Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Oy, Najib! Is this how you plan to rule the country?


How long before your hand gets tired?

You won't get any sleep at night...

You'll be much too stressed to service your voracious wife.

She'll soon be sending for some toy boys...

Isn't this a much nicer and healthier option? You have enough cash stashed away to live in the lap of luxury the rest of your lives... far, far from your political foes in Malaysia!

[First published 16 March 2009]


Anonymous said...

ini saja tak cukup = saya mau semua
untuk aku, bini2 & anak2 & cucu2 ! paham kah lu !?

Monsterball said...

Filthy tricks in Perak, followed by the subversion of all available institutions to support the illegal takeover.
Gobind Singh suspended for a year to silence him.
Karpal Singh to be charged with sedition.
RPK - I lost count of how many charges he has to face.

Najib is going to grasp power by whatever force necessary. Prepare for a long night.

But he cannot fight forever the yearning of the people for a better country. We need to keep the flame of hope alive.

Unknown said...

*sigh* Despite the depressing mood, *sigh again*, I am sure we all hope to wake up to a beautiful Malaysia one day. We will and we must.

Anonymous said...

God help us all! This sad episode of sabotage of justice by DUMNO must END!

Please, Naj, do the right thing and lay down your weapon of greed and destruction. Just go play far away. Malaysia deserves better.

Anonymous said...

According to the American frontiersman, Daniel Boone, "all you need for happiness is a good gun, a good horse, and a good wife." Najib has only one source of happiness left: the gun, and he will use it, or the threat of using it, with brutal effect once he takes over the reins of power.

Anonymous said...

If he could do what he did to Altantuya, and getting away with it (so far), he will stop at nothing to be the most powerful man in Malaysia! Money is not an issue here! Anyway, nice try bro!

Anonymous said...

Aiya, he is only the second most powerful man lah! Rosmah is number one, remember?