Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Why JFK was snuffed 44 years ago

Russian military intelligence has warned that the U.S. plans to attack Iran on 6 April 2007. The military ordnance is already in position, and a war of nerves has begun - with Blair putting 15 British navy personnel in harm's way just to hot things up and create an excuse for "regime change."

Are we going to be passive spectators as a gang of evil lunatics hellbent on world domination attempt to hijack our evolutionary schedule and our destiny as a supposedly sentient species?

No way! I suggest you reconnect with your innermost core where Source Energy resides (anchor it in your compassion center) and from that point of Infinite Power send your heartfelt blessings towards all LIFE with the conscious intention that every cell in every living being regain its awareness of the flow and thereby become whole again.

War and the propensity to wage war is a disease not unlike cancer. It can be cured only when a critical mass of sentient creatures reconnects with the infinite knowing - in effect, divine consciousness - that resides within every nucleus of every cell.

Freedom, Love, Joy,Truth, Pleasure, Peace and Harmony will reign supreme on Earth.

Now and Forever.

So be it.