Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Bernard Khoo aka Zorro and I

Got an SMS this evening that pissed me off. My buddy Bernard is being harassed by Najib's Nazi Regime. The cops have called him in for questioning over something he ranted about in his popular blog. This sort of shit is never good news. I doubt anything will emerge from Zorro's 3PM appointment at the Commercial Crimes Department (near the Bank Negara KTM stop) - but the fact that the regime is on the rampage again augurs ill for the truth-loving.

Zorro speaks truth to Power. And it appears that Power doesn't want to hear; in fact, wants Zorro to shut up. Or at least tone down his rage against the nightmare of a nation in the clutches of terminal dementia. You've got to be demented if you can endure Pink Lips's 1Malaysia crap - or you may have grown up in the era of Vision 2020 and Malaysia Boleh and are therefore immune to official spin.

One thing Umno hasn't learned: if a very large number of people detest you, switching to a different brand of shampoo won't improve your chances of re-election. Even a complete wardrobe change won't save your skin.

The only real option is to apologize, retire to the wings, and let another management team take over. A genuine show of humility, remorse and the beginnings of wisdom should make it easier for us to forgive you and refrain from coming down hard on you.

Ten years playing the role of Loyal Opposition will do wonders for your soul. People may even start liking you again.

Meanwhile, let's not stand for heavy-handed tactics to inject fear into the blogosphere. If you care for freedom and justice, show your moral support for Zorro by turning up at the Commercial Crimes Department at 3PM, 4 November 2009.


Graham said...

Oh no! I would be there if I could, I'll be watching to see the outcome. He better be treated fairly and given his full rights. And let them all remember "I was following orders" is not a valid defense.

Starmandala said...

How dare they! Trying to scare perfectly decent and honest citizens while protecting the spotty arses of their CRIMINAL MASTERS - THE UMNO WARLORDS!

Anonymous said...

How dare they you ask ?

The rest of the nation asks how dare he replace the words Allah and Muhammad on the polive logo with dollar sign and the words C4

And you guys call others racist..

Starmandala said...

Anonymous @ !0:03AM - Did Zorro really do that? I'm shocked that the words "Allah" and "Muhammad" feature in the PDRM logo - they don't belong there! The police force must be neutral, professional, non-partisan. That means no affiliation to any race, religion or political party. If what you say is true and somebody sneakily inserted the words "Allah" and "Muhammad" into the PDRM logo, then the only recourse is to junk the logo and come up with a new one that includes Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, Zoroaster, Kwan Yin, Rama, Vishnu, Thoth, Ptah, Quetzalcoatl, Tezcatlipoca, and Charlie Chaplin. In any case, I appreciate your leaving this comment. From your tone I can sense you are genuinely offended by what Zorro did to your logo - he still has a "naughty schoolboy" streak in him but that's just part of his ageless appeal. Besides, replacing "Allah" and "Muhammad" with the dollar sign and C4 is far more honest an expression of what the PDRM has become under Musa Hassan. In any case you seem like a genuinely polite person - just overly touchy about what you perceive as an insult to your belief system. But allow me to repeat: your belief system has no place in the official logo of PDRM. End of story - end of harassment, I trust?

Gerald Wee Eng Kian said...

Anon has no stones to comment in the proper light of their identity. No matter,I welcome the opportunity for them to feel what courage actually is. Because that's what Uncle Zorro has done in his name unlike the faceless coward masses.

So keep leaving your mark Zorro, either splashed on the web or painted on a BN wall after a good round of beer at the Wharf.