Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ian Xel Lungold explains the Mayan Calendar

Ian Xel Lungold isn't exactly a household name. But he found his way into my inbox a couple of years ago and I remember exchanging a couple of emails with him. All I knew was that he had teamed up with Swedish microbiologist, Carl Johan Calleman, and that the two of them were on a mission to demonstrate that José Argüelles (Valum Votan) had erred in his calculations for the Mayan Dreamspell Calendar.

My interest in the Mayan Calendar had initially been aroused by Argüelles's mindbending Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology (Bear & Co., 1986), and I couldn't really wrap my brain around the mathematics of it all, so I monitored Calleman and Lungold's efforts from a distance, without getting caught up in the controversy.

Carl & Ian in Cancun
On 10 October 2005 I received an email from Carl Johan Calleman informing me that Ian Lungold was very ill with a tumour in his throat. Five weeks later, on 16 November, Ian left his body. He was only 56.

It was only recently that I found the links to Ian Xel Lungold's 3-hour lecture on Consciousness and the Mayan Calendar (thanks to Jean Hudon). After viewing them at one sitting, I felt compelled to pass this crucial data on to anyone who really wants to understand the transformations we are undergoing as we quantum jump from planetary to galactic citizenship. According to the Mayan Calendar, we have less than 5 years to sort ourselves out.

Here are both parts of Ian's well-crafted and engaging talk. Each part is about 1½ hours long - but I assure you it's time well spent...

Part One

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Part Two

In Lak'ech
(Mayan for "I am another aspect of you!")

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