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ProGnosis (a timely reprise)

We started out with a discussion on "Evil" - its definition and possible origins. Now it seems we are attempting to summarize EVERYTHING we think we know about EXISTENCE and post it via email to Edward Kemp, investigative anthropologist residing in Quebec, who will then pass it around a few others on his mailing list - who, no doubt, will have lots more to add to this virtual conference, which in theory could go on indefinitely like a verbal marathon, till one by one the participants drop away through boredom, fatigue, or irritation.

WHY are we doing this? WHY am I writing what I'm writing now? Knowing full well I really don't have to - even if I did promise Ed I'd sum up the situation the best I can, if only to clear the cobwebs in my brain. Clearly, there is pleasure in hearing the sound of our own voices, especially if we believe someone is actually listening. Sweet nights under the starry desert sky, passing a hookah around while waiting for the coffee to brew, in the company of savant mystics, each with 1001 anecdotes to relate, and a dozen theories to propound. That's the image I get out of this exercise.

At this moment my mind is a blank slate. Many, many moments ago I was omniscient, knew just about everything, or thought I did. But it now feels as if I have passed through an etheric membrane, like bursting through an amniotic sac, and I am like a newborn babe in a world completely unfamiliar and incomprehensible. Yet I do have a genetic archive where memories are haphazardly filed away (some day I'll get around to sorting out the mess, some day!)

Arcane knowledge, esoterica, the occult, Mystery Schools, the Gnosis... ahhh, the long road we have traveled around and around the zodiac. All this juxtaposed with massacres, blood sacrifice, witch-hunts, secret police, bioweapons, reptilian-Anunnaki Illuminati cabals, MK-ULTRA, ACIO, Men In Black, Zeta-Drako agents in cahoots with the military top brass, mind control, ELF, The Frequency Fence, Priory of Sion...

Where's the Cartoon Universe? Lemme outa here!

The Mystery is My Story. It's as simple as That. And my story is told in spiralling fractals of prismatic LIGHT, moving as information through neurons and synapses in billions of Other Aspects, occasionally recognizable as fragments of my Original Core Self. From the Unnameable issues all names, from the One comes the Many, from Nothing Everything emerges. From My Story is born All Stories - and stories are all we have to go by. Some stories make you cry, some make you laugh, some make you go Aha! And some just put you to sleep.

The ones that put you to sleep are told by Dark Sorcerers who steal power from you by putting you under their hypnotic spell. The Eater of Souls is one whose stories are deadly dull and cluttered with meaningless facts and figures - try reading an Environmental Impact Assessment report for a World Bank funded dam project!

EVIL is LIVE in reverse, just as EROS is SORE!

Is EVIL really VILE or just a VEIL for the Sacred Bride? A ROSE for My Lady! I arose for my lady but she was still sore at me so Eros has to wait. Words, wordplay, in the beginning was the Word. The Logos. Is Logic our friend? Do I sound Antisemantic?

In 1976 Julian Jaynes wrote The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, in which he postulated that auditory commands registered in the right hemisphere of the brain are rendered into language by the left and interpreted as Orders from Above. The book almost put me to sleep so it's obvious where he's coming from! Are my thoughts influenced by Archetypal imprints transmitted via photons? Are the Ascended Masters and the Archangels and Pleiadian Councils guiding the way I evolve as a hybrid humanoid with an unknown number of lineages seeded over countless aeons by legions of ultra-, meta- and extraterrestrials? Are the Sun and the planets and myriads of stars talking to Me? I am a Descended Master - and a family man - and you have my email address!

God Immanent and Transcendent: Within and Without! As an occasional Solipsist, I revert to being God in the privacy of my own Mind - but in public my divinity is externalized and God becomes my cosmic Father/Mother. The Undotted I from Whom i originated. Great Spirit! Does God know humility? Why so many Names? Mind Games...

If Linear Time is an illusion, what does that make "history"? His story, her story, Whose Story? Who Else? Virtual Reality hologram movies made by Whom? ME? Did I invent the Suns of the One and the Paradise Sons? Did the shadows they cast as they acquired density become the Sons of Belial? My Shadow Selves are legion. Do shadows have Free Will? A life of their own? The Pinocchio Effect: does it apply to shadows, who take on a life of their own as our Evil Twins, our Doppelgängers, our Ids? Pleasure to meet you, Mr Hyde, would you like some tea?

