Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Recently a Malaysian friend residing in New York forwarded a rant from a fellow Malaysian abroad lamenting the rampant ultra-Malay racism oozing from the purulent pores of a few politicos at the Umno General Assembly (the local equivalent of the Republican National Convention). This was my email response...

Hey, don't get into FEAR over a bunch of chest-thumping primates and their monkey tricks. I assume everybody is a racist until they transcend the very idea of "race." Look at the Orang Asli. Lowest rung on the "economic ladder" - and even they call Indian people "Keling"! After 14 years I'm still "Cina" to them. But they don't know any better. Most folks don't know any better until they've pulled the ethnic wool away from their eyes. The bad vision is called Cultural Imprinting.

Sure, every time I experience lousy work attitudes in corporations like Telekom or Syabas (the privatized Selangor water company) I joke about the fact that they're monoethnic (100% Melayu) outfits. Having grown up during the NEP years, it's hard not to feel miffed about racial quotas. Yet, when it comes down to interpersonal contact on a daily basis, I don't harbor negative feelings about Malays... or even the genocidal Israelis who are merely pawns of certain cynical and opportunistic elements amongst their own leadership... yup, just like the Malays!

What's been apparent to me is that among the Melayu, there's a great divide between the Anglophonic upper and upper-middle classes and the more plebeian post-kampong types. My English-speaking Malay friends are all pretty cosmopolitan and share most of my perceptions and values. However, the ones that suffer from chronic inferiority complex ultimately become aggressive as a way to compensate for their ego insecurities. Some end up holding positions in Umno or PAS and that's when they turn into Bangsa-Ugama extremists. They're really quite pathetic - no flag to wave beyond the mere fact of being born "Melayu" and "Muslim." Even so, they never question what it actually means to be "Melayu" or "Muslim." Indeed, the term "Malay" is so nebulous: the majority originate from Sumatra, some have Javanese, Bugis, and Siamese genes; others Chinese; many are descended from Arab, Turkish, and Indian Muslim traders - you won't find a more mongrelized genetic mix (except perhaps in Europe!)

That's why they cling tenaciously to the fact that the King of Melaka embraced Islam several hundred years ago (before that they were all vaguely Hindu, influence of the Srivijaya and Majapahit Empires). The same syndrome applies to the Khazars whose kingdom disintegrated in 900 A.D., after their monarch had officially converted to Judaism in a political maneuver to sidestep Rome's imperialistic designs. Many generations later, the Khazar Jews became a widely scattered fraternity who told themselves that as Jews they were Yahweh's "Chosen" and therefore had every right to regard non-Jews as expendable and exploitable "infidels" (goyim, they called anybody who wasn't Jewish).

Interestingly, the Orang Asli have derogatory names for the Malays (originally they were all called dagang, traders): e.g., the Batek call them gob, and the Temuan, jobok. Other folks, in turn, called the Orang Asli sakai - pretty much the equivalent of nigger! That's true everywhere, people in fear label others: geeks, gooks, frogs, wops, micks, greasers, chinks, ragheads, squareheads, dickheads...

My point is: it's "normal" for insular communities to be innately or outwardly xenophobic. What do the Chinese call Europeans? That's right, red-haired devils! So... why get worked up over low-grade displays of primate territoriality? That's the lowest common denominator of politics everywhere - it's the same in the UK, USA, Australia, Sweden, Germany, France.

And no matter how stupidly brutish the politicking gets, there will always be good, honest folks you can befriend who don't give a shit about your ethnicity. Let's celebrate humans who genuinely, passionately envisage Heaven on Earth, here and now, simply by allowing love rather fear to fill their hearts.

Punishment versus Reward

I consider myself fortunate to be living in a village with a population of around 150. The thing about village life is that it’s much easier to understand patterns of human behavior, because life is less cluttered than in a complex urban environment. You could say my village is a compact microcosm of the rest of the planet: what happens here, happens everywhere else, though on a much smaller scale.

My village is located between two rivers, amidst lush greenery surrounded by misty mountains. The air here is fresh and the water pure. Excellent fengshui, as the Chinese would say. In fact, life in this enchanting little village is as close to heaven on earth as it gets. Except that a few adolescent boys have been showing delinquent tendencies. Out of sheer boredom and an excess of energy, they break into houses and steal small items – foodstuff, watches, handphones, even toothpaste and cosmetics. Several times, after they made off with my belongings, I have caught them and ordered them to return whatever they took. Each time, the kids have been relieved that I didn’t appear too angry (since I didn’t hit them, as their fathers would invariably do). I usually sit them down and lecture them for an hour or so, after which I offer them hot drinks and, occasionally, some food. Every time this happens, they apologize and shake my hand, and everything is peaceful again - at least for a few months!

These teenaged wannabe criminals all have one thing in common: fierce fathers who never show their sons any affection, and hardly ever give them any attention - because they have far too many kids and can barely manage with their meagre earnings as daily paid laborers. Senseless acts of delinquency are a perverse form of protest. Their criminal behavior stems from an urge to express displeasure at what they experience as an unfair and unjust world.

All “wrongdoing” ultimately has its source in the communication gap between Father and Son. This is particularly true in any patriarchal society wherein God is perceived as the Father, and the Father is perceived as the State - at least in its manifestation as Punisher of Wrongdoers. I have long studied the social factors that influence young people to tread a criminal path. In almost every instance, the youthful malefactor is someone with above average intelligence and courage. When he sees that the Father does not embody the ideals everyone preaches but rarely practises, he loses faith in Goodness itself, and therefore opts to do “bad.” The Father who lacks compassion and empathy soon gets identified with Punishment. To avoid punishment, the kid becomes a compulsive liar. Dishonesty is acutely habit-forming and gets transmitted down the generations.

In a society where there is a great divide between public and private behavior – where politicians and businessmen only pay lip service to virtue – deceit and hypocrisy become a way of life. Kids may have little economic or political power, but we cannot assume they are stupid. They can see right through the grown-ups’ lies. Especially in recent years, when so many children are born with far greater potential intelligence than their parents and grandparents, they are certainly not going to behave like obedient little sheep.

So when I read in the newspapers about how the government intends to “beef up security” or “stiffen penalties” I feel like grabbing these “grown-ups” and yelling in their faces: “Look in the mirror instead of always blaming somebody else! Do you honestly believe the way to deal with the rising crime rate is to recruit more policemen? Have you asked yourself why there seems to be more and more crime? How about your own behavior? Is it really beyond reproach? What kind of values do YOU embody?"

Have you considered that paying more for a better grade of teachers - especially at the kindergarten and primary levels where ethical foundations are laid – may prove a great deal more meaningful than splurging on high-tech surveillance equipment? Nothing can replace the personal touch, the human warmth of an interpersonal relationship – be it between Father and Son, or Teacher and Pupil.

All work and no play not only makes Jack a dull boy, it can turn him into a rebel without a cause. Parents who work so hard “for the children’s future” may end up ruining their kids emotionally. All living things thrive on love, fresh air, and sunshine. This is scientifically true, not just a romantic notion. Even plants grow healthier and happier when they sense the gardener’s affection for them - what more our own children? Let’s get honest with ourselves first. Our kids will start being honest with us when we choose to reward, instead of punish, them for being themselves.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Countdown to Galactic Alignment

The Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology by José Argüelles (Bear & Co.,1986) was one book that turned me on and boggled my mind for years. It was Dr Argüelles's brilliant interpretation of the Mayan calendar codes that alerted a large portion of the English-speaking world to the idea of a galactic civilization leaving durable clues for a future Earth humanity to decode and decipher, and which catalyzed what was popularly known as the Harmonic Convergence of August 16-17, 1987.

Mayan scholars have disagreed on precisely when Linear Time will end, as measured by the Mayan Sacred Calendar, or Tzolk'in. Some, like Argüelles and John Major Jenkins, have calculated that the final date shown on the Tzolk'in falls on 21 December 2012. Others, like Carl Johan Calleman, have deemed that reckoning to be inaccurate, announcing the End of Linear Time as 28 October 2011. Calleman may well be correct, but I prefer the poeticism of celebrating Galactic Alignment on the solstitial date of 21 December 2012. Not that it makes any huge difference to us.

Now what happens when the center of our Sun aligns with the Galactic Core? John Major Jenkins, in his seminal work, Maya Cosmogenesis 2012, asserts that the very heart of the Milky Way galaxy is a vast Black Hole - a Cosmic Cunt, in effect, the Mahayoni, Mystery of Mysteries, the Vast Vulva from which all Life, as we know it, originally issued. Each time Galactic Alignment occurs, a whole new reality is born.

