Thursday, March 8, 2018

The real change is happening quietly, inwardly, unreported and unnoticed...

Adversarial politics, as practised in Malaysia, is every bit as polluting as the worst kinds of industries. The toxicity, in this instance, is mainly psychic, and results in clouding up the real issues.

On the second day of 2012, Raja Petra Kamarudin let off a loud and extremely smelly fart in the face of Pakatan Rakyat by declaring Anwar Ibrahim "morally unfit" to become Malaysia's 7th prime minister. The fact that RPK chose to do so via the Umno-owned media, a few days ahead of the January 9th sodomy trial judgement reveals that his intent was to inflict maximum damage on Anwar.

What has transpired between these erstwhile political allies to sour their relationship is unknown to me and, no doubt, will be the subject of much speculation. In 1998 when Anwar Ibrahim was sacked as deputy prime minister and finance minister and viciously booted out of Umno, RPK rose to his defence by inaugurating the online Free Anwar Campaign. Either RPK didn't buy the malicious gossip that Anwar is bisexual - or it didn't really matter to him then.

Well known to be a maverick and loose cannon, RPK isn't someone who can join any club without ultimately coveting the position of supremo. He has an ego that matches his mercurial intelligence - and his immense popularity in the period leading up to and after GE12 was largely due to the sheer audacity of his "No Holds Barred" column in Malaysia Today.

Soon after RPK went into self-exile to avoid another stint in Kamunting, he collaborated with Pakatan Rakyat leaders to forge a united front against Umno/BN. However, disagreements in strategy must have arisen, leading to the formation of the Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement (MCLM) supported by concerned citizens who didn't necessarily wish to be embroiled in partisan politics but were convinced that the primary goal was to remove Umno/BN from power.

AS MCLM started gaining credibility and clout, RPK began criticizing Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat over what he perceived as their weaknesses and shortcomings. He made it clear that his own mission to restore good governance and justice in Malaysia was above party politics - and, as such, it was his duty to "whack" politicians on both sides of the BN/PR divide whenever they got out of line. Fair enough, and those of us who admired RPK's guts and brilliant mind were happy to endorse MCLM's public outreach activities.

However, just before the Sarawak elections, RPK stunned the nation by agreeing to be interviewed in Australia by TV3. The gist of his revelations was that he had been misled and left in the lurch by a conspiracy to thwart Najib Razak's rise to power and replace him with Tengku Razaleigh as interim prime minister. The edited interview focused on RPK's declaration that he had no evidence of Rosmah Mansor's involvement with Altantuya's gruesome execution - and that he had accepted on good faith the testimony of one Colonel Azmi Zainal Abidin, a military intelligence officer. RPK added that the military intelligence report he had been shown no longer existed.

The timing of RPK's TV3 interview created shockwaves amongst his fans and many turned against him, convinced that he had finally succumbed to temptation and reneged on his own principles. After a few months, the antagonism subsided but avid followers of Malaysia Today had grown a little wary of RPK's volatile temperament.

With his latest move, conspiring with the utterly despised Utusan Malaysia and New Straits Times to dismiss Anwar Ibrahim's candidacy as prime minister, RPK has lost even more admirers - perhaps permanently this time.

RPK, of course, is entitled to his views on what constitutes moral fitness for the nation's highest post. He says it's possible that Anwar Ibrahim may be bisexual; that he's "90% convinced" Anwar is the main actor in the sleazy video produced by the infamous "Datuk T" trio. Nothing anyone in Umno/BN hasn't already loudly proclaimed through the mainstream media as an indictment of Anwar Ibrahim's "immoral" tendencies.

Amidst the myriad moral lapses that tend to characterize public figures, we need to draw clear distinctions as to which ones we must view seriously and which ones we can afford to overlook.

Putting your hand on somebody's lap and putting your hand in the till may be regarded as moral lapses - but each act has entirely different consequences. If I put my hand on your lap and you find it pleasurable, we'll soon be having a bit of grownup fun, at nobody's expense. However, by stealing from the public coffers, my act can be classified criminal and it will eventually impoverish the entire nation.

In a social climate supercharged with false piety and genuine hypocrisy, it may be a sign of moral weakness on my part to deny that I have enjoyed extramarital affairs or smoked a bit of weed or had a couple of beers with my chums or watched some porn.

But to allow crooks to infiltrate the judiciary and law enforcement agencies just to prop up my personal power is most certainly not an act of moral strength. And to say and do absolutely nothing as my uniformed goons beat people to death in custody and throw them out of highrise windows goes beyond moral weakness - it's abominably evil.

The endless catalog of crimes committed under the watch of every Umno prime minister since Hussein Onn needs no elucidation. Most Malaysians with access to the Internet acknowledge that many abominable evils became the norm during Mahathir's 22-year tenure - and that Najib's power rides upon the endemic corruption and moral degeneracy he inherited as the current Umno president and crime minister.

To my mind, if a new Pakatan Rakyat federal government led by Anwar Ibrahim can abolish once-and-for-all the oppressive laws that keep citizens docile, submissive and afraid of their own shadows, then I will lend their ascendancy to power my wholehearted support.

