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Letter to the Dam Consortium (March 2004)

Bhavani Krishna Iyer
Manager, Public Relations
26 March 2004

Dear Bhavani,


The time has come for me to keep you in the loop about what's going on in Kampong Pertak. Logging towkays have been sniffing around the village and making tempting cash propositions to the Batin and several others - in the hope that the Orang Asli will support the latest scam engineered by the JHEOA in cahoots with a few RISDA officers, viz., to allow their ancestral durian and petai orchards to be clear-cut and replanted with rubber trees and/or oil palms.

Firstly, I understand that something like 19,500 hectares of forested area around the reservoir lake have been designated as a strictly no-logging/no-agriculture Catchment Zone. Is that not correct? This Catchment Zone would certainly include the steep hills around Kg Pertak, especially since acute erosion – in addition to the use of fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides - would be bad news indeed for the Selangor Dam in terms of massive silting and toxic contamination.

Could it be that the Jabatan Hal Ehwal Orang Asli have yet to read the Selangor Dam Project EIA Report? Perhaps they simply have never been taught these simple facts of ecosystemic preservation and know not the dire consequences of their actions. In any case, JHEOA officers have already convened two meetings at Kg Pertak in the past week urging the Orang Asli to endorse their proposal to convert X number of acres of secondary forest into rubber/oil palm plantations within the Catchment Zone.

Now, here is where my personal mission of safeguarding the natural beauty, integrity and health of one of Selangor's last and finest forest reserves coincides with Splash Sdn Bhd's genuine need to ensure that the functioning of the reservoir dam is not sabotaged. Shortsighted plantation schemes that mainly benefit the loggers (and their friends in the state bureaucracy) will certainly despoil the environs of the reservoir lake and ruin all prospects of future low-impact ecotourism projects.

Such a development will be yet another deathblow to the Orang Asli's cultural and spiritual uniqueness which has traditionally made them respectful of the forest that provides almost all their basic survival needs.

Furthermore, by issuing the relocated villagers with 99-year leases on their housing lots, the JHEOA - in concert with the Land Office - have effectively turned the Temuan into rent-paying tenants on land the tribe has inhabited for countless generations. Within another two generations, the fate of the Temuan tribe will reside in the hands of the Ulu Selangor Land Office, which is at liberty to terminate the lease when it expires.

Kg Pertak is seeing more and more visitors each week, seeking refuge from urban stress and pollution. Surely, the obvious way for the Orang Asli to benefit from their indigeneity is to encourage and help them to start small-scale hospitality services like setting up cafés and native-style accommodation for ardent nature-lovers. These activities have strong potential to generate a decent cash income for the local residents, and restore their dignity, self-esteem, adaptability and versatility in the long run - without in any way damaging the natural beauty, integrity, and health of the forest. Of course, this sort of "development" must be kept on a modest and manageable scale and closely monitored to maintain the pristine vitality and aesthetic value of this precious Green Sanctuary.

I urge that Splash Sdn Bhd lend its full support to the Orang Asli’s legitimate claim to the area long established as their customary lands, thus allowing them a sense of permanency and belonging. In time to come many will prove their aptitude as trek and kayaking guides, homestay operators, and as forest rangers assigned the task of protecting the Catchment Zone from poachers and loggers, and keeping it free from litter.

I trust that you will bring this serious matter to the attention of the Executive Management and keep me informed about their response.

Thank you for your kind attention.


Where Darkness Still Rules

[Original email dated Sun, 16 Jan 2000]

I read a report in the Star (14 Jan 2000) on the media briefing convened by SPLASH - the company formed to build the Selangor Dam - in which their executive chairman, Tan Sri Wan Azmi Wan Hamzah, sneeringly dismissed dam-resisting nature lovers as "tree huggers".

Wan Azmi himself prefers chainsaws to hugs. His floundering company, Land & General, effectively logged half of Papua New Guinea before running into serious debt with a failed housing project called Lembah Beringin. As 40% shareholder in the RM2.1 billion Selangor Dam project, TSWA (Tan Sri Wan Azmi masquerading as The Sweet Water Alliance) stands to gain mightily in the dam scam (which ultimately includes 3 new dams in Pahang and 8 in Johore).