I find that extremely exciting. Especially since Galactic Alignment is due within five years, whichever calendar date one prefers. Let's consider the implications of this phrase: A WHOLE NEW REALITY IS BORN.

Does it involve the death of the Old Reality? Or is it more of a cosmic-scale transformation, wherein the Old Paradigm is subsumed by the New Paradigm - just as maturity subsumes immaturity? Youth doesn't die in us when we become adults, it simply assimilates the new experience and, hopefully, gains wisdom.

Looking at the holographic world through the mainstream media filters of CNN and the BBC, it doesn't look like humanity is going to attain maturity anytime soon - not when we persist in squandering the bulk of our energy and resources in lethal brinkmanship and atavistic warlordism. The Military Solution, huh? Dissolution, more aptly. Win-Lose is a stupid concept, and No-Win is far worse. The only way to go is Win-Win.

Unfortunately, politics has never been a game of Win-Win, and few politicians make it to high office who sincerely believe that cooperation is a superior strategy to competition. In effect, the political solution does not exist, since it ultimately falls back on military might - brawn over brains, shock and awe the enemy into submission.

That leaves us only one option: quantum-jumping our own consciousness beyond artificial barriers and limits. In short, bypassing the corrupt priesthood and merging directly with God(dess)head!

How does one achieve this? Stay tuned and...


Happy Solstice, Folks.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Excerpt from my "Agony Ant" column

[For a brief period I had an "Agony Ant" column at www.kakiseni.com, the funky Malaysian arts portal. It didn't last very long because hardly anyone bothered posting arts-related questions except for Patrick Teoh and somebody signing off as Lazy Sod. However, it did yield some mirthful moments. This is the last item fished out from my archive. After this, I'll be going "live on air"!]

Dear Uncle Ant,

I'm a lazy sod so I'm posting my questions about the Malaysian arts scene here [on the kakiseni.com readers' feedback page].

1. What is Malaysian Culture?

2. What is Malaysian Arts?

3. What is Malaysian Heritage?

4. Are these compatible with tourism?

Dear Lazy Sod,

Talk about lazy questions, yours are in the same category as: Who Am I? What Am I Doing Here? What Does It Mean To Be Human? If I Find The Answers Will People Pay Top Money To Hear Them?

But our excitable editor is correct when he declares that Uncle Ant can answer any and all questions (if he feels like it, that is). Be warned, folks, that you may find the answers to Lazy Sod's questions totally unfunny - because our lack of Culture is certainly no laughing matter. Okay, folks... fasten your seat belts... now for some straight answers to Lazy Sod's 100 million ringgit questions!

Many years ago (18, to be precise) I wrote an article for a newspaper in which I compared "culture" to weaving a fine carpet - that is to say, "culture" means diddly-squat to someone who's sleeping on cardboard cartons under a flyover, or who lives in a leaky zinc-roofed shanty in the slums. But along with material gains and creature comforts comes a nice big house in the suburbs - and a professionally laid parquet or marble floor just waiting for a tasteful carpet to make home look a little cosier. Now that's what "culture" represents to most folks who have evolved beyond basic survival: a few original paintings on the walls, a Rhythm-In-Bronze CD playing in the background, and a selection of director-playwrights, soon-to-be-published novelists, or (ahem) theatre reviewers on your birthday party guest list.

In other words, being “cultured” essentially implies that one has developed an aesthetic sensibility or “good taste” – a prerequisite to acquiring even the rudiments of an ethical sense, without which we cannot govern ourselves and therefore will be governed by others on pain of punishment or through brute force. Can you imagine what life in the social matrix might be like if everyone - including candidates for the police force and the civil service - was exposed from infancy to good (read, uncensored) literature, music, films, theatre, paintings and sculptures?

How about the traditional culture you might find in, say, a Kelantanese fishing village, or a rice-growing community in Kedah, or a remote longhouse in Sarawak? Doesn't that qualify as "culture"? Well, folks, that's where culture begins. Man does not live on rice and tapioca alone. After a hearty meal, we want to relax with a couple of drinks and maybe hear someone with a stirring voice and a string instrument sing about the good old days, or watch the belles of the village do a fertility dance.

So there's pop culture and haute culture to consider. For instance, would you consider it a cultural experience to hang out at a karaoke lounge with your contractor buddies, 4 bottles of Martell, and 5 GROs (that’s Guest Relations Officer, for the uninitiated)? Well, in Korea and Japan, that's part of the Business Culture - nobody does actual business in boardrooms. And among affluent youth everywhere, culture means Friday night at Zouk with the gang and a good supply of "headshaking" pills. A few years ago, youth culture would have meant a spot of spontaneous breakdancing – and today some fierce skateboarding or rollerblading - outside some mall. In short, let's not get too precious over our definition of Culture.

But what is MALAYSIAN culture, you ask?

Huh? Is there such an animal? I know we have Melayu culture - you know, all the fun stuff banned by PAS, inspired by the Ramayana and whatnot - kite-flying, top-spinning, gong-beating, ketupat-steaming. We also have Chinese culture, especially around the Lunar New Year, you know, tong-tong-chang and red stuff all over the streets. And we have Indian culture - especially in conjunction with Hindu festivals when painted cement gods adorned with multicolored lights are dragged through the streets in their chariots, and folks in trance pierce their cheeks with stainless steel skewers, and lots of coconuts get smashed. Funky, vel vel. But as playwright Huzir Sulaiman astutely remarked in Notes on Life & Love & Painting:

It angers me when after hundreds of years of importing aspects of other people’s culture some politician in a 4,000-ringgit Italian suit complains about Western values and such-and-such a thing is not from our culture. Our culture is everybody else’s culture. We’ve never had our own. Deal with it and grow up.

Should we bother mentioning the OFFICIAL CULTURE designed and promoted by our tireless bureaucrats - you know, the candle, umbrella, and banana leaf dancers and the stylized silat choreography performed mainly for 65-year-old tourists? Well, that's really just a bowl of wax fruit sitting on the table as some sort of kitsch decoration (hey, don't attempt to eat the stuff, you'll gag and puke!). I wouldn't call THAT culture - but a definitive symptom of the acute lack thereof.

And yet... I can point to a few cultural icons and hold their work up as exquisitely representative of MALAYSIAN culture: the ever popular “Latok” Lat, for a start. And there’s my old friend Salleh Ben Joned the bilingual poet and essayist whose work transcends sterile notions of ethnicity while drawing heavily on ethnic elements. These are forerunners of a younger generation exemplified by the likes of Jit Murad, Huzir Sulaiman, Jo Kukathas and the Instant Café Theatre. What do they have in common? A balanced cosmopolitan sensibility that aesthethically merges the “native” and the “foreign” within their own psyches, putting a spicy spin on the rich stew (or should I say curry?) of derivative cultural elements that define being Malaysian.

Your next question is grammatically unsound and I have every right not to answer it. Nonetheless I’d define “Malaysian arts” as any form of cultural expression practised by anyone born in or residing long-term in Malaysia. (Now some of you, like our nose... I mean nit-picking editor, may be wondering why I described your question - What is Malaysian Arts? - as “grammatically unsound.” Arts is plural and your question addresses a singular issue. How would you define ‘Malaysian Arts’? Now that’s grammatically sound!)

What is Malaysian Heritage? Another grammatically shaky poser, Lazy Sod! But let’s not be too pedantic. Here’s a partial list of what I consider to be our Malaysian Heritage: ancient rainforests, aboriginal peoples, Cristao-speaking Portuguese Eurasians, the Stadthuys (you know, those stodgy red buildings in Malacca), written English and spoken Manglish, Ionic columns, guided democracy, cinema subtitles in 3 languages, Chinese satay sellers and Malay chee cheong fun stalls, not to mention Hakka-speaking Tamils in Kuala Kubu Baru.

As for your final question: YES, of course, EVERYTHING is compatible with tourism - we need the foreign currency. In any case, your question comes too late: Tourism is now a separate ministry from Culture, Arts and Heritage. During the Mahathir Era, Arts and Culture were subsumed by Tourism, and artists were seen as entertainers, Guest Relations Officers, and court jesters. Before that, the arts were perceived as a means of keeping hormonally-charged youngsters out of trouble and so we had the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports.

Let’s be grateful for small mercies. I feel the new Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage under Rais Yatim could be a healthy sign. At least it promises to revive the traditional arts suppressed by fundamentalists in Terengganu – and it may well lead to DBKL* being relieved of its censorship duties on humanitarian grounds (poor, overworked City Hall already has enough on its hands, maintaining its fleet of lifeboats in anticipation of the next flash flood).

*DBKL = Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur aka City Hall

Monday, December 4, 2006

"Antisemitic" Rap

[In response to Rey Buono and Kathy Rowland's accusation that I was posting "antisemitic" notions on the ArtisProActiv forum...]

