Thursday, April 19, 2012

Flashback to Puncak Alam, 19 October 2006...

[Brought to my attention by Hawkeye]


Tommy Peters said...

The unasked question is not ‘who commissioned the killing” but “who commissioned the investigation to the killing” and thereafter the expose in the media, given that immigration records were manipulated by a proxy of the government and the investigation was commissioned by a proxy of the same government. Thing is, the opposition struts itself in the notion that it is they who 'got the bastard' but the beguiled lot is oblivious of a Judas nestled within the administration – the one who commissioned the investigation - the one who is actually taking him down.

Unknown said...

As always, fantastic analysis, dear Antares. Just want to highlight one missing point - Is Antares a hero?


Most certainly - for all you have done and given up for the betterment of the environment, this nation and those who love you.