Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Peatbog Faeries ~ Live at RWMF 2006!

Possibly the hippest, most happening Celtic trance dance band on Earth. Captured in concert at the 2006 Rainforest World Music Festival in Sarawak by Antares on a hand-held Panasonic DVC32. Visit the official Peatbog Faeries homepage!

Here's a bit of gossip (from bassist Innes Hutton) all the way from the Isle of Skye where the PF colony is located:

howdy do da,
it's goin great just finished a new album (what men deserve to lose i.e. faeries will only steal what m.. d...t...l....) we've been at it all winter. will be out in july. it's banging.....of course . there's a new track on our myspace page. we are happy for you to upload the vid. the more on utube the better

i'll pass on your regards to the boglets. I'm sure you'll have a great festy this year. i'll miss you all but not the jelly fish

all the best to you and yours


Visionary artist Michael Kaluta faery gazing with his friends.


Anonymous said...

antares, thanks for dropping by, and truth to be told, i'm no stranger! met you several times, and will probably be saying hi to again this coming july at rwmf.

i used to go by poemless poet (which you complaint was too unorganic) and amaya (which you then said was better!) and visited the magick river sometime in 2001 (where you read my palms and solemnly announced that i was an alien visiting earth).

the videos you've recenly posted are getting me excited about july, i really can't wait!! it'll be a blast this year.

see you there!!

oh! i'm juliet btw.

Tunku Halim said...

Dem fairies look real!

Rory Winter said...

hi uncle ant

love the music so i pinched the peatbogfaeries video for my own blog with credits to you, of course.

i know skye very well with many a magical adventure there

haven't been there recently but it's an excellent place for the pbf to be living.

skye faeries, of course, being celtic have both a light and a dark side.

if you don't respect their habitat you'll soon be in trouble.

i know, having drunk far too much whiskey one snowy net, driving too fast, spun on an ice patch and ended up in a ditch with the car a write-off! lol

Rory Winter said...

who dat grandpoohbah? looks like shirdi sai to me!

Starmandala said...

Aha! Juliet the Poemless Poet strikes again... oooh... feels nice! ;-) Look forward to seeing you @ Santubong or Magick River!

Hi, Tunku Halim, good to see you here. Of course dem faeries are "real" - the "fake" ones usually wear stilettos and speak in low, husky voices ;-)

Kosmik Knight, old pal, thanks for identifying the photo someone sent me, I thought it would make an interesting profile mugshot, but had no idea who it was until you named him. "Grandpoobah" is what my grandchildren are supposed to call me... but
Max, when he was only 3, pronounced it "Grandpoopoo" - which makes me a Big Shit more than a Big Shot :-)

Rory Winter said...

i'm sure shirdi sai wouldn't object, grandpoobah. "All is one, one is all," he might say!

Anonymous said...

And I don't mind being a bit "shirdi" myself :-)... but do tell me more about him, Trory, please.