Actually, Rey, reading your concise resume of who you are, there seems to be only one divergence in our worldviews: you're more comfortable in the realm of liberal-rational humanism, while my briar patch happens to be the woolly-feely dimensions beyond the 3D matrix. You'd probably ridicule and dismiss many of the "esoteric" subjects that intrigue and fascinate me - topics like ET intervention in planetary affairs, the multidimensionality of consciousness, and the occult subtext of geopolitical history (e.g., the idea that astral/extradimensional agencies exert a significant influence on human destiny, whether they be called the gods or the Fates; and the suppressed evidence that the Adamic race was manufactured in the laboratory by a technically sophisticated subrace with ancestral roots in the Orion-Sirius systems).

I'm also fascinated by cosmomythology and the Grail mysteries - and the evolution of secret societies and quasi-mystical brotherhoods like the Knights Templar, the Mithras Society, Scottish Rite Freemasonry, and the plethora of clandestine splinter groups such as the O.T.O. (Ordo Templi Orientis), the Thule Society (of which Hitler was a patron and member), and the Skull & Bones society (co-founded by Prescott Bush, one of Hitler's financiers and paternal grandfather of the Mickey Mouse president).

Your quickness in shooting down some off-the-beaten-track info on pagan "Jewish" rites that have crept into Masonic ritual doesn't befit anyone claiming to support free speech. Like the mainstream historians who have banded together to pooh-pooh the 40-year research of maverick Mesopotamian scholar Zecharia Sitchin, you can only bray your vigorous disapproval when something beyond your ken crops up. Instead of doing some research on your own or asking if I am in possession of other info that might shed further light on the mythic thread I'm weaving, you immediately start calling me names. I don't take offence at anything anyone calls me, Rey. I have called many people all kinds of names myself, it's a great way to draw the temporary boundaries between ideas I'm ready to embrace and ideas that repel.

Since your feathers seem to have been ruffled by information you view as "antisemitic" (what a curious word: sounds like a pharmacological term, ummm, so may we describe the New World Disorder cabal as "antibiotic"? Makes sense, they kill organic life and benefit only the pharmaceutical giants that flog them through their white-smocked, stethoscope-wielding sales agents) - how about coming up with a new name for folks like me who find it hard to accept the aggressive, destructive, and genocidal Israeli national ego? "Do unto others as you have been done by," is that their credo? Okay, so call me "anti-Israelic" But even that begs further deconstruction, (to coin a phrase).

The word ISRA-EL has many layers of meaning, exoteric and esoteric. In the geopolitical matrix, the modern nation of Israel is a strategic concept, borrowing on Mosaic traditions originating from Mesopotamia and Egypt. Bluntly put, an instant country installed by military and diplomatic means in potentially hostile territory - an effective way to ensure future flashpoints and the opportunity to wage perpetual war in Israel's defence. Modern Israelis are no different than Singaporeans (or for that matter most Americans, Britons, Malaysians, Taiwanese, or Russians) whose primary faith is materialistic consumerism or scientific materialism, no matter what names they give their gods. The majority seem to be unaware of their leaders' hidden agenda, and only need to be primed with pseudo-patriotic passions and kept in perpetual fear of non-survival for them to acquiesce to all manner of brutalities committed in their name.

However, I prefer the arcane or mystical interpretation of ISRA-EL: Abode of the Gods, or something to that effect. When the 12 tribes unite as a harmonious whole - and we reactivate our 12-strand DNA potential - an age of peace and plenty will arrive on this earth, and humans will reclaim their divinity. The reconsecrated earth will be known as ISRA-EL - and her centre will be called JERU-SALEM, City of Peace. I take the 12 tribes as projections of the 12 constellations in the zodiac or the 12 notes in the octave. Those of Hebrew ancestry aren't going to be the only tribe inhabiting Heaven on Earth - we're ALL welcome, as we are not merely sons and daughters of "God" but holographic emanations of Prime Creator. ALL the human tribes, all genetic attributes, are required to fulfil the evolutionary process which may be likened to the alchemical quest to transmute lead into gold.

Because of interpretative distortions applied to various scriptures, humanity is now divided along religious and racial lines - which suits the devious purposes of those who would wield absolute control over others. True spiritual gnosis facilitates fusion rather than confusion. In every religious tradition you'll find a mystical essence that seeks unity in diversity rather than ideological unanimity. Put a Jewish mystic together with an esoteric Christian, a Sufi master, a Zen monk, Hindu rishi, Tibetan rinpoche, and a follower of the Tao - and they will end up partying in celebration of life's beauty and glory. However, during the outgoing Age of Darkness (known to Hindus as Kali yuga), greedy priesthoods seized the opportunity to manipulate the masses with divisive doctrines - hence the disintegrative effects of competing dogmas.

These wicked priesthoods are today incarnate as presidential grand viziers, corporate lawyers, and international banking consultants. The gods they worship are Mammon, Moloch, and Marduk (the unholy trinity of Economics, Politics, and Military Might) - though they claim devotion and loyalty to Yahweh or his incarnation Yeshuah, or Allah and his earthly messenger Muhammad. Indeed, our planet has been hijacked by a shrewd bunch of compulsive schemers and plotters - call them the Phynancial Elite or NWO Cabal of Cosmic Criminals - who lack the ability to empathize with the rest of life, and therefore have turned into cancer cells in the Corpus Christi (Divine Body of Cosmos). These wannabe Evil Emperors recognize no ethnic loyalties, national boundaries, nor do they subscribe to any theologies - although they actively encourage religiosity (pious belief in external deities) among the populace because it keeps the masses narcotized and complacent in unquestioning conformity.

When "God" is internalized as one's Core Self, worship will become effortless service to one's fellow creatures in our abundant and diverse planetary biosphere - not to some invisible, bloodthirsty and jealous deity that demands human sacrifice to feed its egoic deficiencies or fear of non-existence. Each of us who reclaims our divinity will automatically become a self-governing, adult entity, no longer in need of judgmental Father or Mother figures - and consequently no longer part of the problem of interreligious antagonisms.

Out the window will go Zionist doctrine, Christian and Islamic eschatology: heaven will be redefined as a condition of infinite possibility and hell, of absolute impossibility. We will no longer need to die physically before graduating to "heaven" - nor will we fear being assigned to "hell" - because we would know ourselves as autonomous beings blessed with free will and the ability to safely and ecstatically navigate the entire multidimensional spectrum of reality options.

In any case: thanks, Rey and Kathy, for raising objections to my forwarding of Israel Shamir's article. It has provided me an opportunity to mouth off on the cosmomythological context in which such information (or disinformation) has become fuel for ongoing discussion, research, and discovery.

Pax Antares

Sunday, December 3, 2006


SSubject: World-Action...... DEPRESSION
Date: Wed, 31 May 2000
From: "World-Action"

Someone who does a HUGE amount to help the world has just written to me telling me how depressed they get. I have replied saying I get very depressed too. Last weekend several hundred World-Action e-mails of various types were zooming all over the world. My feeling was that these e-mails contained significant information and inspiration. In fact, very important information and inspiration. Out of a possible 1,000+ people who read them, I received about four good responses. Quite frankly I feel depressed. Depressed because myself and Rory Winter put a lot of effort into sending these mailings about. And depressed because I am very concerned about the state of the world and I felt these ideas were important. Now, I am wondering if others feel depressed too. Do YOU feel overwhelmed by the world situation?


Best wishes,
World-Action and Rainbow Dream Vision


Date: Wed, 31 May 2000
From: Antares
Subject: DEPRESSION (The Rainbow Dream Vision Revisited)

Dear Michael,

Of course we're all depressed, even I the Eternal Optimist, or we'd be zombies. The only ones who aren't depressed right now are either zombies or Zombie Masters (the ones who increase their own power by turning others into remote-control zombies!) Someone I loved through and through turned into a zombie after the Grand Stellium... the hologram of heaven on earth, Magick River, is now a giant construction site... the tribe I married into has become hysterical and retreated into alcoholism and xenophobia... those who threaten the political status quo in Malaysia are still languishing in jail with zero hope of justice because all the honourable judges have been fired or retired... while the zombie-in-the-street continues to worry about "the next meal" and "the next pay rise" and "what the neighbours are going to say."