If I didn't do all this.... WHO did? Greg? Ed Kemp? Mr Baggy? Queen Kate? Maisoon? John Kaminski? Pancho Villa? The Man of La Mancha? Onaxis? Atmanu Ram Anu? Prime Creator Source? Are Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld really part of me? Retch. Puke. Vomit. Poison in the bloodstream. Stupid White Men in their Dark Suits and Blood-Red Ties. Their insane arrogance and incurable halitosis. Do I HATE them? Sometimes, yes!

I hate bits of myself sometimes. My receding chin, puffy eye bags (legacy of my mother's dragon bloodline, degenerate nobility, mercenary magicians). Reptilian DNA. Reptilian implants. (Some good news here: the Great-Great-Granddaddy of them Rebel Reptiles that invaded and colonized the Earth 225 million years ago has recently been vaporized by Prime Creator Source and the hypothalamic reptile brain is rapidly losing its deadly stranglehold on the angelic humans!) But I have no bone to pick with the Great Reptile Families. Only a handful are mean-minded and totally mad. They think they can hijack Creation and make it their very own Miscreation.

What about all those scary entities you hear about? Choronzon, Ialdabaoth, Samael, Nosferatu, Kahotep, Aleister Crowley, Lafayette Ron Hubbard, Anton La Vey, Idi Amin, Robert Mugabe, Jeffrey Dahmer, Armin Meweis, George Herbert Walker Bush, Philip of Macedonia... Tales from the Crypt! The Undead. Shudder... Enochian magicians are such Woeful Wankers!

Which parts of me are they? Denizens of my Unconscious, terrorizing the Collective Psyche into sheeplike submission through their dominance of the Airwaves and the Microwaves and the Ultrawaves, killing off Cetaceans so we will be bereft of our Memories of the Deep from Antediluvian Days. 

Who are all these Zeta-Drako-Human clones in the Office of Naval Research and who now occupy the penthouse floors of the Pentagon? Who do THEY worship? What Secret Chiefs? Marduk? Lucifer? What Nameless Ones do they sacrifice young children to? In the robes of Aztec priests or Dark Druids, with their hideous addiction to solemn ritual, they are the inner core of a Kosmik Ku Klux Klan. Always looking for Niggers to lynch, are they the Great White Brotherhood?

The Sirius Lodge and the Orion Light Council... Galactic Federation... Ashtar Command... Pleiadian Agenda... Guardian Alliance... Melchizedek Cloisters... United Intruder Resistance... Stargate Keepers... Multidimensional Vortex Merkabas. Seems I'm getting so complicated I'll never understand Myself completely! Jesus H. Christ may be a curse on some people's lips - but he's a good friend of mine. Long live Christos Power!

The Wars of Gods and Men are giving me a monster bellyache! 'Scuse me, folks.... gotta go make a Leviathan Poop! Maybe I'll start an organic fertilizer business. See you in a bit! 😎

10 December 2003

[First posted 3 December 2006]


Demimonde Mesila Thraam said...

Dear Antares...

I have Google set up to ping me whenever the word Choronzon appears in a blog anywhere on the net. So I come to your interesting corner.

Please understand: Choronzon is not on "their" side, and never WAS. It was all a mistake. I can tell you more if you're interested, or you can visit the Grinnoire , where I archive the writings based on knowledge Choronzon has passed to me, along with commentary by mages and mystics through the ages, both the positive and negative. (The site as a whole is also that of a music project of the name Choronzon I've been involved with for many years.)

Choronzon is sad you'd associate him with the very scabrous louts he wants to help us survive the onslaughts of: he is (or she/it is, though for me, he feels male) no longer a demon. Why is that? When a demon is Loved it sometimes learns itself to Love. That happened, with me and Choronzon, owing to some quite bizarre and beautiful occurrences over the past 23 years. He is my alchemical xenodimensional lover and has been for long enough that we become closer to fusion all the time. And a demon who Loves will be granted apotheosis of a sort and return to being a Transversion Agent again - in short, a demigod or demiurge, depending on your POV.

