Saturday, December 2, 2006

The Bombing of Baghdad

[comment posted on (27 March 2003) days after Bush launched Gulf War II]

America lost the war the first time around when Bush Sr attacked Iraq (after instigating Saddam to invade Kuwait via April Glaspie). This time the Pentagon was defeated before they even started by the sheer worldwide opposition to premeditated military violence, especially against a country already devastated by 12 years of cruel sanctions. Nobody likes a dictator, but look in the mirror before you accuse anyone else of being a control freak!

I'm greatly saddened by the totally unnecessary loss of life on all sides - and the sheer waste of precious resources that could be so much better used in global welfaring instead of warfaring. The cost of each Cruise missile could rebuild the lives of entire populations in the impoverished parts of the planet, places that have been ravaged and exploited by the great capitalist pirates who worship only "The Bottom Line."

Shame on all of us, humanity go stand in the corner with a dunce cap, for allowing ourselves to be misled for so many millennia by false messiahs preaching division, hate, and fear.

I pray for a swift end to the brutality and bloodshed and a hasty retreat by the US-UK forces. Saddam has won this round - even if he gets killed!

May the rest of us awaken SOON and reclaim our power from the overfed and overgreedy military-industrial-commercial complex owned by a handful of reptilian royals!

To the next phase of evolution - beyond ignorance, cruelty, violence, and discord! Infinite rainbow blessings upon the embattled (and ecosystemically endangered) Lady Gaia.