The battleground is your psyche. The weapons are ideologies, misconceptions, and constrictive thoughtforms. The enemy is invisible and lurks in Inner Space... is, in fact, your own hardwired circuitry, your tampered-with genomes, whatever makes you prone to depression, self-pity, and despair. I recommend that everyone re-read THE MIND PARASITES and PHILOSOPHER'S STONE by Colin Wilson (1968/1969): he foresaw that the Greatest Danger facing Humanity was an enemy that existed only in our wildest paranoid anxieties - but could so easily demoralize the visionary in each of us to the extent that we collapse, like Winston Smith, into an even deeper level of apathy and numbness, content to watch the screen (whether puter or telly) and sip our Victory gin...

How do we fight back??? What use is Shadow Boxing??? Can we possibly hope to destroy Evil forever??? Has the Dark Brotherhood emerged the victor in the aeons-old battle between Light and Dark???

Take it easy, Michael... take it easy, Dear People... take it easy, Antares! Lao-tse, my once and future favorite sage, always advised: "If you don't know what to do, do nothing."

Doing nothing is not apathy. It is the passive phase of a cycle that includes activity and festivity. We have been very active for several centuries... or at least decades. The seeds we planted and sowed on our journey are now germinating, but the seedlings are very tender yet. The Shadow of Nothingness fears Oblivion and will do Everything Possible to delay or thwart the inevitable paradigm shift, the quantum jump, the ascension of Lady Gaia, the New Golden Dawn. We must allow it to exhaust itself, while responding instinctively, like veteran tennis players, to the to-and-froing of our mental focus.

Meanwhile, the apocalyptic horrors will pile up around us. Let them. Just keep the Inner Light glowing within, remember we are Perfect Holograms of the One, of All That Is, and that means the Darkness, the Evil, the Disease are all within us too. They are the outward manifestations of our collective petty ego fears and jealousies. The shadow self that feels shame and guilt and profound unworthiness - that could buy an unlikely story like Original Sin - the traumatized inner child programmed to believe it will never be good until it has become Rich and Famous!

Yes, Michael, I am indeed troubled by the swift change in polarity that happened in the last two years: since June 1998 positive trends have turned negative. A powerful sign was the lack of funding interest in Jean Hudon's Earth Rainbow Concert 2000 Project. Now I ask myself: have I not experienced exactly the same sort of disappointment with my own visionary schemes? And is disappointment not due to expectation? But is it possible not to expect? Not to hope? Not to desire? Not to visualize a new heaven on a new earth?

We have to continue anticipating, desiring, hoping, visualizing. But we must let go of the outcome. We must surrender that to the Supreme Indifference of the Void. For that is indeed our Briar Patch - whence all Being originated, that Infinite Potentiality out of which the Finite Universe actualized itself. Whether we win or lose or draw... it's just another Cosmic Poker Game. True, this time the stakes are incredibly high. But whether you're playing in rand or rupiah, euro or US dollar, it's just Monopoly money!

Undaunted & Undeterred,


Each day more and more people are waking up and seeing through the cynical charade of your ill-conceived and misguided attempts to derail the evolutionary potential of Earthian humanity. Your fear of losing control of the physical world* is perfectly understandable if not at all laudable. I assure you, your only hope is to come clean and open up your hearts. Only if you voluntarily reactivate your feeling circuits will you be given the opportunity to be liberated from the mean-spirited astral entities that inhabit your forms and guide your dastardly decisions.

* "Real" world, my foot!

Letter to the Dam Consortium (March 2004)

Bhavani Krishna Iyer
Manager, Public Relations
26 March 2004

Dear Bhavani,


The time has come for me to keep you in the loop about what's going on in Kampong Pertak. Logging towkays have been sniffing around the village and making tempting cash propositions to the Batin and several others - in the hope that the Orang Asli will support the latest scam engineered by the JHEOA in cahoots with a few RISDA officers, viz., to allow their ancestral durian and petai orchards to be clear-cut and replanted with rubber trees and/or oil palms.

Firstly, I understand that something like 19,500 hectares of forested area around the reservoir lake have been designated as a strictly no-logging/no-agriculture Catchment Zone. Is that not correct? This Catchment Zone would certainly include the steep hills around Kg Pertak, especially since acute erosion – in addition to the use of fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides - would be bad news indeed for the Selangor Dam in terms of massive silting and toxic contamination.

Could it be that the Jabatan Hal Ehwal Orang Asli have yet to read the Selangor Dam Project EIA Report? Perhaps they simply have never been taught these simple facts of ecosystemic preservation and know not the dire consequences of their actions. In any case, JHEOA officers have already convened two meetings at Kg Pertak in the past week urging the Orang Asli to endorse their proposal to convert X number of acres of secondary forest into rubber/oil palm plantations within the Catchment Zone.

Now, here is where my personal mission of safeguarding the natural beauty, integrity and health of one of Selangor's last and finest forest reserves coincides with Splash Sdn Bhd's genuine need to ensure that the functioning of the reservoir dam is not sabotaged. Shortsighted plantation schemes that mainly benefit the loggers (and their friends in the state bureaucracy) will certainly despoil the environs of the reservoir lake and ruin all prospects of future low-impact ecotourism projects.

Such a development will be yet another deathblow to the Orang Asli's cultural and spiritual uniqueness which has traditionally made them respectful of the forest that provides almost all their basic survival needs.

Furthermore, by issuing the relocated villagers with 99-year leases on their housing lots, the JHEOA - in concert with the Land Office - have effectively turned the Temuan into rent-paying tenants on land the tribe has inhabited for countless generations. Within another two generations, the fate of the Temuan tribe will reside in the hands of the Ulu Selangor Land Office, which is at liberty to terminate the lease when it expires.

Kg Pertak is seeing more and more visitors each week, seeking refuge from urban stress and pollution. Surely, the obvious way for the Orang Asli to benefit from their indigeneity is to encourage and help them to start small-scale hospitality services like setting up cafés and native-style accommodation for ardent nature-lovers. These activities have strong potential to generate a decent cash income for the local residents, and restore their dignity, self-esteem, adaptability and versatility in the long run - without in any way damaging the natural beauty, integrity, and health of the forest. Of course, this sort of "development" must be kept on a modest and manageable scale and closely monitored to maintain the pristine vitality and aesthetic value of this precious Green Sanctuary.

I urge that Splash Sdn Bhd lend its full support to the Orang Asli’s legitimate claim to the area long established as their customary lands, thus allowing them a sense of permanency and belonging. In time to come many will prove their aptitude as trek and kayaking guides, homestay operators, and as forest rangers assigned the task of protecting the Catchment Zone from poachers and loggers, and keeping it free from litter.

I trust that you will bring this serious matter to the attention of the Executive Management and keep me informed about their response.

Thank you for your kind attention.


Where Darkness Still Rules

[Original email dated Sun, 16 Jan 2000]

I read a report in the Star (14 Jan 2000) on the media briefing convened by SPLASH - the company formed to build the Selangor Dam - in which their executive chairman, Tan Sri Wan Azmi Wan Hamzah, sneeringly dismissed dam-resisting nature lovers as "tree huggers".

Wan Azmi himself prefers chainsaws to hugs. His floundering company, Land & General, effectively logged half of Papua New Guinea before running into serious debt with a failed housing project called Lembah Beringin. As 40% shareholder in the RM2.1 billion Selangor Dam project, TSWA (Tan Sri Wan Azmi masquerading as The Sweet Water Alliance) stands to gain mightily in the dam scam (which ultimately includes 3 new dams in Pahang and 8 in Johore).

In April 1999 Tan Sri Wan Azmi paid a visit to Kg Orang Asli Pertak and we had a rare opportunity to converse for nearly two hours, seated on a rock overlooking the sun-splashed Sungai Luit. We were watched intently by the local Secret Police, but the dialogue flowed civilly and smoothly. Wan Azmi is definitely the most sophisticated entrepreneur I've encountered in a long time. He can make anyone feel rather naïve, so polished is his cynicism, so crisp his sense of paradox and irony, so weighty his affable worldliness.

Tan Sri Wan Azmi (right) impressed me as a highly cultivated urbane intelligence, articulate and aristocratic. After listening to me very attentively, he remarked that very few people on earth would understand what I had revealed to him - implying thereby that he was among the few. I do not doubt that he did indeed understand the full import of my friendly warning, and the fact that he has announced the commencement of the Selangor Dam project indicates that my estimation of his character was essentially correct.

Without wanting to condemn or judge a fellow human, I would describe Tan Sri Wan Azmi as someone to avoid sitting at the same table with at a Chinese dinner. Unless you are on a diet, of course. Nor would I entrust him with the future of our precious natural heritage. We shook hands as we parted, and I felt that he could so easily have turned out to be a true nobleman and patron of the arts - if it weren't for his beady eyes and pudgy fingers which gave me cause to suspect that he was, alas, another greedy little crony piggy fallen on lean times. They say our fate is written in our palms, but eternal optimist that I am, I say it's never too late to step out into the Light and redeem our destinies.