I wish to see a new attitude of dedicated service amongst elected representatives of the people - ministers who do not glorify themselves by arriving an hour late with police outriders just to officiate at public events; who totally understand that they are paid good wages to attend to problem-solving and the smooth administration of essential public utilities and social services - not to hog the limelight or rouse the rabble to racist hysteria.

If a Pakatan Rakyat government can oversee the outright abolition or massive overhaul of our dysfunctional public institutions - starting with PDRM and the judiciary; encourage the healthy growth of participatory democracy and ensure freedom of thought and expression; set a shining example to all citizens and motivate them to greater aspirations, instead of making them cynical and apathetic, then it's absolutely no concern of mine whether members of the cabinet are transsexual, bisexual, trisexual, metrosexual or pansexual. I might feel a tad anxious if one of them was exposed as asexual - simply because I find asexual people a bit creepy.

I would consider anyone morally unfit to be a leader if he or she is a congenital liar with a penchant for excessive luxury and self-aggrandizement - and is prepared to murder anyone who stands in the way of their grotesque ambition.

As far as I know, Anwar Ibrahim has never ordered any of his political rivals to be tortured by psychopathic goons, poisoned, bludgeoned to death, shot in the head, or blown to smithereens with military grade explosives.

The only reservation I have about Anwar's political ideology is that he doesn't seem to share my profound respect for Mother Nature and continues to regard logging and mining as legitimate industries. When he becomes PM, I shall have to convince him that a deep understanding of ecology is far more important than the stupid economy.

RPK, whom I continue to respect and love as a brother and friend, even though we may be diametrically opposed in specific instances - and to whom I will always be grateful for his magnificent role as a powerful galvanizer of political awareness - may have decided that Anwar Ibrahim is "morally unfit" to be appointed our 7th prime minister. He has every right to his personal opinion.*

My personal opinion is that we will never know if Anwar Ibrahim will make a great prime minister until we have given him at least 5 years to lead the nation to a more glorious and noble destiny. At this juncture, Anwar remains the most qualified candidate - and perhaps the only political icon with sufficient charisma and influence to win over enough hearts and minds and reunify this divided nation.

Meanwhile, I'm happy to report that I have been meeting a growing number of mentally and spiritually awakened young people who are more than capable of thinking for themselves and knowing when to put an end to systems that no longer work, because they have been abused for far too long by those who are truly morally unfit to lead.

*[Editor's Note: since January 2012 when this essay was written, much has changed in the political landscape, In recent years RPK has not only come out in open support of Najib and Rosmah's rogue regime, he has also revealed that he wholeheartedly subscribes to Ketuanan Melayu (Malay supremacy) - which means that all his past pronouncements about social justice and democratic principles were a mere pretence. I find it no longer possible to describe RPK as "a brother and friend." Indeed, just hearing his name mentioned evinces utter revulsion and a deep sadness in my heart.]

First posted 3 January 2012


Anonymous said...

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backStreetGluttons said...

Tragic & unbelievable indeed to see one hailed as a rare Malay hero pre 2010 descend shockingly into the depths of the absolute coward turncoatee come Jan 2012.

Now RPK (the x-great) will be grouped among the ranks of the worst human beings aka heinous treacherous rats Judas, ezam, zulkifkli,chandra + some

Time indeed changes things, even if unspeakable

Must have pained you real bad Antares as it did us, but we will still root for Anwar for we are no cowards

zewt said...

was just speaking to someone yesterday, we need to get into the system to clean the system. in order to get into the system, we may have to compromise (not that a possible gay is a compromise to begin with). this is politics, if people want to be righteous and play clean, then dont get involved.

the grans wazoo said...

One of my friend who is in PR, whom I shared my doubts about the real man behind DSAI ,answered me ... Of course we know Anwar is not that good . We will just support him to go to Putrajaya and then we will send him out ... Is this more fair than RPK statement ?

masterymistery said...

Great post Antares, thank you. I've been observing Malaysian politics ever since the eruption of anger some years ago when Paul Keating, Aus PM at the time, described Mahatir as "recalcitrant"!

What you say about the growing number of mentally and spiritually awakened young people is true, but there is a dark side as well, in my opinion.

It has to do with what the "canary in the coal mine" syndrome -- from the days when the caged canaries would signal the approach of toxic gas in a mine by dying.

I feel our young people are the canaries. And the accelerating trends, the increasing rates of young people self-harming including self mutilating, suicide, eating disorders, petty crime, extreme substance abuse, unsafe sex etc:

These are all signs that the canaries are dying. Our young people are telling us they can't exist in this toxic mess of a world we've created for them... which there's no living only survival, no truth only advertising, no satisfaction only consumption, etc etc

Sorry for rant.

masterymistery at
cosmic rapture

wiZView said...

From what I gather about RPK, he stands out among the Malays ( pseudo or not )as an intelligent & brave soul, a loose cannon maverick no doubt, and an incorrigible egomaniac.

Of late he seems to have taken up a kind of formal study in Islamic priciples of which he takes great pride in.