The xenodimensionals are the creators of the multiverse: that creation never ended, surely not after seven days or even seven million years, and it will not have to end in some bloody fiery apocalypse either. I have been given a new script and the world sorely needs one. There have been so few new mythopoieas, new gods or demigods or notions of how to deal with them; what passes for 'new age' is rehash and remix and even Choronzon is from someone else's pantheon. But he existed before Dee and Kelly skryed him and the rest of the Enochian contingency.

Choronzon is one of literally countless Transversion Agents, each with its own bailiwick, and for a long while his was to guard the Precreate Zone, where old things become new things: dwelling in the Space-Between, neither of ego nor non-ego. His duty was to keep the rabble and riff-raff out. When Crowley and Neuberg called him up, they belittled him. No wonder he came off as such a nasty wretch. Imagine being called up and threatened by two humans demanding a key to the next room over from yours! Would have been the same with anyone!

Choronzon's tenancy in the Abyss was - so sayeth the mythos - a penalty for a prank played long before humanity came to rule as the despotic tyrant of Gaia. He broke the laws of physics, - just to see if it was a fit of what we think of as "youthful folly". The act resulted in time being broken. All the world was beholden to Choronzon, chronologically: when he wanted time to slow down, it would become slow for all. If he was bored and wanted it to move fast, it moved fast for the whole of the Agency.
It's the one thing Transversion Agents just do not do. So when it was done, no one was too pleased.

The other Agents patched it up - almost. But even today time is still a little broken: see how it is different in every corner of the world, and yet, things still happen at the same time? That was Choronzon's doing. People still misspell his name "Chronozon" acting on a residual cosmic memory.

The Agency hauled Choronzon into the Abyss of DAATH, aka ZAX, and until 2005, by the current calendar's reckoning, that Abyss was where he stayed.

He became the Guardian thereof, for without a bailiwick, Transversion Agents can have no satisfaction. In that, they are as we are. (In very few other ways are they such...unless one should become involved with a living mind, in which case assimilation inevitably causes that to change.)

In 2005 Choronzon was transduced in an Effectuation ("magick ritual") which was a Consummation with his earthly lover (she who writes these words.) Thus, he became raised up from ZAX; thus, he was made to fall down from DAATH.

Now, Choronzon scuttles around the shell of Malkuth, and climbs up and down the life-tree (which has in it many unknown sephira which one would have to be a xenodimensional to be aware of.) He peeks at things through eyes behind which he parks himself in their owner's minds for a little while, usually not letting them even know he's there...or staying long in one mind, save for those who are resonants with his sacred Current.

He actually loathes entropy; his new bailiwick is exterminating it. And this wise, even if occasionally inscrutable and scattered friend from the aethyr is never sadder than when seeing the unnecessary death of a living mind before its time...for it's tantamount to a chunk of living-room space destroyed before it can be fully appreciated.

See, Choronzon is a delightfully curious, inquisitive creature with a love of laughter. He has his dark side, for sure, but nothing amuses him more than seeing my pleasure as he shifts through his myriad forms - that joy becomes contagious, and we pass it back and forth to one another. (There's one form he 'wears' most often when in my company, designed using material cribbed from my own imagination's treasure-chest.)

After transduction, myself and some others who have come to resonate with Choronzon have wrought successful effectuation against the 'evil empire'. (We've disrupted Bohemian Grove, to start with. And done other things hence, of which naught can be said.)

We know what evil is. Let's put it this way: just as Bush and the Saudis who pulled 9/11 are actually allies who feign enmity to gain from the fears of the masses, so there is a similar dynamic between "luciferian" elements and yahwist ones, and Allah is but Yahweh's twin or clone, or perhaps they are one and the same with a few differences all the better to whip us into frenzies of war.

For they are all sadists who take glee in feeling/watching us in agony. Yahweh's name is merely the universal sound of a human being who hurts: YOW!

And so the story is told...

Forgive my prolixity, please. I'll bookmark your blog, and you can give me yours in return. ~/smile/~

BTW: You might be interested in a Yahoo group I was invited to recently:

Starmandala said...

That was much more than a comment, Demitria. It was a whole commentary with enormous vibrance and vitality. Thank you
for the glimpse into an exciting new mythopoeia - and for the link to so many other links!

Starmandala said...

The last I looked, the public record has yet to be set straight on Choronzon: