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"Strong, credible allegations of high-level criminal activity can bring down a government. When the government lacks an effective, fact-based defense, other techniques must be employed. The success of these techniques depends heavily upon a cooperative, compliant press and a mere token opposition party." - David Martin

Whenever you come across the word TERROR check if it’s being associated with the Islamic jihad. The fanatical religionist is the latest bogeyman, very useful for the insidious purpose of injecting intense fear and paranoia into the hearts of the masses.

The intention is to make people cut off all feelings of goodwill and compassion they might otherwise feel towards other humans in particular, and other lifeforms in general. Who would wish to stop us from being loving, compassionate and noble? Who would desire to make us distrustful and anxious, readily agreeing to be microchipped and to endure all manner of “beefed up security” - including 24/7 electronic surveillance and abruptly curtailed civil rights?

People, this may sound like science fiction, but I assure you that mind-control techniques have been in use for a very long time and are sufficiently sophisticated to make it not only possible - but inevitable - that suicide killers are being programmed and trained by covert agencies and then unleashed on unsuspecting populations at strategic times and places.

Security and defence personnel like the police and military already undergo rigorous training to program them into obedient, unquestioning enforcers of official authority.

However, their training stops short of completely dehumanizing them. Those who have been processed through police or military discipline are generally still able to return to civilian life without too much trouble - unless they are shell-shocked from exposure to the apocalyptic horrors of dirty "wars" like Vietnam or Iraq. Transforming a confused and angry young person into a kamikaze killer is something a great deal more extreme. But it appears that some covert agencies are expert at it:
A recent Carol Valentine article puts forth ample evidence that MANY, if not ALL, so-called "suicide bomber" attacks supposedly carried out by "Palestinian terrorists" are in fact being perpetrated by the Mossad-supported "Hamas" and similar bogus front organizations. This assessment indeed correlates EXACTLY with information conveyed to us from a DoS source and published in a TOP VIEW bulletin on April 14: information that an alleged "suicide bomber" attack in a Jerusalem market that Friday was perpetrated - like most of these supposed "suicide bomber" attacks - by a brainwashed/mind-controlled zombie killer under the control of Israeli/CIA intelligence units.

But why would ANYONE wish to turn human beings into killer zombies via hypnotech voodoo? This practice is hardly new. In the 11th century, a Persian mystic and spiritual master named Hasan-i-Sabbah perfected a method of indoctrination whereby he was able to create an army of fearless hashishin (from which the word assassin derives). Hasan built an impregnable fortress flanked by two mountains where he created a paradisal garden...

"The garden lay in a beautiful valley nestled between two high mountains. Here he had imported exotic plants, birds, and animals from all over the world. Surrounding the garden were luxurious palaces of marble and gold, decorated with beautiful paintings and fine silk furniture. Streams of milk, wine, and honey flowed throughout this earthly paradise, while fountains gushed with wine and pure spring water.

The initiate, after being knocked out by a powerful potion mixed with hashish, would be carried into the garden. When he awoke from his slumber, he would be greeted by a host of beautiful teenage girls (houris), who sang and danced and played lovely instruments for him. As he drifted into an ecstatic daze, the girls would go to work on the initiate, giving him a full-body tongue massage, while one girl performed oral sex on him. Eventually, the bedazzled young man would climax into the girl's mouth "as softly and slowly and blissfully as a single snowflake falling." (Robert Anton Wilson, from Prometheus Rising) No wonder Hasan could demand absolute loyalty from his followers, no questions asked..."
(Wes Moore)

Moore goes on to say: "Our modern day 'assassination cults' (the FBI, the CIA, etc.) have incorporated many of the Hashishins' techniques into their methodologies. In a CIA training manual titled A Study of Assassination, you find traces of the Assassins' influence throughout. Hasan-i-Sabbah is even mentioned in the document, which is a must read if there ever was one."

Most of us would vehemently deny it if somebody showed us incontrovertible evidence that our fathers or husbands have been leading a double life as Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Since the state is for many an extension of the father, it's difficult for the majority to believe that our own governments are capable of sacrificing the lives of any number of citizens just to stay in power.