In April 1999 Tan Sri Wan Azmi paid a visit to Kg Orang Asli Pertak and we had a rare opportunity to converse for nearly two hours, seated on a rock overlooking the sun-splashed Sungai Luit. We were watched intently by the local Secret Police, but the dialogue flowed civilly and smoothly. Wan Azmi is definitely the most sophisticated entrepreneur I've encountered in a long time. He can make anyone feel rather naïve, so polished is his cynicism, so crisp his sense of paradox and irony, so weighty his affable worldliness.

Tan Sri Wan Azmi (right) impressed me as a highly cultivated urbane intelligence, articulate and aristocratic. After listening to me very attentively, he remarked that very few people on earth would understand what I had revealed to him - implying thereby that he was among the few. I do not doubt that he did indeed understand the full import of my friendly warning, and the fact that he has announced the commencement of the Selangor Dam project indicates that my estimation of his character was essentially correct.

Without wanting to condemn or judge a fellow human, I would describe Tan Sri Wan Azmi as someone to avoid sitting at the same table with at a Chinese dinner. Unless you are on a diet, of course. Nor would I entrust him with the future of our precious natural heritage. We shook hands as we parted, and I felt that he could so easily have turned out to be a true nobleman and patron of the arts - if it weren't for his beady eyes and pudgy fingers which gave me cause to suspect that he was, alas, another greedy little crony piggy fallen on lean times. They say our fate is written in our palms, but eternal optimist that I am, I say it's never too late to step out into the Light and redeem our destinies.

At the media briefing, Tan Sri Wan Azmi and Gamuda chairman Datuk Lin Yun Ling (left) were reportedly squirming in their seats when hit with pointed questions from members of the press. "I don't know why you guys are so suspicious," Wan Azmi was quoted as saying.

Shall we tell them the plain truth? At the risk of deflating their well-fed egos and foiling their best-laid schemes to replenish their private coffers at the public's and posterity's expense? Can we afford NOT to when so much natural beauty is at stake?


Today we find ourselves poised between two reality options, one culminating in the Military-Commercial-Industrial Vision that drives ambitious egos to pathological extremes of destructive behavior; the other a deep, nebulous yearning for Paradise Regained on an Earth Renewed, a glorious ecstatic age wherein logic is superseded by magick, money by manna, scarcity-conditioning by loving abundance for all. Where we focus our attention determines how the future will unfold. Let's keep a sharp eye on the weather and accept no peace that excludes freedom and justice.

- Antares
Ceremonial Guardian of Magick River


Photos courtesy of Sha'Tara
[This is a 1,700 word essay from 2002, originally posted to the Magick River Network, an interactive forum that has since been superseded by Facebook.]

I've been saving posts onto a floppy at the cybercafe and reading them offline at home. It's really frustrating not being able to shoot off articulate responses because time really goes three times faster when you're on a modem connection and paying for it by the half-hour. So I'm writing this “manifesto” in the comfort of my new study with a view to copy & paste when I next visit the cybercafe (it's true I've been going there every day and it's almost like a beer habit - except no beer belly!).

But since my old pal Paul H subbed in and initiated a new thread on the list, I haven't said very much about anything. Partly because I haven't anything to say that makes complete sense to myself, so much is shifting around us, there are so many ways of interpreting reality, my equilibrium changes from moment to moment; and partly because in recent weeks I've had to spend a good third of my precious online time deleting junk emails and virus attacks (the latest is called the W32Bugbear and the removal tool is downloadable at, useful to keep on the hard drive just in case).

It's really tiresome that even the internet has been taken over by virtual rowdies who are either trying to sell you some dadfangled new species of snake oil or crash your hard drive and all its valuable contents. Doesn't that sound pretty much like what's going on in the "actual" world? Our public spaces are being invaded by pushy pedlars and heavily armed street gangs fighting over 3D turf. And they're all either on some corporate payroll or puppets in a hologram play scripted by our own darkest fears.

