world for 2000 years. They know all they need to know regarding the control of the masses. You, on the other hand, are new to the game, so at times it may be difficult to see when you are being conned. Gullible people are being used to pass on false information. They are innocent of this fact and so they can be very convincing. You cannot afford to miss your window of opportunity. Six months almost gone already. No time to waste on well-laid plans to mislead you. They have nothing to lose. You, on the other hand, have everything to lose. Do I make myself clear?

Assist, whenever possible, those who work to set you free. They have put their lives on the line. They suffer attacks, as the Cabal has a large armoury at its disposal. This, they do not hesitate to use.

You met someone this week. Someone who has suffered greatly at their hands. John (J.M.) helped her a great deal when he was on the Earthplane, to cope with what was done to her. John devoted his life to helping those whose lives were disrupted, and sometimes destroyed, by abduction.

I ask of you today that you not allow FEAR into your lives. Fear mongers will appear in all guises. Do not be taken in by them. You are all loved and cherished by those who matter. The God of love and all understanding is always there for you and awaits your return to the light, when peace will return to Earth and all will live in harmony. Never forget that this is your ultimate goal. Do not allow yourself to be deflected from it. We are almost there.

You are truly loved, my dear Veronica. Always your adoring husband, Monty.

Montague Keen on 10 June 10 2012: "Look to the Solstice for some Surprises"… "Ireland is the key that will reveal everything"

I told you… when I passed to Spirit, that the Cabal were planning to create a recession; that they would use this to take complete control of your planet.

Invasions only happen in DEBT-FREE countries. It was all coldly planned and calculated to ensure the ‘banksters’ gained control.

Your complicity helped to create the prison which you now live in. But you are in a position, at this time, to open the prison gates and enter the Light.

They are using satanic rituals to try to keep you under control. You watched… the satanic rituals as they unfolded last week [referring to Queen's Jubilee?].

The people who control your banks are the same people that control your media, your governments and your religions… they have no right to be on your planet at all.

They stole their history from Ireland. More proof of this fact is being exposed every day from Egypt.

If only you could see, as we see, just how controlled your lives are, you would be horrified. You were born into it, so you accept it as the norm. But I tell you, IT IS NOT.

Stop for a moment and think what your world will be like when you banish these creatures from the face of the Earth.

The knowledge of the ancient Irish was beyond anything in your world today. They understood the universe. They were in contact with other planets. They knew the Earth was round and so they sailed all over it.

What was stolen from Ireland and placed in another part of the world has created the illusion that you have been trapped in for 2000 years.

This is why it has to start with Ireland. “Ireland is the key that will reveal everything.”

Their [Illuminati's] plans to kill thousands at the London Olympics are blatantly displayed on their web sites/

Their satanic games no longer produce the results they want. They have been rendered powerless.
You are right, my dear, the space ships are getting closer. They are showing their support for you. It will be good to reunite with your greater family.

Look to the solstice for some surprises. Everything is falling into place as promised.
Dedicated to love, truth and simplicity

[Brought to my attention by Olivia de Haulleville]