Monday, February 2, 2009


This was three days after the momentous general election that dumped BN out of the Perak government, and brought a Pakatan coalition into power, albeit with a slim majority of five seats.

However, Suleiman took Fauzi to meet three men, “including former deputy defence minister Zainal Abidin Zin (left) at the Jalan Duta toll plaza”.

Thereafter, I was taken to Najib (Abdul) Razak’s residence in Putrajaya, where he tried to persuade me to lobby for the crossover of two PR assemblymen to BN,” said Fauzi.

“I was promised RM50 million in return for my services and told that I would be allowed to allocate (part of) the money (to the assemblypersons) as I wished.”

Fauzi, however, did not name any representatives in the document or during the press conference. He would not distribute copies of the statutory declaration either.

“Najib assured me that if I succeeded, the appointment of the menteri besar for Perak would be delayed. However, I left his residence without making any promises as I feared for my safety.”

[Source: Malaysiakini, 2 February 2009]

Lowering the Umno flag... for the last time?

How low will Umno stoop in its panic-stricken state? As far as I'm concerned, the lower the better. Since the 8 March 2008 political tsunami, Umno/BN has been digging its own grave and now it's poised on the brink of falling in of its own accord. Come on, all you cacing dacing... stoop a little lower, just a few inches lower... heh heh heh... I'm just waiting to see you go off balance and drop right into the bottomless pit you've dug yourselves....

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