Operation Northwoods is solid proof that such things happen more often than we would like to know. In 1962 the Joint Chiefs of Staff proposed to fake terror attacks on their own citizens and blame it on Fidel Castro. This was to justify declaring war on Cuba. Good thing defense secretary Robert McNamara shot the atrocious idea down. But 39 years down the line with Donald Rumsfeld as defense secretary and Dick Cheney as vice-president, another preposterous false flag operation was given the green light: the world knows this scenario as the 9/11 terror attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.
"The Illuminati, Freemasonry and the other secret societies use symbols and perform ceremonies that perpetuate the generational transfers of arcane knowledge that is used to keep the ordinary people in political, economic and spiritual bondage to the oldest bloodlines on earth." - Don Harkins
Lee Harvey Oswald (above) was perhaps a classic example of a programmed assassin, used as a patsy and scapegoat in the plot to assassinate John F. Kennedy, 35th US president on 22 November 1963. Deathbed disclosures by former CIA agent E. Howard Hunt implicate George H.W. Bush in the elaborate conspiracy.

Sirhan Sirhan has been languishing in jail since 5 June 1968, the night Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated in the kitchen of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. Investigators say Sirhan has absolutely no memory of what happened that fateful day.

Mark David Chapman shot John Lennon on 8 December 1980 outside The Dakota in New York City. He was 25 at the time and was carrying a copy of J.D. Salinger's Catcher in the Rye, which some investigators believe was used as a programming tool by whoever set Chapman up to take out Lennon, who was perceived by the FBI to be a major threat to public sentiment over America's military program.

US military training incorporates mind-control techniques developed by MK-Ultra during the 1950s. Some say dangerous psychotropic drugs like crystal amphetamine are routinely used to desensitize airforce crews on bombing missions and afford combatant troops a false sense of invulnerability.

It's important to bear in mind that the secretive power cabals responsible for staging false flag operations like 9/11, the Madrid and Bali bombings, and the 7/7 terror attacks in London are NOT bound by national or racial considerations. We must be careful not to blame Americans or Israelis or Brits or Pakistanis or Saudis or French or Chinese or Japanese or Russians or Serbs or Albanians for these atrocities.

Although these diabolical stratagems often involve the use of covert agencies like the CIA, FBI, Mossad, MI6, KGB, ISI, ASIO, BIN, SB, or whatever - the operatives themselves are usually in the dark as to the overall plan and ultimate purpose of their clandestine commando activities. Since these power hierarchies function strictly on a need-to-know basis, only the topmost echelons of authority have access to the game plan formulated by the inner circle of power players. In effect, even as we discover more about who and what actually makes the world go round, this knowledge will be irrelevant and useless if it makes us feel antagonistic towards Americans or Jews or Arabs or any other ideological or ethnic group.

The enemy, as it turns out, is embedded within our own genetic architecture, hard-wired into the most primitive, reptilian region of our brains where our deepest, darkest fears reside. And we can experience no greater fear than the fear of our own non-existence as individualized egos.

Take the vicious, gory and totally senseless Mumbai attacks, for example. Why might the CIA, Mossad and MI6 collaborate on such an evil program to strike fear into the Indian government specifically - and the rest of the horrified world in general? What have they accomplished by wreaking such newsworthy carnage and killing nearly 200 innocent bystanders?

Today even in remote villages you will find the occasional satellite dish and hordes of relatives crowded around the TV set every night. Most humans have, in fact, been conditioned to become passive consumers of news bulletins broadcast 24/7 by commercial networks like CNN, the BBC, Fox News, Aljazeera, and so on. It has become so easy to project a specific thought-form or perception into the mass consciousness, provided one has the colossal resources required to produce, direct and stage-manage "the news."

Knowing we are unable to look away from carnage and catastrophe, TV camera crews are on constant standby to arrive at the scene of any visually horrifying incident within hours or even minutes. Bombarded as we are by daily reports of accidents, floods, earthquakes, explosions, murders and massacres, it gets harder and harder to feel positive about humanity's future. Indeed, when violent death can strike suddenly, unexpectedly, and for absolutely no reason at all, most people begin to accept the notion of a totalitarian government where stringent security measures will ensure that they are at least safe from harm - so what if they have to sacrifice their individual liberty and childhood ideals of a just and united world?

"May 13 and 9/11 have one common feature: they were cunningly and ruthlessly crafted public traumas designed to concuss, confuse, and confound the masses - and, while the voters were in temporary shock, they would be robbed of any control over their own future. That's right, folks: the name of the REAL game is "Hand over all your power!" - Antares
Some of you may remember a 1997 movie called Wag The Dog - or the 2004 remake of The Manchurian Candidate. Well, both movies do a good job of illustrating the methodology of spin and those who routinely use it to manipulate public opinion and behavior.

Instead of panicking and worrying where the world is headed, I suggest you remain perfectly calm and do some serious research into what’s REALLY going on behind the surface of what the mass media reports. Begin by clicking on these recommended links:

What is MK-Ultra?

Who's Behind All These 'Random' Bombings?

