Tuesday, March 8, 2011

RPK: A Blog Activist's Tale...

Watch and applaud. Then go out and vote BN out!


dukuhead said...

Don't we all wish that to happen

Anonymous said...

I find RPK has a soft spot for the evil Mahathir.

Through reading his posting yesterday where he said we must agree with Mahathir when he says something right. I can't believe this RPK.

Mahathir says what is right as quoted by RPK on his blog, but that Mahathir does not practise it. Say one thing and do another.

Through my visits to RPK blog since last year, I get the feeling that RPK is close to Mahathir ....he has never written any article to condemn that old fox. Through his postings, RPK has mentioned that the old fox asked for his contact number in the UK; how RPK protected Mahathir (ie ensuring his safety, etc) when RPK hosted an event for all bloggers many many years ago, plus other nuggets of info about how good the old fox is.

No wonder you do not find any article on Malaysia Today written by RPK bashing the evil fox.

Please copy this post onto RPK's blog. I am not a registered commentator.



Buat Duit said...

RPK is genuine warrior nation..