Well, this is as good a time as any to remind ourselves what the Magick River Network is all about. On the MRN homepage at Yahoogroups there is a statement to the effect that this list is for anyone who shares the vision and mission of co-creating heaven on earth.

I define heaven as limitless abundance and infinite possibilities for all beings - which is why I accept all viewpoints and terminologies without feeling the need to intervene or censor. Paul H has done us a big favor by speaking his truth - which is the same pragmatic truth espoused by a great many of my old schoolchums and rich cousins, uncles and aunts who are comfortably established in their own businesses or professions. They believe in the foundational principles of our so-called civilization: ACQUIRE (make money) & PROTECT (invest in insurance, security systems, secret police, and well-equipped fighting forces). If a bug flies into the room, spray it. To prevent bugs from flying into the room, cut down the jungle and fumigate the area with radioactive substances.

I fully appreciate the active participation of Sha'Tara whose crystalline intelligence, unique multidimensional experience, and amazing eloquence never fail to astound, no matter what she's ranting about. Even her emotional farts are distinctive and worth discussing at length, and I relish the stark images of the Hope River she sometimes posts.

Yes, I love the intense interplay of ideas that occasionally erupts on this list, and the fact that the membership has stayed more or less constant since we became an interactive list is heartwarming. I'm also grateful to have the incomparable Kate Daniels on board with her level-headed, open-hearted, straight-talking - and, of course, Bamboo Soo's sophisticated musings are always educational and provocative; while the Raven's caustic cawing sometimes raises a suspicion that the shade of Edgar Allan Poe may well be perched on a comfy rock on the riverbank.

Like everyone else, I've been watching the dramatic intensification of the Frequency Controls installed in the electromagnetosphere by powerful Cosmic Warlocks operating as the "powers and principalities" spoken of in arcane writings and sometimes fearfully referred to as "the Archons of Destiny." Recently I received a report stating that there are 72 of these Archons - and that 50 of them are Anunnaki operating on a secret agenda from the planet Nibiru. (Are these the creeps behind the New World Order scam? It’s hard to keep tabs on so many players in such a bewildering plethora of dimensional realities, it’s like playing hide and seek at a masked ball!)

For centuries we have called the Archons of Destiny "the Fates" or "the gods" - but never till very recently has enough information about them been revealed to give us a clearer picture of the true circumstances of our 3D existence. The science-fictionish ideas expressed in The Matrix only hint at the mind-boggling truth that our species has never really had a shot at "free will" - apart from a few scattered individuals who have broken through the invisible prison bars of their own primal fears and learnt to thumb their noses at the Fates. Such an “Orwellian” scenario has been hinted at from Plato’s allegory of the cave to C.S. Lewis’ Perelendra trilogy, Philip José Farmer’s Riverworld series, and Philip K. Dick’s inspired hallucinations in Valis.

One-third of humanity constitute what Drunvalo calls "the moderns" - a mutation of the Adamic human especially in the last 500 years into skin-encapsulated, ego-driven "individuals" with acute cosmological myopia and an insatiable lust for the trappings of material success. These are the anthropocentric apologists and defenders of the status quo, who have internalized Darwinian them-or-us notions of survival, and haven't yet released primordial trauma loops or scarcity conditioning in their genetic encoding. But they'll get "there" - sooner or later. Everyone does, eventually. There are no "losers" in the cosmic dance of eternal transmutation. Each of us is Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu all rolled into one. (And we’re all Buddha and Jesus too ☺)

Nevertheless, most of us monitoring the quickening of planetary awakening and ascension, are understandably outraged by the cruelty and destructiveness of "the military solution" planned by Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the Pentagonian hawks.

