Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A damn good reason to boot Najis & BN out!

Nuclear power, apart from nuclear war, is the greatest medical threat posed to life on this planet. In fact, 95% of the total nuclear waste in the United States has been generated by nuclear power plants.

Nuclear waste will last for 500,000 years, and there is no safe means to prevent these radioactive elements from entering and concentrating in the food chain. These elements, which are tasteless, odorless and invisible, are highly carcinogenic and mutagenic. Over time, they will induce epidemics of cancer and leukemia. This is particularly true for children, who are 10 to 20 times more radiosensitive than adults, and are therefore much more susceptible to cancer.

The nuclear waste will also induce epidemics of genetic diseases and congenital abnormalities in humans (as well as in animals and plants) for the rest of time. This is rather like a process of random compulsory genetic engineering.

~ From an interview with Dr Helen Caldicott, author of The New Nuclear Danger

Najib Razak's cabinet consists of arrogant assholes who strut around in expensive suits and get chauffeured around in sleek autos. With nothing but money and power and unwholesome sex on their puny minds, they are the worst qualified to call themselves leaders - and yet these ignorant, contemptible twits are allowed to make multi-billion-ringgit decisions that will determine your future and that of your descendants.

Are you going to shrug and say: "Aiyah, what to do? The world is like that lah. Just shut up and think about where your next meal is coming from..."? Or do you get off your butt, register to vote, and boot these incorrigible criminals out of power?


dukuhead said...

but is there any truth in claims that radioactive waste can actually be safely re-cycled and re-used "hundreds of times" (so wrote in a pro-nuke energy reader to a local newspaper recently) hence minimising its harmful effects?

Anonymous said...

roofs collapsed in parliament, court, stadium, missing jet-engines right under the nose, submarine cannot dive and when do so cannot surface, have not gone for service already under repair, etc etc etc.

And you think this goons can safely re-cycle nuclear waste???????

What about everyday waste management??????

etc etc etc

you can name as many.

all screwed!

Human Race said...

The only 1 solution to all these screwed and corrupt leaders is to vote BN Umno OUT!

Anonymous said...

both sub can sink now BUT maintenance cost hundreds of millions !!!!!

Starmandala said...

Those who favor nuclear energy generally believe in might-is-right and that a rich person's life is worth far more than a poor person's. They would support Margaret Thatcher, Mahathir, Dick Cheney, Hosni Mubarak and Najib - and call those who desire to live in harmony with nature, Dreamers and Idealists. They enjoy the perks of being near the top of the food chain and have no wish to change the status quo - no matter how unjust, destructive and corrupt. Does that answer your question, Dukuhead?

semuanya OK kot said...

"Modern" and scientific" civilization has exposed us to over 200,000 chemicals, without any testing of their safety. Politicians grovelling before capitalism have subverted democracy everywhere, offering tax breaks, espousing the cult of growth, or smashing those who battle for the safety or rights of their fellow humans.

Some of the advanced countries have begun to reverse this madness - after reaching a painful peak in physical and financial devastation. The major market for obsolete, unsound, harmful and financially stupid technology is now the "developing world". In addition to nuclear and other poisonous industrial plants, there are GM crops and livestock, electrosmog and "smart" grids, recycling and processing of hazardous materials, massive public infrastructure to serve the elite, biopiracy and the tyranny of intellectual property rights. If you have no say on a neighbouring smokestack, garbage dump, or an even inconsiderate resident, what do you think your fate will be in the case of a project that runs into hundreds of billions of (borrowed) RM?

To achieve all this, politicians - even in the "advanced" world - only need to tighten their hold power by "managing" elections and the media. The future of Barisan Nuklear is in your hands, regardless of it tells you.