Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Do you speak the Universal Language? (repost)

I attended TEDxUSCI recently and found the event pleasant but not exactly stimulating. But the fact that somebody is bringing "Ideas Worth Spreading" to Malaysia can only be a positive development. No thanks to several generations of brain-deadening education designed by bureaucrats in line with an utterly myopic political ideology, Malaysia is in desperate need of creativity and innovation. Not just empty talk and hollow slogans from doublespeaking forktongued ministers!

This captivating performance must rank among one of the most entertaining TEDTalks ever.

Bobby McFerrin never fails to inspire and impress. His is precisely the kind of energy, intelligence, and pure talent we urgently need to breed amongst our zombified population!

[First posted 9 October 2010]


OrangSabah said...

This is awesome some brother!

zorro said...

Antares....awaiting your support for BLOGGERS FOR NURUL,

Anonymous said...

Saw your comment on Loyar Burok and dropped in to say hi. How did you get to be as you are? Very rare these days.

". . . as we make a quantum jump into the next evolutionary phase. It will be even more dramatic than shifting from analog to digital . . . for more and more of us to have Pamela’s feisty attitude towards the emblems of false authority. When we are the overwhelming majority, there will be a massive change of management (from benighted to enlightened, one hopes) across the entire planet, not just in Malaysia."

Please take a look at my group here and tell me what you think. The way your opinion/reply will be worded could be very important to me.

Starmandala said...

OrangSabah - Thanks for viewing and glad you noticed :-)

Zorro - I support Nurul Izzah in every way imaginable. She's a funkier version of both her mother and her father. I shall put a BLOGGERS FOR NURUL banner on my sidebar - but as to whether I'm backing anyone in particular for PKR deputy president, I can't say. To me, Azmin Ali, Zaid Ibrahim, Khalid Ibrahim and Nurul Izzah all qualify for the post and I wish they didn't have to compete fang and claw for the job. I absolutely abhor competition. That's why I can't tolerate politics in its present form.

Anonymous @ 12:47AM - Thanks very much for dropping by and leaving that intriguing comment. I've joined your facebook group. But can you please introduce yourself? It's hard to take anyone named "Anonymous" too seriously! :-) If you wish to keep your identity private, you may email me.

semuanya OK kot said...

Antares said: I absolutely abhor competition.

Ah, there's the rub, for all mandkind. Keep them reproducing like rabbits, scrabbling for a pittance, listening to bullshit supposed to be news, and they will go at each other's throats instead of the throats of the masters.

Anonymous said...

Bobby McFerrin coming to Malaysia? When? I wanna book a place.

If not, can ask Petronas to organize one?

Starmandala said...

Semuanya OK kot - You are obviously one of the few who can see the bigger picture, though you seem more inclined towards a pessimistic appraisal than I am. Some like their coffee bitter, some prefer it sweet. Neither preference is "better" than the other - and, in fact, many advise against acquiring a sweet tooth! I rather like salty flavors.

Anon @ 2:18PM - Nobody said Bobby McFerrin is coming to Malaysia. I doubt Rosmah knows of him. Her musical tastes are boringly mainstream.