Our personal pain and suffering cease the instant we shake ourselves awake from "the nightmare of history" and attain a transpersonal perspective. However, savaging physical reality and human decency with greed-propelled ruthlessness CAN and MUST be stopped. It's the Final Test of our readiness to move onto a new evolutionary octave. But when I ask myself HOW to stop these dangerous fools, I must admit the answer has been elusive. A few years ago, it seemed so clear that the Light had won through and tipped the scales - but in August 1998, the "Dark Side" upped the empt, so to speak, and since then it seems to be getting harder to wake up and stay awake. One of my psychic friends, Selina Niedermeyer, reports that she has sensed thousands of sinister metallic ships hovering overhead, blocking us from direct contact with Source. Perhaps that’s how she visualizes what Susan Ferguson calls the Frequency Control Grid. Many of us are experiencing physical aches and pains, especially in the neck and chest areas, because our bodies are transmuting on the atomic and cellular levels in response to the increasing Schumann Resonance Frequency of the Earth and the intensity of the Coronal Mass Ejections from our Sun.

Recent messages from emissary of light, James Twyman, indicate that some immensely gifted psychic children are already in our midst, helping us transit from one evolutionary octave to another. So it’s not all bad news. Indeed, right where I am, I feel I’m already living heaven on earth (except when Anoora throws one of her famous jealous tantrums or Ahau wets the bed!)

Drunvalo has spoken at length about the Christ Consciousness Grid installed by Thoth (and other Ascended Beings) about 13,000 years ago with the Giza Pyramid Complex as its main anchor point. I have no problem with the idea of a mass awakening into Christ consciousness on a planetary level - but whether that will happen only AFTER a massive human and ecological disaster (triggered by mutually ruinous warfare on an unprecedented scale) as predicted by some - or BEFORE such a worst-case scenario is allowed to unfold, is beyond my power to predict. (A two-part summary of Drunvalo’s ‘Flower of Life’ teachings can be accessed here and here.)

I am flabbergasted by the hawkish sentiments of intelligent and ordinarily good-natured folks like Paul H and many of my old friends in the US - just as I'm stymied by the cynical pragmatism of many knowledgeable Malaysians who continue to endorse Mahathir as "the best leader we've ever had" - so what if he continues to imprison dissenters and oppositionists with his corrupt police and judiciary, destroy what's left of our precious rainforests, and poison the land with highly toxic industries to bail out an incompetent and greedy corporate elite? The only difference between the Bush, Blair & Co and Mahathir’s Mob is that they operate on different concepts of “turf” – America’s New Rome ambitions have taken on more than planetary proportions, while Mahathir is content, for the moment, to be Capo of the local Cosa Nostra.

In my own experience, when things are working out fine for me and I'm feeling competent and secure, I tend to gravitate to the right in my perceptions about those who are moaning and groaning and finding it hard to make ends meet. It's when I find myself furiously peddling water just to keep my chin above the raging waters that I feel a great deal more empathy with the oppressed and underprivileged of the earth. At such times, I am heartened by spontaneous displays of civil disobedience and non-compliance such as when thousands take to the streets to protest warmongering, megacorporatism, human rights abuses, and the WTO agenda.

Over the past decades I have learnt to accept occasional bouts of depression and spiritual paralysis as a way of compensating for my arrogant and megalomanic tendencies during periods when I'm functioning at peak. I'm glad to report that in the last 10 years or so I've been able to minimize my downtime to no more than a few minutes - or a few hours under extreme circumstances - whenever that ancient sense of futility rears its world-weary head and threatens to derail me from fulfilling my true destiny and potential – which is to reclaim the throne of my personal Ithaca by drawing the magical bow of Odysseus or the Pendragon’s sword from the stone, thereby restoring the balance and harmony of all worlds.

In the words of mythologist Joe Campbell, we are each of us “the hero with a thousand faces,” braver than Bond, tougher than Tarzan, handsomer than Han Solo (or, if you prefer, braver than Barbarella, tougher than Tina Turner, and sexier than Sade)!

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Letter to a Texan Bushite with Skull & Bones Family Links (just before the launch of GULF WAR II)

Outrage cannot be mitigated by a massive heap of fresh outrages. Brutality, cruelty, violence and injustice cannot be attacked from without, they can only be healed and transmuted from within through spiritual awakening and ethical maturity.

