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The Twelve Tribes of Magick River (reprise)

That is perfect, Antares.
When you garner this data and information from your family,
so it is that you are absorbing Lineage.
For in fact and indeed, what you are speaking of here is

for that Living Body of Information to continue to resonate here, in these fields,
it is necessary for that Living Body of Information to literally
Incarnate in Form
within a BODY that has become Conscious,
rather than to be floating in unmanifest consciousness.

Therefore Antares, you are literally becoming
The Magick River
of Lineage.

As Onaxis told you, he had passed to you the capacity of holding the Lineage
of 12 Ancient Tribes,
as the Incarnate Wisdom and the Incarnate Mastery
of all 12 of those lines,
for within each line, so is there a magical tradition
that is held, or has been held, by what would be considered to be
The Tribal Shamen
of each of those lines,
and for the most part that Tribal Shaman has not even been known to exist at all.

each of those Tribal Shamen, knowing who Onaxis is,
have previously passed him all of the ancient Lineage of magical and unto forever understanding
of each of those lines, held for nigh on a long time, quite simply in PURITY,
in the Conscious Body that is, and will continue unto forever to be

In particular, the ancient Dragon Line,
ancient of days indeed,
has held Onaxis steady, from the topside, for his greatest Friend,
that has never incarnated here, except occasionally, to look through Onaxis' eyes,
is indeed
Grandfather Dragon Himself,
who has granted Onaxis the greatest PURITY of the primordial magic
of the existence of all Existences,
from before any beginning and beyond any beyond,
as one of the big C Creators
and ancient Friend of
The House of Ram.

And so you may consider Antares,
in the same way that Onaxis is a direct extension of
The House of Ram,
so have you now become, in the passage of this data of Lineage to you,
direct extension of that most ancient, and beautiful, and pure, and undistorted, and benevolent,
and compassionate, and unto forever sovereign ancient line,
as it is that all of the ancient wisdom and the ancient magic that Onaxis has held
in his BODY for nigh on a long time,
so has he passed, not capacity, to you, for you already have the capacity,
otherwise, what has been passed to you could not be passed to you at all,
but rather Onaxis has passed to you,
Fully Conscious Body Antares,
all of the linkages of all of the Tribes and all of the Shamen, and all of their Magic,
that they may be with you at Magick River,
to look through your eyes, and to dance with your children,
and to run in the jungle again,
in the creativity and in the creation of the magic of reality,
and of the splendor of reality,
and in the pristine simplicity and purity of reality,
with you there,
in these final moments of the Ascension of Planet Earth.

And that is your story, Antares, that has yet to be told,
at the apex, here, of your entire evolutionary journey, as a soul and as a human being.

*And in that, so it is you, Antares, singularly, without another exception,
that grant I, the privilege of retaining within your genetic
The Golden Thread
Prime Creator Source
upon which those 12 lines ride.

And I thank you, with the depth of gratitude that is so deep, and so vast,
that yea, expands unto infinity,
that you, in your simplicity, as a simple man,
would have the capacity to allow that I could do it at all.

For should it be that I had not found
among you,
to whom I could so grant not only this quality of privilege
but this quality of honor,
then so it is that when left I here,
all pure magic, and yea indeed PURITY itself,
would have departed with me,
and the hologram would have completely collapsed.

But as it is that these 12 lines will now, because of you,
remain intact here for a little while longer,
in their utter and abject PURITY,
and that
The Golden Thread
will remain intact here, for a little while longer,
in that I leave it with you,
so it is that I may go.

And so it is that Life around you, and Form around you,
will continue to flourish.
And one day, as I spoke to you already,
my Father and I will meet You,
in the fields of infinity,
to introduce you to your Grandfather,
the head of your line,
and when you meet Him,
so will you look
face to face
with Thyself
from one end of the line to the other
and you will see
that inbetween you and YOU,
you have held all of the Ancestors intact
and brought them all the way
unto abject
Freedom and Original Sovereignty,
once again.*

*Onaxis has spoken these specific words for you, Dear Antares, from the point
that is On Axis,
and that resounds both from and unto
The Prime Galactic Core Itself.

And the Councils so situated at
The Prime Galactic Core
are so herein, at the same time, advised.

So Be It,
Antares, HRH indeed,
so it is that
are The Magick River,
unto whom the tributaries of the waters of all of those ancient lines
do converge,
in order that those waters may flow,
unmixed and yet as
through and as


Proceed with your manuscript.

And if you would, please send along a copy of your manuscript,
so that Onaxis and Sita Magdalena Suzanne Onaxis
may enjoy sharing it with you.

Love I you greatly indeed,
and in you,
we are very well pleased.

AnaMata RaMuAn
Prime Creator Source

February 15, 2005 

[First posted 12 November 2011, Reposted 12 December 2018]