Are the CIA and MI6 working with Mossad?

What's going on in Palestine?

Osama bin Laden, interviewed on 28 September 2001: "I had no knowledge of these attacks, nor do I consider the killing of innocent women, children and other humans as an appreciable act. Islam strictly forbids causing harm to innocent women, children and other people. Such a practice is forbidden even in the course of a battle."

From The Daily Mail Online, 29 November 2008. First posted 29 November 2008. Reposted 1 August 2014 & 25 July 2015]


Annoymous said...

It never gets stale huh. haha

Anonymous said...

Right ,so the holocaust did not happen at all ,the Munich massacre did not happen(it was the jew who set it up,oops sorry the mossad).more than 800 Israelis die of suicide bombing were set up by the mossad. Also to add , all the Iraq suicide bombings were done by the mossad and cia. yes ,saddam Hussein was righteous man , cia man ,mossad man and chemical ali, you should shouted out the truth man!.

Starmandala said...

Harmony - I'll have a word with you later about what you mean...

Mr Anonymous - You sound rather ANGRY.... why? You the reincarnation of Ariel Sharon? I'm the last person in the world to categorize humans by race or religion and have no reason to badmouth Jews, Americans, Japanese, Pakistanis, Malays, Eskimos, Belarusians, Lithuanians, Albanians or Tierra del Fuegans. So when I speak about CIA & Mossad, I'm not referring to any specific race or nation... dirty tricks is borderless, anyone anywhere can get recruited into the criminal underworld & do stupid, destructive things without knowing who exactly is pulling his or her strings. There are many weird things going on around here you don't have a clue about. And you're so full of negative energy & resentment, when somebody tries to offer you fresh perspectives you reject them outright - without giving your true intelligence time to integrate the data. Like the story of the learned professor who visits the Zen master & is startled when the master keeps pouring tea into his cup even though it's already full to the brim & spilling over... so the professor exclaims: "STOP! MY CUP IS ALREADY FULL! WHY DO YOU KEEP POURING?" The Zen master smiles & says: "I was only showing you that it's quite pointless for you to visit me - since you believe you already know all there is to know."

Unknown said...

It's astounding how people like "anonymous" always come out with this cynical crap when they have nothing more interesting or constructive to rebutt arguments with. Sigh...

Pat said...

Oh Antares,

Why do you even bother with twits like 'anoymous 3.36' above. It is so obvious he didn't read what you wrote, or if he did, didn't understand it none!

I agree with what you say here: we have to look beyond the gore, and try to imagine what purpose it would serve. I have been trying to go there for years.

One of the things I tried to achieve when I taught, was to try to make my students see behind the headlines. Not too many of us do that - and I think, to our detriment.

In the light of what is happening today, this is a timely piece. Good job ;)


Unknown said...


I really believe that the 9/11 was staged alright.

But if that's the case, going by the context, was the Mumbai attacks staged to drag Pakistan into war? But why? India has already enough evidence and cause to get into war with Pakistan. Had India done just that, without these unnecessary attacks in Mumbai, no one would have blinked an eye or raise their voice to protest, well perhaps KJ would be there on the streets of Penang along with his UMNO goons.

But really, if dragging Pakistan into war is the only reason, why was the need to kill 195 innocent lives?

Anonymous said...

All effort must now be poured in to distract from the involvement of Pakistan's ISI, and its support of radical religious groups... something which has been well known.

Red-herring sandwiches for everybody...

Anonymous said...

Interesting post about what others have called the "strategia della tensione." However, you need to write Part II in which you elaborate on the 'geopolitical' aspect. Keep up the good work!

Starmandala said...

Tony, Pat - Thanks for the sigh and fingerwag at Anonymous 3:36. Not the first time I've heard such an opinion expressed. Any ethnocultural imprint that incorporates the deadly notion of genetic supremacy or special privilege inevitably turns fascist and insular. The irony of it all is that those who keep labeling me "antisemitic" don't seem to realize that the real semitic tribes (people like the Palestinians) are the ones being oppressed and decimated by descendants of European Jews that don't have any semitic DNA at all. They were originally Khazarians (a genetic mix of Caucasian, Turk & Mongol) and after their kingdom collapsed around 900 A.D., they became obsessed with their own "homelessness." Really clever & resourceful people, pity most are trapped in their own heads.

Naga - This latest massacre is just another step in the grand stratagem which may be to pump up worldwide levels of Islamophobia, paving the way for another terrorist attack that can be linked to Iran - or it could serve as a warning to India to back off from signing a pact with Russia, China & Venezuela that will hasten the emergence of a new power bloc to replace the imploding G7 alliance. There are so many divergent views flying around it's total confusion - which, in itself, makes true fusion well nigh impossible amongst the tribes & nations of the earth right now.

