Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin remains the LEGITIMATE Mentri Besar of Perak

I read the above report in Malaysiakini with growing admiration and respect for Perak Mentri Besar Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin's courage, integrity and mental clarity in the face of grave adversity.

From all reports Mohd Nizar has shown himself to be an effective and generally well-received Mentri Besar, one that most Perakians have come to love and trust in the ten months since he first took office.

In facing squarely up to this unprecedented attack on his administration by finance minister Najib Razak (who really ought to be focusing his attention on ways to mitigate the impact of the global financial meltdown instead of busying himself with ugly politicking like some street hoodlum) Mohd Nizar has beyond the shadow of a doubt proven his mettle as the legitimate Mentri Besar of Perak.

Mohd Nizar's stand that the Perak state assembly must be dissolved so that a fresh mandate to govern be granted by the voters in Perak is the only logical and reasonable one.

All of us had pinned our hopes on Sultan Azlan Shah, believing he would weigh the interests of his people against his own family's business commitments, and make a fair and just decision in favor of democracy. Alas, our hopes appear to have been dashed.

The unholy haste with which Najib Razak and the BN regime have acted to oust Mohd Nizar and the Pakatan Rakyat state government can only lead to serious doubts about the honorability of their intentions for the state.

Najib's desperate act, albeit condoned by the palace, is akin to legitimizing a forcible overthrow of the popularly elected Pakatan Rakyat state government through devious and questionable means - especially in the light (or darkness rather) of Fauzi Muda's statutory declaration which states that the deputy prime minister had offered Fauzi a RM50 million reward in March 2008 if he would help topple the newly appointed Pakatan state government by buying over a few representatives.

It's one thing for politicians to crossover on grounds of conscience and quite another purely because of monetary incentives. Even if a handful of BN politicians had defected to Pakatan Rakyat, the voters would have insisted that fresh elections be called to legitimize their new allegiances.

As things stand, Najib Razak's acute fear of losing power has jeopardized our hopes of a peaceful transition from Umno-style "guided democracy" to full-fledged participatory democracy via constitutional means. This man is completely devoid of ethical principles, has shown no respect whatsoever for public opinion, and is clearly unfit to become our next prime minister.

Indeed, what Najib Razak has accomplished by leading this grotesque pirate attack on the Perak constitution is to further demonstrate that the corrupt and arrogant Umno/BN regime is long past its use-by date and needs to be immediately trashed.




Unknown said...

Excellent posting Bro.
Depressing day but there is always hope.
Anak Bangsa Malaysia Comrade Jaya

[ Last meeting -Kerling}

Anonymous said...

Well, if you can't win it, especially twice in a row... you can always buy.

But can he buy a place in Heaven?

Anonymous said...

Now that the chips are severely down and you know your overrated white knight has become the ultimate Devil, are you gonna talk about him in your signature attacking style with all the devious crowning images & his obnoxious silver hair ?
Dare you ? ...he's royalty . You are only a few tough men left out of the heap.Rocky's dead . We wouldn't wanna see more dead . We depend on you more than ever now

tough as steel

ocho-onda said...

I have to be careful here. I do not want to be charge with sedition nor do I want to see the owner of this blog charged either !
This much I will say - I SINCERELY HOPE that we do not end up like Thailand where the rakyat has to step in because their King was too weak to step in .
I SINCERELY HOPE that the rakyat of Malaysia do not have to step in because their Sultan is too weak to intervene !
Power to the Rakyat in their pursuit of Justice !

Starmandala said...

SAJ & BrightEyes - I feel immense sympathy for Nizar & the rest of the Pakatan state reps who will experience massive upheaval in their lives for no reason whatsoever. At least when it's an election and you lose your seat, you're prepared for it (unless you happen to be Khir Toyol who obviously wasn't, since he had pinned his hopes on "Zero Opposition" in Selangor). The way Najib has engineered it is so slimy that only his ketulanan cronies in Umno will applaud.

Anon @ 12:34 - There are those who inherited their crowns and those who activated their own crown chakras by reconnecting with Energy Source & reclaiming their own divine sovereignty. One form of royalty is temporal & ephemeral, the other eternal. You may be born in a palace but if your soul is corrupt, nobody misses you when you're gone. Those who are pure of soul survive & thrive on being born in a toilet or a manger or in a hovel.

Julian said...

"...Nizar has shown himself to be an effective and generally well-received Mentri Besar, one that most Perakians have come to love and trust in the ten months since he first took office."

True. Me too. I thought my friend at Polo Ground, Ipoh, would make a decision that favors the people.

Fair said...

A sad day for democracy in Malaysia, may be there is no hope that this country is degrading into another Zimbabwe..

Anonymous said...

shame+malu+SHAME+MALU to the ROBBERS.

Anonymous said...

May the frogs who crossed over to Barisan Nazi especially the Bota bastard suffer for their sins ; they will not enjoy their new wealth and WILL burn in Hell in their aftertlife.I'm sure of that.

Anonymous said...

I hope the four bastards will meet their demise very soon, real soon..

Power to the people.

Anonymous said...

Dear Antares

This sorry episode shows who the
"George W. Bushes" and "Karl Roves"
are in Malaysian politics!

Phua Kai Lit

flyer168 said...