He is extra careful to let readers know that he is impartial and fighting for the greater good of Malaysia. so he whacks BN & Pakatan in the same measure ( or so he thinks )

From his latest malicious outburst ( or reading from an UMNO paid script ) against Anwar ( aka Ezam, Zulkifli, Zaid Ibrahim et al ) under the despicable Utusan umbrella he has laid bare his true colors, & fallen down to earth with a bang

His love for adulation and the easy life finally overtook him. Just look at his alcohol bloated tummy the last few months.

May god bless his soul, for he knows not what he did

Anonymous said...

the real RPK. Not so good as you think

Read here

Anonymous said...

Dear Antares

Nothing should surprise us in the world of politics.

Not uncommon in politics for people with unstable personalities or extremist views to jump from one political extreme to the other political extreme
i.e. from extreme left to extreme right as in the case of Benito Mussolini.

We should not be surprised if RPK ends up eventually on the extreme right of the Malaysian political spectrum.

From now on, we can expect RPK (just like Chandra Muzaffar) to regularly pop up with
anti-Pakatan Rakyat or pro-BN propaganda just before crucial political events from now on.

To me, his credibility is now zero point zero.

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous said...

Thank you Antares. A very good read. However, whilst I agree take it is difficult to predict what sort of leader Anwar would make in government, it concerns me that your only reservation about Anwar's political ideology relates to ecology. Whilst Anwar may offer the best chance of dislodging the criminals, his policy is hardly progressive. Once the UMNO protected oligarchy is appropriated and a few token democratic offerings are made, I suspect we'll be seeing much of the same old abuses of power.


Miriam said...

This is an inspired epitaph of the evil abomination that surrounds us....but even as I read I feel the change & inspiration that can only comes from more blessed realms. Hugs

Starmandala said...

Anonymous @ 10:40PM - This Sophie Schoell video has been going around. It drives home the message that this world can be heaven or it can be hell - depending on who's the DJ and who controls the airwaves!

bSG - Thanks, always a pleasure to hear from you.

zewt - I've heard this said many times (changing the system from within). To my mind it's no different, nor less naive, than saying you have to be inside the septic tank to clear the shit. I prefer to use simple tools like the pschittapump (have you heard of this ingenious device?). And if the shit has been down there too long and has become petrified; well then we can get some archeologist to establish its geological age and display the contents of the septic tank in a museum as fossilized dinosaur dung. I bet Rais Yatim's contribution to this treasure should be enormous.

the glans wazoo - I smell Umno... gag! For people with reptile circuitry like you my only response is to light some incense to neutralize the smell of putrefying soul. Like attracts like. Your so-called friend in PR is most probably your own terrible twin and thinks... I mean, stinks exactly like you. Go back to hell where you belong.

masterymistery - I know there are way too many casualties on the highway. The ones I encounter are master souls and star commanders. Occasionally I meet a couple of crash victims, and do what I can to help them heal. But overall, I meet a lot more survivors than burnt-out ones, hence my stronger optimism.

wiZView - I have had a bit more personal contact with RPK than Anwar and am on hugging terms with him, which is why I cannot feel hostile towards him, even though I realize we come from very different worlds. RPK is too steeped in the cesspool of politics; he dismisses people like me as idealists and dreamers because we don't enjoy plotting and scheming, not even hunting and gathering! RPK is a worldly man, and being too worldly ultimately leads to cynicism and bitterness.

Anonymous @ 8:27AM - Thanks for the link. I read it and all I can do is shrug. Agreed, what RPK was quoted as saying in Mingguan Malaysia and the NST sounds like something Dr M might have said! Shudder

PKL - Ultimately, we have to ask ourselves whether we absolutely trust ourselves. If we can't do that, we can trust nobody. Trust is the universal currency.

Tim - You may be right but I instinctively recoil from such pessimism, because it condemns us to eternal perdition in a world of spy vs spy vs spy.

Miriam - Exactly right! Politics without a spiritual core is just an endless game of poker played by cowboys.

lanaibeach said...

We go for change
The journey may have gates
It's part of the fear factors
Running through the minds

We have sins
This we should know
We can't condemned others
When our own we forget

We need leaders
The country needs a change
What we can see here?
One man who can lead

We know he has his faults
Only it is his personal tastes
It has nothing to do with managing
The country needs him to progress

Who can stand in the World?
The World leaders will recognize him
He can bring wealth to the nation
For his name will be mentioned

p/s happy new year to you
the mountain dew; magic of nature; the whirring fall of water

Starmandala said...

@caravanserai - Thanks, I greatly appreciate your gentle, contemplative, poetic voice!

Joshua Lopez said...

RPK? Enuf About Him! The Man has made himself a Casualty. He should just take his own life!

Who best fits the Chair Of PM? He Must Be A Foresighted Man Of Wisdom and having his heart at the right place & to me it's none other than Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah.The Majority Of All Races Will Support Him & May even Love Him!

Pat said...

A good post, Antares. A lot of things to think about, and I will.

I love the bit where you say you'll try to change Anwar's mind about the 'stupid economy'. As usual, amidst your profound thinking, you slotted in something to make me smile :)