Tuesday, July 27, 2010


This notice is being posted from a cybercafe because Telekom Malaysia continues to be Tak Malu about being the most retarded telco in the known universe.

On 19 July I lost my broadband connection but I was traveling south the next day anyway, so it was no big problem. At least the phone line was active and I was able to file a report with TM Customer Care.

I returned on 23 July to find that not only was there no internet service... the phone line was down too! And, apparently, this occurred AFTER a TM technical crew from Rawang was despatched to "fix" the problem.

Boleh pakai tak?

Today is the 9th day since I filed the report.

Malaysia masih BOLEH ke?

Meanwhile, a whole load of other crap has been happening. I just heard a few days ago that Jibby the Hutt wants to privatize the useless and corrupt Jabatan Hal Ehwal Orang Asli and turn it into a corporate entity through which Umno cronies can gain access to the Orang Asli land bank in Peninsular Malaysia. Fabulous inspiration, don't you think? I'm thinking seriously of applying for the position of deputy CEO of the JHEOA. Do you think I stand a chance of getting the job? Fortunately, I believe Umno will go into meltdown mode before something as absurd as that can happen.

Hang in there, folks.... fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the helterskelter ride ahead!!!


Fi-sha said...

Dearest Antares

You should get in touch with Mr Art The Articulate one on this problem.

It's time Tak Malu pays back your hardship.

Wish you a lovely day

semuanya OK kot said...

Pesky boggers may face difficulties with Internet access - by accident of course.

How idiotic and shameless that you need a working land line connection to report a problem of any sort to this progressve multi-national business!

Hut should be Hutt, but perhaps you are reserving that title for the real Jabba.

KoSong Cafe said...

Have you considered other options? So many these days, like wifi and mobile internet? Unless, your location is a problem.

I regretted the day my wife (queen procrastinator and non-user of computer) signed for Telekom wifi at Rm90 (to replace my cabled streamyx) just because a friend opted for it to get free fixed line to fixed line calls nationally and 15 sen per minute when calling mobile numbers. Now I am stuck for at least a year while the other options come at half the price.

The other disadvantage is: I dread to receive my next bill because she called Holland without iTalk! Just to give an idea, with Rm30 iTalk, I can get 2 1/2 hrs of talk time calling UK, but only 1/2 when calling Holland!

Is Big Bro starting to control the internet?

Mel said...

If there is p1 wymax coverage in the area, maybe time to consider switching? though their service is not the best either. -_- good luck xoxoxox


mh said...

Plundering shamelessly in the name of protection even from our true Asli....just goes to show the degree of desperation. The greedy grabbing from the needy. Still, welcome back Antares. You'v been missed from the constellation!xxx

Anonymous said...

It's good to bump into you and your family last Saturday at the restaurant in town. Need to connect with you again. Next time, I drop by your place up in the river.


Anonymous said...

potong potong potong .......!

Starmandala said...

Fi-Sha! :-) :-) :-) xox

SemuanyaOK Kot - Is it "Hutt"? Better rectify it at once, thanks for alerting me... I know why I misspelt it, used to live in a high hut named Encik Jabba :-)

KoSong Cafe - It's now 9 days since Streamyx went down. TM sent a crew from Rawang and when they left the entire phone line went down. Apparently, the power generator the local exchange went kaput and they have to get a special team from TNB to fix it. Between TM and TNB the rakyat is being royally screwed. Both happen to be privatized monopolies created by Mahathir's edict - just like Umno Baru & BN. The only solution is to forever ban monopolies - whether in business or politics.

Anonymous said...

magick, u shud go for that post. go & kick some ameno ass. go for it bro! we're behind u

Magick said...

Anon @ 11:43PM - Thanks for the support, but I might as well shoot for the backside of the moon ;-D