Thursday, July 1, 2021

Thwarting the Druglords & their Biochemical Wet Dreams

On 30 June 2021 I had a vivid dream involving altering bits of code (that looked like Bitcoin keys) to neutralize the deleterious effects of the toxic jabs millions (if not billions) have unsuspectingly accepted. 

It began with the AstraZeneca, followed by all the other variants. I felt great exultation when I discovered how to reconfigure the codes. 

This subsequently led to the giant pharmaceutical companies being exposed as entirely evil and the factories forced to shut down, their owners arrested and incarcerated or executed.

And thus began a whole new era in our approach to healing. No more invasive and injurious surgery, no more toxic chemicals churned out merely for profit. We began to use color and sound and vibrations to repair and restore damaged cells - with med beds, "bio-scalar photonic fusion" quantum devices, healing modalities we could only dream about when the pharmaceutical giants misruled the medical universe.