We may be greatly distressed by shrill screams emanating from our neighbor's house. Upon investigation, we discover the father is an alcoholic who makes a habit of terrorizing his wife and beating his kids senseless. It is our moral duty to muster the courage to speak quietly to the man when he's sober, in an attempt to help him resolve his own emotional problems instead of venting his rage and frustration on the wife and kids. However, if the neighbor proves recalcitrant and persists in battering his wife and kids, are we doing anyone a favor by charging in with a bazooka and blowing the entire household to bits?

The best recourse would be to convene a council of the whole neighborhood and appoint a delegation to rescue the drunkard's wife and kids from their predicament. The community could set the wife and kids up in their own house and help them financially and emotionally. Finding himself suddenly without a family to hit on, the drunkard will most likely suffer a breakdown and open himself to counseling and therapy.

On any given day, it would be difficult to differentiate between the fanatical viciousness of a Saddam Hussein and an Ariel Sharon. They share a common disease - that of the heavily-armed, self-righteous, patriarchal warlord who's convinced that might is right, and that "God" has ordained that they convert all infidels at swordpoint. So why isn't Bush the self-appointed moral policeman issuing an ultimatum to Tel Aviv to disarm and desist from massacring the Palestinians (along with well-intentioned and courageous international peaceworkers)?

Because of the rabid warmongering from the White House, there has been an enormous amount of geopolitical history circulating on the Internet. Information that has long been forgotten or suppressed has come to light, indicating that US interference with the Middle East has been going on for decades, even as far back as the JFK era. Indeed, the ultra-rightwing Ba'athist party was installed after a military coup aided and abetted by the US. Saddam Hussein was involved in a bloodbath that saw a bloody pogrom against leftwing intellectuals and professionals in Iraq. Why did the US fail to intervene then in the interest of justice and human rights?

Why did the US endorse the despotic rule of the Shah of Iran - until he began to have ideas of his own and decided to modernize his country. Declassified information from the CIA files indicates that the US helped install Ayatollah Khomeini in the Shah's place. Another bad move, which led to the CIA-sponsored Iran-Iraq war that destroyed several million lives on both sides.

I cannot believe that any intelligent person can have such a shallow grasp of geopolitical history. Unless one is genetically bound to stay loyal to the ruling elite from which one emerged. In which event, your arguments cannot possibly be impartial or valid.

It is a very sad moment indeed for not only the US - but the entire human race. The coldblooded, premeditated, imperialistic war hypocritically initiated to extend American hegemony - while testing a new generation of lethal weapons - will have unforeseeable karmic consequences.

I view this is as the beginning of the end of America as a superpower. You cannot rule the entire planet at gunpoint. Although I'm happy to report that 99% of the Americans I know are totally against Bush and his cynical, murderous war, it's the odd 1% represented by diehard rightwingers that must ultimately bear responsibility for the barbaric rape of all the lofty humanitarian values you claim on America's behalf.

Liberty, Justice, and Truth are dead! Long live Liberty, Justice, and Truth! May this final outrage against human evolutionary potential signal the swift demise of militarism on Earth - and throughout the Waveform Universe!

March 2003


As the Lunar Year of the Wood Monkey begins, I feel compelled to reassess and summarize my perceptions and share them with whoever happens to be on my mailing list, especially if you happen to be descended from a genetically modified primate.

First the Bad News: it's probably too late for peaceful political change to happen anywhere on this planet, and we know violent change will never resolve anything. Those who still hold out for a last-minute miracle that might see a candidate like Dennis Kucinich elected as US president are to be commended for their stamina. Keep canvassing, I say, nothing is impossible! But frankly, it's not at all likely to happen, and here's why: first of all, Kucinich is supported mainly by a network of New Agers and lightworkers with a somewhat pollyannic view of dark-side politics. Most of us simply cannot believe the lengths some entities will go to just to hang on to power, privilege, and outright control of the planet's natural and human resources. We've heard accounts of gory gangland massacres and stool pigeons ending up at the bottom of the harbor with their feet encased in cement blocks. Well, folks, I hate to say this, but the unseen hands that manipulate human affairs are steeped in blood - and have been for aeons. Blood sacrifice is a very ancient darkside ritual to appease the chthonic forces of our collective unconscious. Bumping off a potential troublemaker or "sacrificing" a few million lives is just another day's work for some folks.