BrightEyes - The ISI is for the most part funded by & often behaves like a subdivision of the CIA. Pakistan is still struggling to move on from the Musharraf era when it became virtually a US proxy state for its bogus "war on terror."

MichaelNau - I'm not sufficiently well-informed about the geopolitical scenarios being tested at this juncture to venture my own take on the situation. Perhaps some fresh data will surface soon...

Unknown said...

Another reason for the Mumbai attacks, assuming that some powerful force is behind them, could be to keep the population in a perpetual state of fear and anxiety, as happened after 9/11, for a frightened and cowed citizen is easily manipulated and controlled.

And, of course, new laws and regulations will be introduced, ostensibly to fight "terrorism" but which, evantually, will crush the already frightened citizen into a frightened slave.

This goes unnoticed while everyone is happily pointing his finger at Pakistan...

But, as you say, it's really too early to know what's going on.

Anonymous said...

Antares, the present Mumbai outrage could be a straightforward revenge action for the massacre of Muslims by some extremist Gujarati Hindus in 2002 (offical death count of Muslims = 800, but unofficial about 2,000). In both cases, the perpetrators represent a small minority of their communities, so one shouldn't blame all Hindus for the 2002 massacre nor all Muslims for the recent Mumbai shootout. But since you're into the cloak and dagger thing, I'm surprised you've left out stuff such as:

1. Cointelpro (this program by J.Edgar Hoover is very much alive, I think),

2.The School for the Americas, now called the "Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation"

and perhaps discuss about the Israeli bombing of USS Liberty in 1967(?).

Lots of coverup stories to occupy your blog for the next couple of months!


Anonymous said...

Wasn't there some suspicion that there is a Malaysian connection ?

Anonymous said...

Very well done. I'd only add one comment on the Mark David Chapman connection. Chapman was sent to kill Lennon not just because of Lennon's general anti-militarism. He was seen as a threat to the just-getting-launched wars of counterrevolution in Central America. For more information, click HERE.

Anonymous said...

Alan, I'd assumed that the CIA killed Lennon almost as soon as I heard of his death, but thought it related to his anti-Vietnam war stance. Didn't put together what was happening in Latin America, or the rape of the Maryknoll nuns that occurred soon after Lennon's death. Interesting.

Oliver Stone's "Salvador" might interest readers here. Another thoughtful movie was "Romero."

Agent Provocateur said...

Splendid job Ol'Chap.Truly Worthy of being Amongst The Fraternity of Stone .

Anonymous said...

Antares ...i'm still waiting for you to reply HARMONY. this gonna be good !

Anonymous said...

>a consistent, orderly, pleasing arrangement of parts = Raquel Welch???

Anonymous said...

Whatever the reasons are behind all these senseless killing by the fanatics, nothing can ever compensate the lost of the innocent's all pretty depressing to be honest :(

Anonymous said...

My, my my.... you an intelligence broad mind person and yet you fell for it .I can assure you , I understood everything you wrote whether I disagree is irrelevant. Fresh perspective? I think not entirely, remember the ‘9 old men’ or 9 men or whatever it’s call today. Actually, I like to needle people with your kind of thoughts (please, look at it as a positive thing), the rewards are valuable information that I can acquire to analyze . I find the comments quite interesting, one calls me twit and another calls me a cynical rubbish. And me being ‘a twit with opinion full of rubbish’ would like to comment on this lady, whom oddly addresses me as a ‘he’. plausibly, the correlation of the unconscious mind linking an old prejudice, which implies that any negative or cynical thought or actions or unkind prose can only be express by man, is certainly possible here. However, regardless of the negativity and the cynically of my devise comment, is still a valid opinion. Since, there was no swearing or unnecessarily words thrown at you (if I started writing my comments like ‘Fuck you’ and ended by writing ‘screw you’, then it can be consider as an ill reaction not an opinion) question here, is expressing my view despite the consequences of the lack of structured sharpness, a good enough reason to call someone a twit? Belittling someone aptitude does not help either. Now, Mr Antares would you agree with me, the lady called Pat is channelling the similar negative energy? Or would you make excuses?

That’s the problem with humans, even if a person is on a righteous side of a conflict; it does not give a person the moral right to be condescending towards its enemy or to ‘a disagree’ on the same side. I have always follow a principle since I was young ,’ never ever underestimate anyone and treat everyone as an equal especially your enemy’, this has save me from harm’s way plenty of times.To pat, I just hope you don’t teach your students to look down on people whom are insignificant to them.