At the media briefing, Tan Sri Wan Azmi and Gamuda chairman Datuk Lin Yun Ling (left) were reportedly squirming in their seats when hit with pointed questions from members of the press. "I don't know why you guys are so suspicious," Wan Azmi was quoted as saying.

Shall we tell them the plain truth? At the risk of deflating their well-fed egos and foiling their best-laid schemes to replenish their private coffers at the public's and posterity's expense? Can we afford NOT to when so much natural beauty is at stake?


Today we find ourselves poised between two reality options, one culminating in the Military-Commercial-Industrial Vision that drives ambitious egos to pathological extremes of destructive behavior; the other a deep, nebulous yearning for Paradise Regained on an Earth Renewed, a glorious ecstatic age wherein logic is superseded by magick, money by manna, scarcity-conditioning by loving abundance for all. Where we focus our attention determines how the future will unfold. Let's keep a sharp eye on the weather and accept no peace that excludes freedom and justice.

- Antares
Ceremonial Guardian of Magick River

A Comment on Reptile Loathing

From my personal perspective, what David Icke and John F. Winston report about reptilians running the show is pretty much indisputable. However, those of us who remember our Id/Enki lineage feel it's unfair to lump all reptoid entities in the same Fear and Loathing category. I've seen myself turn into a lizard-like entity several times in my life, and there are moments when I find myself amazed at how cold and unfeeling I can be.

I surmised, then, that we aren't just reptiles or mammals or Grey-hybrids or humans or cetaceans or whatever - most of us are a COMPLEX BLEND OF MULTIPLE GENETIC LINEAGES. That's what makes this planet such an incredible bio-lab and nursery of new life forms - her allowance for MULTI-DIMENSIONAL, INTER-SPECIAL VARIETY.

I've always felt great empathy for the Serpent in the Garden of Eden story. When I learned that another manifestation of Solar Christ Consciousness was actually called the "Plumed Serpent" or Quetzalcoatl/Kukulcan, imagine how vindicated I felt. A long time ago an Indian astrologer told me I was protected by Nagas and would be safe wherever there were snakes.

Now this interchangeability of Dragon and Snake symbolism is of deep interest. The Orang Asli tell me the Snake is the 3D projection of the 4D Dragon (not in these words, of course, but they said, "The dragon is not of this world of flesh and blood." They believed that Snake Guardians that had served their time at sacred interdimensional portals eventually graduate to full Dragonhood.)

Naturally, whenever I hear talk of "slaying the Dragon (of Carnal Desire)" and references to the Evil Legions of the Draco Constellation, I'm a bit miffed. The worse Snake/Dragon Fearers/Haters are Christians - those who are closely descended from Enlil's bloodline. Remember Enlil's family emblem is the Eagle - and in Mexico, you find an Eagle clutching a Serpent in its claws on the national flag, symbolizing the Spanish Catholic colonization of the native Aztec-Maya cultures.

The bad blood between Enlilites & Enkiites has devolved down the aeons into Serpent-loathing and a general dislike of Reptiles.

During peak experiences when I've felt completely reintegrated and attuned to all life, I've always been a dynamic fusion of Eagle and Serpent. Hence, the Plumed Serpent. I feel that Reptile-loathing leads nowhere but to a bland and sterile world view where any quality diametrically opposed to our own programming is regarded as "Shaitan" (Satan, Nemesis, Enemy) and rejected outright.

In September 1996 I wrote an essay titled Song of the Dragon - a study of the interchangeability of Snake, Dragon, and Rainbow symbols in folk mythology. A "channeled" passage came through which I later edited out, because I felt the magazine's readership wouldn't be able to relate to the material. Luckily, I saved that paragraph in my archives. Now is as good a time as any to retrieve it as a contribution to this very stimulating discussion:

The Dragon is part of Earth's evolutionary program. For Intellect to function under harsh climatic conditions, one requirement is protective armoring. We were stranded in the constellation Draco after the First War in Heaven, when one third of the Archangelic Host decided to volunteer for a dangerous and unprecedented experiment in the Use of Free Will.

Slowly we mutated (or stepped down our sub-atomic frequencies) into dense physical forms based on the most rudimentary principles: Input/Output - with a hole at either end of a semi flexible tube, which results in your basic worm-snake-fish-bird-mammal metamorphic sequence.

In the early stages we were mere strands of living protein, bacilli. Once we graduated to proper Wormhood, we were well on our way to full-fledged Serpenthood and, eventually, we attained archetypal Dragonhood. We grew into a very large family called the Reptiles and our survival program was eat-or-be-eaten. Over great geological ages, we acquired strategy and sophistication.

We began projecting our individualized Wills into other parts of the Galaxy and became a source of disharmony.

During the Second War in Heaven (when Hell literally broke loose!), the Elohim made an attempt to eradicate us from the Matter Universe. They did not entirely succeed, for we became a survival program hardwired into every life form on Earth. Your scientific researchers call this the hypothalamus or Reptilian brain - and even the most "denatured" Sirian-Nibiruan-Simian genetic lineage has Dragon Blood at its deepest molecular levels.

There is no way you can eliminate the Serpent without destroying your own survival instinct. The limbic or mammal brain developed when the experience of death led to emotional trauma and fear of loss. As metaphorical thinking evolved, the neocortex grew and self-awareness appeared. The "fourth brain" can be described as "bionic" or cybernetic, incorporating artificial intelligence and nanotechnology. Your "World Wide Web" is an early manifestation of this phenomenon.

In terms of the Earth's mineral memory banks and her magnetic fields, we of the Dragon lineage have a very vital role to play. We have been here since the earliest phases of starseeding, and our evolutionary destiny is intimately linked with that of Gaia.

On the 4th dimensional level our hologram forms are perceived by those with active pineal glands as various phenomena, e.g., rainbow serpents, sundogs, aurora effects, UFO activity, and so on. We are pure energy beings, beyond archaic notions of Good and Evil, converting electricity into magnetism and vice versa.


We started out with a discussion on "Evil" - its definition and possible origins. Now it seems we are attempting to summarize EVERYTHING we think we know about EXISTENCE and post it via email to Edward Kemp, investigative anthropologist residing in Quebec, who will then pass it around a few others on his mailing list - who, no doubt, will have lots more to add to this virtual conference, which in theory could go on indefinitely like a verbal marathon, till one by one the participants drop away through boredom, fatigue, or irritation.

WHY are we doing this? WHY am I writing what I'm writing now? Knowing full well I really don't have to - even if I did promise Ed I'd sum up the situation the best I can, if only to clear the cobwebs in my brain. Clearly, there is pleasure in hearing the sound of our own voices, especially if we believe someone is actually listening. Sweet nights under the starry desert sky, passing a portable hookah around while waiting for the coffee to brew, in the company of savant mystics, each with 1001 anecdotes to relate, and a dozen theories to propound. That's the image I get out of this exercise.

At this moment my mind is a blank slate. Many, many moments ago I was omniscient, knew just about everything, or thought I did. But it now feels as if I have passed through an etheric membrane, like bursting through an amniotic sac, and I am like a newborn babe in a world completely unfamiliar and incomprehensible. Yet I do have a genetic archive where memories are haphazardly filed away (some day I'll get around to sorting out the mess, some day!)

Arcane knowledge, esoterica, the occult, Mystery Schools, the Gnosis... ahhh, the long road we have travelled around and around the zodiac. All this juxtaposed with massacres, blood sacrifice, witch-hunts, secret police, bioweapons, reptilian-Anunnaki Illuminati cabals, MK-ULTRA, ACIO, Men In Black, Zeta-Drako agents in cahoots with the military top brass, mind control, ELF, The Frequency Fence, Priory of Sion...

Where's the Cartoon Universe? Lemme outa here!

The Mystery is My Story. It's as simple as That. And my story is told in spiralling fractals of prismatic LIGHT, moving as information through neurons and synapses in billions of Other Aspects, occasionally recognizable as fragments of my Original Core Self. From the Unnameable issues all names, from the One comes the Many, from Nothing Everything emerges. From My Story is born All Stories - and stories are all we have to go by. Some stories make you cry, some make you laugh, some make you go Aha! And some just put you to sleep.

The ones that put you to sleep are told by Dark Sorcerers who steal power from you by putting you under their hypnotic spell. The Eater of Souls is one whose stories are deadly dull and cluttered with meaningless facts and figures - try reading an Environmental Impact Assessment report for a World Bank funded dam project!

EVIL is LIVE in reverse, just as EROS is SORE!