If it looks like Kucinich is making enough progress at the polls to threaten the status quo, you can bet your life the spectre of "Al Qaeda" will conveniently reappear, perhaps even more destructively - just in time for Bush to declare martial law and put Gen. Ralph Eberhardt (the man in charge of America's air defences on September 11, 2001) in control of a population paralyzed by panic. However, if any of the other candidates gets to be president, it will be mostly business-as-usual. Dubya already has a new eco-friendly house to retire to on his Texas ranch, yeehah!

9-11 was undoubtedly a top-flight professional job commissioned by those who have the most to gain from generating perpetual fear and greater division amongst the earth populations. If you still believe the official story that a buncha Allahu-Akbaring towelheads pulled it off (without covert logistical support from an inner circle of US military and spy agencies and the connivance of White House insiders), you definitely have a wet towel for a brain. Sadly, too many otherwise intelligent and discerning folks are persisting in their vigorous denial - I guess they would have bought a used car from Tricky Dick too.

Public hero Michael Moore has come out in support of General Wesley Clark's candidacy. I admit Clark is better looking and more charismatic than Kucinich (who's unfortunately a bit too runtish to win a popularity contest in America); indeed, Clark looks pretty impressive with his military uniform and distinguished Jason Robards/Julius Caesar greytop, but America is already way too militaristic - even without a trueblue military officer in the White House. As for the other presidential candidates - Dean, Kerry, Gephardt et al - they all appear to be corporate androids (yes, "dweebs" is a cute word) - which gives us almost no hope whatsoever in terms of getting a real human being elected to the US presidency in November 2004.

When so many Americans tacitly allowed the massive electoral fraud of 2000 to happen without a deafening outcry of foul-play, it was the death knell of fair elections - or at least the theoretical possibility thereof - perhaps the world over. Despite a few protests over the use of electronic vote-counting systems manufactured by pro-Bush/pro-Zionist corporations, no action seems to have been taken to revamp the creaky electoral machinery. In effect, the ethical rot has set in too deep for any genuine political reforms to be feasible.

Does this mean planet Earth and the human race are doomed? Have the Elders of Zion outsmarted and hoodwinked the gullible Goyim and sold us to Mammon and Moloch as debt slaves for all time? Is your daughter going to grow up and marry Agent Smith and blow your utopian dream to Smithereens?

It would certainly appear so... BUT...... heh heh!

Here's the Good News, folks: on the cosmic front, the interpenetration of Dimensions 3, 4 and 5 is sufficiently advanced for any one of us to wriggle free of inherited or acquired limitations. That's right! There has never been a greater opportunity for each of us to take that Quantum Jump beyond the 3D Frequency Fence and liberate ourselves from the holographic illusion of powerlessness. Our steady progression through the Photon Band and into a New Galactic Day fully supports an unprecedented Mass Awakening into Monadic Autonomy!

Since the Harmonic Concordance of November 8-9, 2003, I have felt a major cellular shift which has propelled me more or less out of linear time. No, I haven't attempted to walk through walls like Stuie Wilde (I just received 'God's Gladiators' as an e-book and glanced through a few pages - strong stuff!) - but maybe if I had a hit of ayahuasca, it could happen. One of the significant indications that I'm right on track is that there is even less stress in my daily life these days. Things are happening by magick, and without apparent effort on my part.

I read about the horrendous predictions of cataclysmic earth changes - the Yellowstone supervolcano erupting and unleashing unimaginable devastation on a planetary scale, California vanishing into the Pacific along with most coastal cities, earthquakes more ruinous than the one that destroyed Bam on Boxing Day last year - and the economic havoc that's long overdue as the dollar implodes - and I feel strangely calm. It's not numbness, nor is it apathy. Deep within, I know that none of this is real, none of it relevant to our Core Being as Sovereign, Self-Governing Entities.

