Friday, December 1, 2006

What The World Needs Now

... is ANOTHER goddam BLOG! But, Google offers this facility for free, and who am I to refuse an offer of free webspace? What I intend to use this blog for is as yet unclear. If I shoot my mouth off without any restraint whatsoever, one of these days my words might be used as evidence of my utter perversity and complete disregard for "social conventions and mores." So I'm giving myself some time to ponder the real or imaginary consequences of actually putting in words what I really think and feel about... well, everything! There must be a reason why today, of all days, I clicked on the Blogger logo and found myself signing up for a personal blog when I already have my own tiny niche on MySpace - but I have yet to find any real pleasure in being part of MySpace. Maybe this time something INTERESTING will happen. Or maybe not. I don't mind.