Is EVIL really VILE or just a VEIL for the Sacred Bride? A ROSE for My Lady! I arose for my lady but she was still sore at me so Eros has to wait. Words, wordplay, in the beginning was the Word. The Logos. Is Logic our friend? Do I sound Antisemantic?

In 1976 Julian Jaynes wrote The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, in which he postulated that auditory commands registered in the right hemisphere of the brain are rendered into language by the left and interpreted as Orders from Above. The book almost put me to sleep so it's obvious where he's coming from! Are my thoughts influenced by Archetypal imprints transmitted via photons? Are the Ascended Masters and the Archangels and Pleiadian Councils guiding the way I evolve as a hybrid humanoid with an unknown number of lineages seeded over countless aeons by legions of ultra-, meta- and extraterrestrials? Are the Sun and the planets and myriads of stars talking to Me? I am a Descended Master - and a family man - and you have my email address!

God Immanent and Transcendent: Within and Without! As an occasional Solipsist, I revert to being God in the privacy of my own Mind - but in public my divinity is externalized and God becomes my cosmic Father/Mother. The Undotted I from Whom i originated. Great Spirit! Does God know humility? Why so many Names? Mind Games...

If Linear Time is an illusion, what does that make "history"? His story, her story, Whose Story? Who Else? Virtual Reality hologram movies made by Whom? ME? Did I invent the Suns of the One and the Paradise Sons? Did the shadows they cast as they acquired density become the Sons of Belial? My Shadow Selves are legion. Do shadows have Free Will? A life of their own? The Pinocchio Effect: does it apply to shadows, who take on a life of their own as our Evil Twins, our Doppelgängers, our Ids? Pleasure to meet you, Mr Hyde, would you like some tea?

If I didn't do all this.... WHO did? Greg? Ed Kemp? Mr Baggy? Queen Kate? Maisoon? John Kaminski? Pancho Villa? The Man of La Mancha? Onaxis? Atmanu Ram Anu? Prime Creator Source? Are Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld really part of me? Retch. Puke. Vomit. Poison in the bloodstream. Stupid White Men in their Dark Suits and Blood-Red Ties. Their insane arrogance and incurable halitosis. Do I HATE them? Sometimes, yes!

I hate bits of myself sometimes. My receding chin, puffy eye bags (legacy of my mother's dragon bloodline, degenerate nobility, mercenary magicians). Reptilian DNA. Reptilian implants. (Some good news here: the Great-Great-Granddaddy of them Rebel Reptiles that invaded and colonized the Earth 225 million years ago has recently been vaporized by Prime Creator Source and the hypothalamic reptile brain is rapidly losing its deadly stranglehold on the angelic humans!) But I have no bone to pick with the Great Reptile Families. Only a handful are mean-minded and totally mad. They think they can hijack Creation and make it their very own Miscreation.

What about all those scary entities you hear about? Choronzon, Ialdabaoth, Samael, Nosferatu, Kahotep, Aleister Crowley, Lafayette Ron Hubbard, Anton La Vey, Idi Amin, Robert Mugabe, Jeffrey Dahmer, Armin Meweis, George Herbert Walker Bush, Philip of Macedonia... Tales from the Crypt! The Undead. Shudder... Enochian magicians are such Woeful Wankers!

Which parts of me are they? Denizens of my Unconscious, terrorizing the Collective Psyche into sheeplike submission through their dominance of the Airwaves and the Microwaves and the Ultrawaves, killing off Cetaceans so we will be bereft of our Memories of the Deep from Antediluvian Days. Who are all these Zeta-Drako-Human clones in the Office of Naval Research and who now occupy the penthouse floors of the Pentagon? Who do THEY worship? What Secret Chiefs? Marduk? Lucifer? What Nameless Ones do they sacrifice young children to? In the robes of Aztec priests or Dark Druids, with their hideous addiction to solemn ritual, they are the inner core of a Kosmik Ku Klux Klan. Always looking for Niggers to lynch, are they the Great White Brotherhood?

The Sirius Lodge and the Orion Light Council... Galactic Federation... Ashtar Command... Pleiadian Agenda... Guardian Alliance... Melchizedek Cloisters... United Intruder Resistance... Stargate Keepers... Multidimensional Vortex Merkabas. Seems I'm getting so complicated I'll never understand Myself completely! Jesus H. Christ may be a curse on some people's lips - but he's a good friend of mine. Long live Christos Power!

The Wars of Gods and Men are giving me a monster bellyache! 'Scuse me, folks.... gotta go make a Leviathan Poop! Maybe I'll start an organic fertilizer business. See you in a bit ;-)

10 December 2003


Photos courtesy of Sha'Tara

[This is a 1,700 word essay from 2002, originally posted to the Magick River Network, an interactive forum you're welcome to join.]

I've been saving posts onto a floppy at the cybercafe and reading them offline at home. It's really frustrating not being able to shoot off articulate responses because time really goes three times faster when you're on a modem connection and paying for it by the half-hour. So I'm writing this “manifesto” in the comfort of my new study with a view to copy & paste when I next visit the cybercafe (it's true I've been going there every day and it's almost like a beer habit - except no beer belly!).

But since my old pal Paul H subbed in and initiated a new thread on the list, I haven't said very much about anything. Partly because I haven't anything to say that makes complete sense to myself, so much is shifting around us, there are so many ways of interpreting reality, my equilibrium changes from moment to moment; and partly because in recent weeks I've had to spend a good third of my precious online time deleting junk emails and virus attacks (the latest is called the W32Bugbear and the removal tool is downloadable at symantec.com, useful to keep on the hard drive just in case).

It's really tiresome that even the internet has been taken over by virtual rowdies who are either trying to sell you some dadfangled new species of snake oil or crash your hard drive and all its valuable contents. Doesn't that sound pretty much like what's going on in the "actual" world? Our public spaces are being invaded by pushy pedlars and heavily armed street gangs fighting over 3D turf. And they're all either on some corporate payroll or puppets in a hologram play scripted by our own darkest fears.

Well, this is as good a time as any to remind ourselves what the Magick River Network is all about. On the MRN homepage at yahoogroups there is a statement to the effect that this list is for anyone who shares the vision and mission of co-creating heaven on earth.

I define heaven as limitless abundance and infinite possibilities for all beings - which is why I accept all viewpoints and terminologies without feeling the need to intervene or censor. Paul H has done us a big favor by speaking his truth - which is the same pragmatic truth espoused by a great many of my old schoolchums and rich cousins, uncles and aunts who are comfortably established in their own businesses or professions. They believe in the foundational principles of our so-called civilization: ACQUIRE (make money) & PROTECT (invest in insurance, security systems, secret police, and well-equipped fighting forces). If a bug flies into the room, spray it. To prevent bugs from flying into the room, cut down the jungle and fumigate the area with radioactive substances.

I fully appreciate the active participation of Sha'Tara whose crystalline intelligence, unique multidimensional experience, and amazing eloquence never fail to astound, no matter what she's ranting about. Even her emotional farts are distinctive and worth discussing at length, and I relish the stark images of the Hope River she sometimes posts :-)

Yes, I love the intense interplay of ideas that occasionally erupts on this list, and the fact that the membership has stayed more or less constant since we became an interactive list is heartwarming. I'm also grateful to have the incomparable Kate Daniels on board with her level-headed, open-hearted, straight-talking - and, of course, Bamboo Soo's sophisticated musings are always educational and provocative; while the Raven's caustic cawing sometimes raises a suspicion that the shade of Edgar Allan Poe may well be perched on a comfy rock on the riverbank.

Like everyone else, I've been watching the dramatic intensification of the Frequency Controls installed in the electromagnetosphere by powerful Cosmic Warlocks operating as the "powers and principalities" spoken of in arcane writings and sometimes fearfully referred to as "the Archons of Destiny." Recently I received a report stating that there are 72 of these Archons - and that 50 of them are Anunnaki operating on a secret agenda from the planet Nibiru. (Are these the creeps behind the New World Order scam? It’s hard to keep tabs on so many players in such a bewildering plethora of dimensional realities, it’s like playing hide and seek at a masked ball!)

For centuries we have called the Archons of Destiny "the Fates" or "the gods" - but never till very recently has enough information about them been revealed to give us a clearer picture of the true circumstances of our 3D existence. The science-fictionish ideas expressed in The Matrix only hint at the mind-boggling truth that our species has never really had a shot at "free will" - apart from a few scattered individuals who have broken through the invisible prison bars of their own primal fears and learnt to thumb their noses at the Fates. Such an “Orwellian” scenario has been hinted at from Plato’s allegory of the cave to C.S. Lewis’ Perelendra trilogy, Philip José Farmer’s Riverworld series, and Philip K. Dick’s inspired hallucinations in Valis.