I've recently received powerful confirmation from many sources - some too private or too weird to disclose at this juncture. Essentially, the message is that many of us have "graduated" from the University of Hydrocarbon-Protein Existence. We are well on our way to transmuting on an atomic level into fully activated, crystal-bodied Masters - not ascending, as most of us have been led to think, but DESCENDING FULLY INTO OUR PHYSICAL VEHICLES TO MANIFEST HEAVEN ON EARTH.

You could say the downloading of our Cosmic Christ potential is now complete - the software is installed and running smoothly!

My root chakra has never been more empowered - this means I am finally HOME IN THE EARTH-HEART. At the same time my crown and soul-star chakras are equally vibrant. This means I am on a broadband connection with the swiftly awakening Aeonic consciousness of the planet itself, with Gaia-Sophia, Mother Earth - or perhaps even with what many call Source or Great Spirit or Prime Creator.

I am more conscious now of the holographic nature of being, that as a Divine Fractal I carry the Total Blueprint of Life and therein lies my immortality: each of us awakening into this state is granted full access to all possible realities where our fractal selves already reside in kaleidoscopic multidimensionality. Even if a nuclear device landed on my head next week, my atoms can be reassembled in no time in a mirror universe or a mirror galaxy like Andromeda. That's the absolute miracle of consciously becoming a Divine Fractal - and it's available to each and every one of us. To experience it, all you need is to shoot for attunement/at-one-ment with your Macro Self and harmonization of your various chakras.

So forget about Bush, Cheney, Blair, Bin Laden, ExxonMobil, and the NWO Illuminati Banksters - they're only a clump of dead skin cells on the resurrected Corpus Christi! You can love them if you want and buy an economy-size jar of heavy-duty moisturizing cream to "redeem" them. I generally leave dead skin cells to drop off and reincarnate as household dust. Invest in a new broom or, if you can find one in your neighborhood, a solar-powered vacuum cleaner.

Eternal & Temporal Blessings, One & All :-)

22 January 2004
1st Day of Wood Monkey Year
And So It Is!

The Bombing of Baghdad

[comment posted on (27 March 2003) days after Bush launched Gulf War II]

America lost the war the first time around when Bush Sr attacked Iraq (after instigating Saddam to invade Kuwait via April Glaspie). This time the Pentagon was defeated before they even started by the sheer worldwide opposition to premeditated military violence, especially against a country already devastated by 12 years of cruel sanctions. Nobody likes a dictator, but look in the mirror before you accuse anyone else of being a control freak!

I'm greatly saddened by the totally unnecessary loss of life on all sides - and the sheer waste of precious resources that could be so much better used in global welfaring instead of warfaring. The cost of each Cruise missile could rebuild the lives of entire populations in the impoverished parts of the planet, places that have been ravaged and exploited by the great capitalist pirates who worship only "The Bottom Line."

Shame on all of us, humanity go stand in the corner with a dunce cap, for allowing ourselves to be misled for so many millennia by false messiahs preaching division, hate, and fear.

I pray for a swift end to the brutality and bloodshed and a hasty retreat by the US-UK forces. Saddam has won this round - even if he gets killed!

May the rest of us awaken SOON and reclaim our power from the overfed and overgreedy military-industrial-commercial complex owned by a handful of reptilian royals!

To the next phase of evolution - beyond ignorance, cruelty, violence, and discord! Infinite rainbow blessings upon the embattled (and ecosystemically endangered) Lady Gaia.

Friday, December 1, 2006

What The World Needs Now

... is ANOTHER goddam BLOG! But, Google offers this facility for free, and who am I to refuse an offer of free webspace? What I intend to use this blog for is as yet unclear. If I shoot my mouth off without any restraint whatsoever, one of these days my words might be used as evidence of my utter perversity and complete disregard for "social conventions and mores." So I'm giving myself some time to ponder the real or imaginary consequences of actually putting in words what I really think and feel about... well, everything! There must be a reason why today, of all days, I clicked on the Blogger logo and found myself signing up for a personal blog when I already have my own tiny niche on MySpace - but I have yet to find any real pleasure in being part of MySpace. Maybe this time something INTERESTING will happen. Or maybe not. I don't mind.