Sunday, December 14, 2008

You Make My Water Fall.

This is a FeedBurner test post. Over the past week my blog feed appears to have been jammed because new posts do not show up on people's blogrolls. That's disastrous. It has reduced my visitor traffic by half! Now let's see if this idyllic image of my Magick Waterfall unjams the feed. And even if it doesn't... I'm sure nobody will mind! :-)

I'd like to express my gratitide to masterwordsmith for her technical advice.


Anonymous said...


*blush* The pleasure was mine. That's what friends are for and seriously, thanks for the acknowledgement.

Likewise, my deepest gratitude to you for the many lessons and advice you willingly shared with me in this journey of life.


backStreetGluttons said...

In case the current pix tho nice doesn't work its desired magick, try naked jennifer aniston's flavor of the month round boobs , its quite stunning !
cheers !

gua bo tai (buah petai ) said...

thought you were on vacation in MAGICK WATERFALL. U naughty boy..ha..ha..ha...

Crankster said...

Lovely image. :)

Starmandala said...

Test successful - just checked and feedburner appears to be doing its job. Anyone care to explain the difference between Atom & RSS? I was on Atom before... the encoding must have deteriorated or something.

BSG - Perhaps you've missed the point (or, rather, points :-)? Boobs are not what excite me... BUT BEAUTY DOES IT EVERY TIME!!! ;-)

Buah Petai - I'm on permanent vacation (it's hard work, I tell ya! :-) The girl in the photo has yet to visit - but I assure you, the romanticized scene isn't too far from the actuality - but gentlemen don't kiss and tell, right?

Crankster has probably been there in her imagination... haven't you? ;-)

Pat said...

Hey Antares,

Glad to see all's well with Magick River :)

And yup, Paula's the one to ask about stuff like this. She's helped me so many times before, too. I've learnt so much from her (Thanks, Paula ;)


Crankster said...

Antares - been there, done that and got the t-shirt. All in my imagination. You are a perasan case. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Antares

Atom uses xml code whereas RSS uses HTML which is the code that Blogger uses...

Hi Pat,

*blush* My pleasure to help...I am no expert but a bored housewife clicking here and there and discovering things accidentally...You are doing very well yourself now!!! Most of all, you have helped me a lot too and indeed, I am blessed with the gems of wisdom you have given me. Thanks! :-)


Miss you dear sister!!!

Hugs to Antares, Pat and Crankster

mike scorpion said...

antares that pictures says it definetely make my water fall.ha.ha.ha.this is the kind of magic most of us think of when u r at a waterfall.should organise a get together at magick river.whats yr say on this.

Susan said...
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