One-third of humanity constitute what Drunvalo calls "the moderns" - a mutation of the Adamic human especially in the last 500 years into skin-encapsulated, ego-driven "individuals" with acute cosmological myopia and an insatiable lust for the trappings of material success. These are the anthropocentric apologists and defenders of the status quo, who have internalized Darwinian them-or-us notions of survival, and haven't yet released primordial trauma loops or scarcity conditioning in their genetic encoding. But they'll get "there" - sooner or later. Everyone does, eventually. There are no "losers" in the cosmic dance of eternal transmutation. Each of us is Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu all rolled into one. (And we’re all Buddha and Jesus too ☺)

Nevertheless, most of us monitoring the quickening of planetary awakening and ascension, are understandably outraged by the cruelty and destructiveness of "the military solution" planned by Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the Pentagonian hawks.

Our personal pain and suffering cease the instant we shake ourselves awake from "the nightmare of history" and attain a transpersonal perspective. However, savaging physical reality and human decency with greed-propelled ruthlessness CAN and MUST be stopped. It's the Final Test of our readiness to move onto a new evolutionary octave. But when I ask myself HOW to stop these dangerous fools, I must admit the answer has been elusive. A few years ago, it seemed so clear that the Light had won through and tipped the scales - but in August 1998, the "Dark Side" upped the empt, so to speak, and since then it seems to be getting harder to wake up and stay awake. One of my psychic friends, Selina Niedermeyer, reports that she has sensed thousands of sinister metallic ships hovering overhead, blocking us from direct contact with Source. Perhaps that’s how she visualizes what Susan Ferguson calls the Frequency Control Grid. Many of us are experiencing physical aches and pains, especially in the neck and chest areas, because our bodies are transmuting on the atomic and cellular levels in response to the increasing Schumann Resonance Frequency of the Earth and the intensity of the Coronal Mass Ejections from our Sun.

Recent messages from emissary of light, James Twyman, indicate that some immensely gifted psychic children are already in our midst, helping us transit from one evolutionary octave to another. So it’s not all bad news. Indeed, right where I am, I feel I’m already living heaven on earth (except when Anoora throws one of her famous jealous tantrums or Ahau wets the bed!)

Drunvalo has spoken at length about the Christ Consciousness Grid installed by Thoth (and other Ascended Beings) about 13,000 years ago with the Giza Pyramid Complex as its main anchor point. I have no problem with the idea of a mass awakening into Christ consciousness on a planetary level - but whether that will happen only AFTER a massive human and ecological disaster (triggered by mutually ruinous warfare on an unprecedented scale) as predicted by some - or BEFORE such a worst-case scenario is allowed to unfold, is beyond my power to predict. (A two-part summary of Drunvalo’s ‘Flower of Life’ teachings can be accessed here and here.)

I am flabbergasted by the hawkish sentiments of intelligent and ordinarily good-natured folks like Paul H and many of my old friends in the US - just as I'm stymied by the cynical pragmatism of many knowledgeable Malaysians who continue to endorse Mahathir as "the best leader we've ever had" - so what if he continues to imprison dissenters and oppositionists with his corrupt police and judiciary, destroy what's left of our precious rainforests, and poison the land with highly toxic industries to bail out an incompetent and greedy corporate elite? The only difference between the Bush, Blair & Co and Mahathir’s Mob is that they operate on different concepts of “turf” – America’s New Rome ambitions have taken on more than planetary proportions, while Mahathir is content, for the moment, to be Capo of the local Cosa Nostra.

In my own experience, when things are working out fine for me and I'm feeling competent and secure, I tend to gravitate to the right in my perceptions about those who are moaning and groaning and finding it hard to make ends meet. It's when I find myself furiously peddling water just to keep my chin above the raging waters that I feel a great deal more empathy with the oppressed and underprivileged of the earth. At such times, I am heartened by spontaneous displays of civil disobedience and non-compliance such as when thousands take to the streets to protest warmongering, megacorporatism, human rights abuses, and the WTO agenda.

Over the past decades I have learnt to accept occasional bouts of depression and spiritual paralysis as a way of compensating for my arrogant and megalomanic tendencies during periods when I'm functioning at peak. I'm glad to report that in the last 10 years or so I've been able to minimize my downtime to no more than a few minutes - or a few hours under extreme circumstances - whenever that ancient sense of futility rears its world-weary head and threatens to derail me from fulfilling my true destiny and potential – which is to reclaim the throne of my personal Ithaca by drawing the magical bow of Odysseus or the Pendragon’s sword from the stone, thereby restoring the balance and harmony of all worlds.

In the words of mythologist Joe Campbell, we are each of us “the hero with a thousand faces,” braver than Bond, tougher than Tarzan, handsomer than Han Solo (or, if you prefer, braver than Barbarella, tougher than Tina Turner, and sexier than Sade)!

Saturday, December 2, 2006


Letter to a Texan Bushite with Skull & Bones Family Links (just before the launch of GULF WAR II)

Outrage cannot be mitigated by a massive heap of fresh outrages. Brutality, cruelty, violence and injustice cannot be attacked from without, they can only be healed and transmuted from within through spiritual awakening and ethical maturity.

We may be greatly distressed by shrill screams emanating from our neighbor's house. Upon investigation, we discover the father is an alcoholic who makes a habit of terrorizing his wife and beating his kids senseless. It is our moral duty to muster the courage to speak quietly to the man when he's sober, in an attempt to help him resolve his own emotional problems instead of venting his rage and frustration on the wife and kids. However, if the neighbor proves recalcitrant and persists in battering his wife and kids, are we doing anyone a favor by charging in with a bazooka and blowing the entire household to bits?

The best recourse would be to convene a council of the whole neighborhood and appoint a delegation to rescue the drunkard's wife and kids from their predicament. The community could set the wife and kids up in their own house and help them financially and emotionally. Finding himself suddenly without a family to hit on, the drunkard will most likely suffer a breakdown and open himself to counseling and therapy.

On any given day, it would be difficult to differentiate between the fanatical viciousness of a Saddam Hussein and an Ariel Sharon. They share a common disease - that of the heavily-armed, self-righteous, patriarchal warlord who's convinced that might is right, and that "God" has ordained that they convert all infidels at swordpoint. So why isn't Bush the self-appointed moral policeman issuing an ultimatum to Tel Aviv to disarm and desist from massacring the Palestinians (along with well-intentioned and courageous international peaceworkers)?

Because of the rabid warmongering from the White House, there has been an enormous amount of geopolitical history circulating on the Internet. Information that has long been forgotten or suppressed has come to light, indicating that US interference with the Middle East has been going on for decades, even as far back as the JFK era. Indeed, the ultra-rightwing Ba'athist party was installed after a military coup aided and abetted by the US. Saddam Hussein was involved in a bloodbath that saw a bloody pogrom against leftwing intellectuals and professionals in Iraq. Why did the US fail to intervene then in the interest of justice and human rights?

Why did the US endorse the despotic rule of the Shah of Iran - until he began to have ideas of his own and decided to modernize his country. Declassified information from the CIA files indicates that the US helped install Ayatollah Khomeini in the Shah's place. Another bad move, which led to the CIA-sponsored Iran-Iraq war that destroyed several million lives on both sides.

I cannot believe that any intelligent person can have such a shallow grasp of geopolitical history. Unless one is genetically bound to stay loyal to the ruling elite from which one emerged. In which event, your arguments cannot possibly be impartial or valid.

It is a very sad moment indeed for not only the US - but the entire human race. The coldblooded, premeditated, imperialistic war hypocritically initiated to extend American hegemony - while testing a new generation of lethal weapons - will have unforeseeable karmic consequences.

I view this is as the beginning of the end of America as a superpower. You cannot rule the entire planet at gunpoint. Although I'm happy to report that 99% of the Americans I know are totally against Bush and his cynical, murderous war, it's the odd 1% represented by diehard rightwingers that must ultimately bear responsibility for the barbaric rape of all the lofty humanitarian values you claim on America's behalf.

Liberty, Justice, and Truth are dead! Long live Liberty, Justice, and Truth! May this final outrage against human evolutionary potential signal the swift demise of militarism on Earth - and throughout the Waveform Universe!

March 2003


As the Lunar Year of the Wood Monkey begins, I feel compelled to reassess and summarize my perceptions and share them with whoever happens to be on my mailing list, especially if you happen to be descended from a genetically modified primate.