Dear Antares,

That is a magnificient balanced posting on this Desperate PM wannabe "Gutter Politics & Law of the Jungle" vs the Perak Mentri Besar Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin's courage, integrity and mental clarity in the face of grave adversity.

This Desperate PM wannabe has "lost the Plot" completely & "blown" his last "Trump card" to be the incoming UMNO President.

This son of our 2nd PM has now "Destroyed" his own party UMNO beyond "Redemption"

So he might as well forget about being the 6th PM of Malaysia...maybe we should send him out as our Ambassador to Mongolia !!!

Anonymous said...

Perakians have been let down by the well respected learned one who could not differentiate between good and evil.
When comes to giving speech it is always the sweetening ones but when comes to implementation it's the reverse. Cakap tak serupa bikin.
Will erase the Rukun Negara from my mind. Cannot respect the learned one anymore.

Azer Mantessa said...

I thank Pakatan Rakyat who had served Perak well. During the ruling of the Seths, setting up businesses in Perak was like ... forever. A day always turn a week turn a month turn 3 months turn 6 months turn a year turn 2 years and as said ... like forever.

Pakatan Rakyat has proved that change is possible. I could not believed after years of running businesses in Perak ... all I had to do was ... filled up the necessary forms, provide some photocopied documents, pay any required payments ... guess what ... within 24 hours ... everything is done.... without "extra costs"

Although Pakatan Rakyat did serve for a brief time, it is good to see, as said ... change is possible.

Again, thanks Pakatan Rakyat. Looking forward to seeing you serve again :-)

UMB said...

It is all about money and projects awarded to Raja E, the lawyer and dotter of Sul Tan AhLan.

All it takes is a call by NTR and from there Raja E call Sul Tan AhLan and presto, NTR and Beend topple the goman.

Malaysia Boleh and is really corruot to its core.

Take your money and run.

Anonymous said...

Today is historic. For the first time the ordinary folks have turned against the Istana. Think about it....................

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Indeed, Antares, YB Nizar demonstrates a level of tact and courage unseen in almost all of our spineless political (i.e., BN) leaders, past and present, and this is to be admired given the unprecedented and difficult position he is in. If your regular BN politician was instead in Nizar's shoes, he would have caved in, letting down the people -- and not without demanding first some sort of "settlement/"compensation" to boot.

And as opined by Anonymous 12:34 am, I would be pleased to see your blog taking a more prominent spot in the Malaysian blogosphere relative to some of those now receiving plenty of undeserved attention.

wizsurf malaysia said...

I know dealing with a Royal is tricky as he can make life extraneoulsy difficult for the casually careless. As I scourge the press releases and the Truthful Blogs and el etc, it seems no one has yet even suggested that maybe our silver haired has a sinister motive although some commentators have hinted at a pet daughter's law practise as undue influence(aha ! $$$ again dammit ).
I earnestly hope you can get to the bottom of this sharp fissure marking Malaysians ( yet again ) as you did with that extra sensory expose aka other-woman rape & murder of that blown to smitterins Mongolian beauty ( what else)under the fat arms of a fat woman.

Only you have that gift so please, please we Perakians need to know or forever we be damned!

May allah(sorry !) help us all

backStreetGluttons said...

The first thought that comes to mind is that under the Pakatan regime our dear sultan had no automatic easy access to the rakyats hard earned money but najib promised him plenty.

So simple and straightforward any child can see it .F*%k the bloody intellignet armchair journalists/lawyers' bullshit conspiracy theories which always go round and round

Anonymous said...

Like you, my admiration and respect for Nizar has grown enormously in recent days. At the same time, my previous respect for the Sultan has been smashed to smithereens. After the debacle which the Sultan himself created, there are some who now consider Nizar prime ministerial material. I am one of them. Well, if there are problems with Anwar being PM, and the PM has to be from PAS, Nizar is our man. I salute you, Yang Amat Berhormat!! A true hero of Malaysia!!

Anonymous said...

YES ! He is BRAVE ...he has to... OR i will sokong the jumpri (mamak again, @#$%^&* ) !

Anonymous said...

PRAY & WORK it out : MB Nizar = PM !!

R_A_H_M_A_N(Nizar), shocking! r u ?

Walski69 said...

"The unholy haste with which Najib Razak and the BN regime have acted to oust Mohd Nizar and the Pakatan Rakyat state government can only lead to serious doubts about the honorability of their intentions for the state."

Here's my take: Najib, being the heir apparent to the UMNO (hence PM) throne, had to "prove his mettle", prior to his taking over in March. In that sense, the intentions are not for the state, per se, but for UMNO and his street cred within the party. Honorable or not, as far as Perak is concerned, probably doesn't even come into the picture.

Put simply, Najib had to ensure that he appears to be able to "make things happen". Particularly after BN's failure in the recent KT by-election.

By the way, Antares, thank you very much for the linkage!

jeyi said...

Congrats PR & Datuk Nizar on your landslide victory in Bkt Gantang.You have a good reason for a wonderful celebration.Malaysians rejoice!!

jeyi said...

PR & Datuk Nizar,
time to seek Sultan's approval for a fresh state election to trounce BN out of Perak State Govt.Let the Perakians decide now.....Then only there's DEMOCRACY in the country.