Anonymous said...

Dear Antares,

It might just be a coincidence but it is interesting to note that of all the terrorists, one must be left alive to sing the stories to the world....


Pat said...


Minta izin to talk to Anonymous, ya.

Anonymous, 'he' is used as a short-form when writing. It's easier than using he/she/it or the impersonal 'one would imagine...', you see?

And, if you'd note my choice of 'tense' you'd realise that today's students are safe - I can't teach no one to look down on insignificant you these days. Hot dang!

Btw, I don't dismiss your opinion, your right to it or the chip of insignificance on your shoulder. But I do object to your visiting someone's blog and commenting in that snide and know-it-all tone. And grammarless, to boot.

If you'd only look at the other comments here, you'd see we're not worshipping at Antares' altar. We are talking and learning, and trying to build bridges to reach each others' minds and souls.

It is this way in most of the cyber homes I visit.

But you, Anonymous with no name from a father or mother, why do you feel this need to tear down and hurt - when you could have so easily said the very same things, with the very same ideas, in a totally different way?

It would have taken this discussion to a whole new level.

Sigh. Is there any hope for you, Anonymous? I sincerely hope so. I think you must be one very, very unhappy person (a he, a she, or it).



Anonymous said...

Hi Antares,

mmm so the enemy is me!The solution is WE :P

"The enemy, as it turns out, is embedded within our own genetic architecture, hard-wired into the most primitive, reptilian region of our brains where our deepest, darkest fears reside. And we can experience no greater fear than the fear of our own non-existence as individualized egos."

In a TEDtalk video I saw, a female neurologist was had exerienced a stroke spoke of how she 'deindividualised' as her left(?) brain begain to break down. She began to feel 'energy, energy' and felt as she was merging with the universe. She realize now that in our daily life our "I-ness" dominates but this "we-ness" can be tapped consciously.

Hmm but unless the entire human race all have some brain surgery or ray beamed at us, the dichonomy of the ME vs. WE will continue for awhile I guess.

So ultimately, I think the way to see all this mess, and every mess :P is that our global poulation is 6.8 billion population. Imagine if your household went from 1 kid to suddenly sextuplets or more, just how would you deal with it? In an ideal family, siblings love each other, but when the space and food gets limited, brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers fight each other. How do we avoid factory farming to feed 6.8 billion mouths?

This hapened between 1920s to 1960s when world population blew u from 2 billion to 5 billion ish. Maybe this Malthusian view point is faked or its all a matter of proper distribution system (angels feeding angels) but overall it seems that the human "Life" energy has been increasing.

Recently there was the news of how two tribes in Papua New Guinea agreed to kill their male sons as a way to avoid the escalation of war. They did it for over 10 years I think the only way I could understand this and all the carnage that goes on was through the Way of the Tao.

Our reptilain brain should not be treated as an enemy I think. I am sure in emergency situations, the animal reactions might have saved lives as much as it desires to hunt, screw or destroy another.

Another news from there was the plans to implement microchip implants on HIV+ /AIDs carriers.

Big Brother stuff or just 6.8 billion ppl finding out different ways to manage themselves on a little planet?

Finding the way,
Daniel C:

Starmandala said...

Daniel C - You said: In a TEDtalk video I saw, a female neurologist was had exerienced a stroke spoke of how she 'deindividualised' as her left(?) brain begain to break down. She began to feel 'energy, energy' and felt as she was merging with the universe. She realize now that in our daily life our "I-ness" dominates but this "we-ness" can be tapped consciously. Hmm but unless the entire human race all have some brain surgery or ray beamed at us, the dichonomy of the ME vs. WE will continue for awhile I guess.

First, Daniel, I'm glad you saw Jill Bolte Taylor's talk on TED. (I'll stick the link in here for those who missed it.)

You're actually very, very close to
seeing how the whole thing hangs together, Daniel. "Unless the entire human race" gets brain surgery... well, that's exactly what we intend to accomplish, although it won't be conventional surgery - more like getting zapped by compressed neutrinos or supercharged gamma rays :-) The whole world is very much like Malaysia right now. There's so much promise around the corner... but right in front of us the way is barricaded by Musa Hassan, Syed Hamid Albar, Gani Patail & their Pekida & Pewaris samseng... while Mr Pink Lips hides behind the Umno logo & trembles every time anyone mentions the word "Mongolia." In short, the quantum jump is upon us - but a buncha bandits is trying to make us pay them a fat tip just to
evolve beyond this juncture! :-)

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