First the Bad News: it's probably too late for peaceful political change to happen anywhere on this planet, and we know violent change will never resolve anything. Those who still hold out for a last-minute miracle that might see a candidate like Dennis Kucinich elected as US president are to be commended for their stamina. Keep canvassing, I say, nothing is impossible! But frankly, it's not at all likely to happen, and here's why: first of all, Kucinich is supported mainly by a network of New Agers and lightworkers with a somewhat pollyannic view of dark-side politics. Most of us simply cannot believe the lengths some entities will go to just to hang on to power, privilege, and outright control of the planet's natural and human resources. We've heard accounts of gory gangland massacres and stool pigeons ending up at the bottom of the harbor with their feet encased in cement blocks. Well, folks, I hate to say this, but the unseen hands that manipulate human affairs are steeped in blood - and have been for aeons. Blood sacrifice is a very ancient darkside ritual to appease the chthonic forces of our collective unconscious. Bumping off a potential troublemaker or "sacrificing" a few million lives is just another day's work for some folks.

If it looks like Kucinich is making enough progress at the polls to threaten the status quo, you can bet your life the spectre of "Al Qaeda" will conveniently reappear, perhaps even more destructively - just in time for Bush to declare martial law and put Gen. Ralph Eberhardt (the man in charge of America's air defences on September 11, 2001) in control of a population paralyzed by panic. However, if any of the other candidates gets to be president, it will be mostly business-as-usual. Dubya already has a new eco-friendly house to retire to on his Texas ranch, yeehah!

9-11 was undoubtedly a top-flight professional job commissioned by those who have the most to gain from generating perpetual fear and greater division amongst the earth populations. If you still believe the official story that a buncha Allahu-Akbaring towelheads pulled it off (without covert logistical support from an inner circle of US military and spy agencies and the connivance of White House insiders), you definitely have a wet towel for a brain. Sadly, too many otherwise intelligent and discerning folks are persisting in their vigorous denial - I guess they would have bought a used car from Tricky Dick too.

Public hero Michael Moore has come out in support of General Wesley Clark's candidacy. I admit Clark is better looking and more charismatic than Kucinich (who's unfortunately a bit too runtish to win a popularity contest in America); indeed, Clark looks pretty impressive with his military uniform and distinguished Jason Robards/Julius Caesar greytop, but America is already way too militaristic - even without a trueblue military officer in the White House. As for the other presidential candidates - Dean, Kerry, Gephardt et al - they all appear to be corporate androids (yes, "dweebs" is a cute word) - which gives us almost no hope whatsoever in terms of getting a real human being elected to the US presidency in November 2004.

When so many Americans tacitly allowed the massive electoral fraud of 2000 to happen without a deafening outcry of foul-play, it was the death knell of fair elections - or at least the theoretical possibility thereof - perhaps the world over. Despite a few protests over the use of electronic vote-counting systems manufactured by pro-Bush/pro-Zionist corporations, no action seems to have been taken to revamp the creaky electoral machinery. In effect, the ethical rot has set in too deep for any genuine political reforms to be feasible.

Does this mean planet Earth and the human race are doomed? Have the Elders of Zion outsmarted and hoodwinked the gullible Goyim and sold us to Mammon and Moloch as debt slaves for all time? Is your daughter going to grow up and marry Agent Smith and blow your utopian dream to Smithereens?

It would certainly appear so... BUT...... heh heh!

Here's the Good News, folks: on the cosmic front, the interpenetration of Dimensions 3, 4 and 5 is sufficiently advanced for any one of us to wriggle free of inherited or acquired limitations. That's right! There has never been a greater opportunity for each of us to take that Quantum Jump beyond the 3D Frequency Fence and liberate ourselves from the holographic illusion of powerlessness. Our steady progression through the Photon Band and into a New Galactic Day fully supports an unprecedented Mass Awakening into Monadic Autonomy!

Since the Harmonic Concordance of November 8-9, 2003, I have felt a major cellular shift which has propelled me more or less out of linear time. No, I haven't attempted to walk through walls like Stuie Wilde (I just received 'God's Gladiators' as an e-book and glanced through a few pages - strong stuff!) - but maybe if I had a hit of ayahuasca, it could happen. One of the significant indications that I'm right on track is that there is even less stress in my daily life these days. Things are happening by magick, and without apparent effort on my part.

I read about the horrendous predictions of cataclysmic earth changes - the Yellowstone supervolcano erupting and unleashing unimaginable devastation on a planetary scale, California vanishing into the Pacific along with most coastal cities, earthquakes more ruinous than the one that destroyed Bam on Boxing Day last year - and the economic havoc that's long overdue as the dollar implodes - and I feel strangely calm. It's not numbness, nor is it apathy. Deep within, I know that none of this is real, none of it relevant to our Core Being as Sovereign, Self-Governing Entities.

I've recently received powerful confirmation from many sources - some too private or too weird to disclose at this juncture. Essentially, the message is that many of us have "graduated" from the University of Hydrocarbon-Protein Existence. We are well on our way to transmuting on an atomic level into fully activated, crystal-bodied Masters - not ascending, as most of us have been led to think, but DESCENDING FULLY INTO OUR PHYSICAL VEHICLES TO MANIFEST HEAVEN ON EARTH.

You could say the downloading of our Cosmic Christ potential is now complete - the software is installed and running smoothly!

My root chakra has never been more empowered - this means I am finally HOME IN THE EARTH-HEART. At the same time my crown and soul-star chakras are equally vibrant. This means I am on a broadband connection with the swiftly awakening Aeonic consciousness of the planet itself, with Gaia-Sophia, Mother Earth - or perhaps even with what many call Source or Great Spirit or Prime Creator.

I am more conscious now of the holographic nature of being, that as a Divine Fractal I carry the Total Blueprint of Life and therein lies my immortality: each of us awakening into this state is granted full access to all possible realities where our fractal selves already reside in kaleidoscopic multidimensionality. Even if a nuclear device landed on my head next week, my atoms can be reassembled in no time in a mirror universe or a mirror galaxy like Andromeda. That's the absolute miracle of consciously becoming a Divine Fractal - and it's available to each and every one of us. To experience it, all you need is to shoot for attunement/at-one-ment with your Macro Self and harmonization of your various chakras.

So forget about Bush, Cheney, Blair, Bin Laden, ExxonMobil, and the NWO Illuminati Banksters - they're only a clump of dead skin cells on the resurrected Corpus Christi! You can love them if you want and buy an economy-size jar of heavy-duty moisturizing cream to "redeem" them. I generally leave dead skin cells to drop off and reincarnate as household dust. Invest in a new broom or, if you can find one in your neighborhood, a solar-powered vacuum cleaner.

Eternal & Temporal Blessings, One & All :-)

22 January 2004
1st Day of Wood Monkey Year
And So It Is!

"How Sexually Confident Are You?"

[Sometime ago a popular women's magazine sent me a questionnaire on sexual confidence. I kept my responses in my personal folder and just stumbled on this fascinating document!]

The Marie Claire Interview: "How Sexually Confident Are You?"

1. On a scale of one to 10, how sexually confident are you?

When I was 15, maybe about 7... between 30-45, possibly 10... after 51, maybe about 7.

2. How would you describe yourself? Your personality etc.

Approachable. Friendly. Honest. Romantic. Affectionate. Abductable?

3. How do you view your body and sex?

No hunk like the present Governor of California - but appealing enough that I'd go out with myself if I were a woman. How do I view sex? Very favorably indeed! Seriously, sex is a very powerful key to holistic consciousness. Which is why it has been deliberately made a taboo subject, so people will be more easily controlled through guilt, fear, and frustration. In a sexually unrepressed community, folks would laugh wannabe dictators out of town.

4. Do you flirt? What's your come-on move like?

All the time. Don't have any (and even if I did, you think I'd tell and spoil it all?)

5. If you're outgoing, would you say you're confident sexually too? If you're shy, would you say that is the same when it comes to bedroom manners too?

I'm generally outgoing. As for sexual confidence: what you really wanna know is how long and strong my schlong is, admit it! (Haven't a clue what else you might mean by "sexual confidence.")

6. What would you do to make yourself more confident?

Overconfidence isn't very sociable and it ruins the economy.

7. Do you dress the way you feel?

Of course. Okay, that's not entirely true. I really don't care too much for clothes, the climate here doesn't support anything beyond sarongs. But I've yet to show up at the theatre clad only in a sarong (besides, Actors Studio is way too cold).

8. How do others view you?

With great affection and profound admiration... I hope!

9. Is it important for you to be sexually confident?

Unfortunately, yes. Despite all protestations to the contrary, men generally think with their dicks. I'm perhaps one of the more genteel ones who thinks with his Richard.

10. Your name, age and occupation please!

Antares... I stopped aging at 52 (but am officially retired ;-)... I'm a phase modulator for planetary shifts and galactic alignments. I also maintain an eclectic website at www.magickriver.net and occasionally write theatre reviews for www.kakiseni.com