Wednesday, April 18, 2012

UBAH MEANS CHANGE... and the Times They Are Indeed A-Changing!

Kudos to Anthony Loke & Yu Heng for the uplifting lyrics and inspiring theme; music video director Jia Keng for a competent, sincere and sensitive job well done; and the DAP for successfully rejuvenating and reinventing itself, just as PAS has done. Love the end sequence with the glowing orbs of revitalizing change.

Now that the Umno dregs from PKR have more or less been flushed out, leaving the true warriors, the party has proved its mettle by lifting the lid on so many massive scandals - it has truly earned its epithet of People's Justice Party.

Stick together, DAP, PKR & PAS - all the decent, justice-loving, freedom-cherishing voters of Malaysia are with you in this exciting time of CHANGE!