Thursday, November 20, 2008


I see a large crack and it's rapidly widening...

This is how hardcore Umno members view themselves - as irresistibly sexy. Or maybe they prefer operating through the backdoor rather than upfront, and that's why accusations of sodomy have become their chief weapon against political rivals. Umno really ought to be renamed Bumno.

Never attempt to hump a camel, unless you're accustomed to kickbacks.

Uh-oh... Big Shot do Big Shit! Stand back!

What a mess! If you're one of those anjing menyalak di pantat gajah (dogs barking behind an elephant)... put on your wet suit and dive right in!

Looks appetizing but is that roast rump... or grilled pachyderm turd?

The menu describes this as "barbecued rump of lamb with savory sauce"- but it looks more like the end result of 38 years of Ketuanan Melayu!

"A deepening divide is becoming apparent between reformists energized by Anwar Ibrahim's recent return to parliament and the recalcitrant rump of a fading regime." - Richard Kraince (professor of Southeast Asian Humanities at The College of Mexico)


Anonymous said...

'the recalcitrant rump of a fading regime'

LOL. I like the description of BN and the dead meat picture!

Starmandala said...

Peng - Are you sure it's "dead meat"?
I'm not sure exactly what that lump of rump is, no matter how edible it appears :-)

zorro said...

Antares, on 11 May 2007 at his Sec.16 office, I asked DSAI if there was an impending implosion in UMNO. He smirked and said, "Next Question?"

You sure that is not a rib-eye?

Unknown said...

Te fucktup umno moron never learn their lessons,so te M'sians know what to do at 13GE?

Anonymous said...

What a wonderfully ingenous and hilarious way to describe the going-ons in this bolehland. I thoroughly enjoy the pics. Congrats!

Starmandala said...

Simcatfish - Maybe you can teach those "ketulanan" shitheads how to fish. Hopefully they'll stop stealing the cash from the rakyat's piggy bank? :-)

Anonymous - your appreciation has inspired me to further tweak the captions, to squeeze a bit more juice out of the images, thanks! :-)

Sklau said...

'KETULANAN'. Now where did you learn such a romantic chinese expression Antares? Regarding that lump of cooked meat that comes with strings attached. How can you guys not know what or where it came from? It's a Roast-mah !!!