Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ian Xel Lungold explains the Mayan Calendar

Ian Xel Lungold isn't exactly a household name. But he found his way into my inbox a couple of years ago and I remember exchanging a couple of emails with him. All I knew was that he had teamed up with Swedish microbiologist, Carl Johan Calleman, and that the two of them were on a mission to demonstrate that José Argüelles (Valum Votan) had erred in his calculations for the Mayan Dreamspell Calendar.

My interest in the Mayan Calendar had initially been aroused by Argüelles's mindbending Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology (Bear & Co., 1986), and I couldn't really wrap my brain around the mathematics of it all, so I monitored Calleman and Lungold's efforts from a distance, without getting caught up in the controversy.

Carl & Ian in Cancun
On 10 October 2005 I received an email from Carl Johan Calleman informing me that Ian Lungold was very ill with a tumour in his throat. Five weeks later, on 16 November, Ian left his body. He was only 56.

It was only recently that I found the links to Ian Xel Lungold's 3-hour lecture on Consciousness and the Mayan Calendar (thanks to Jean Hudon). After viewing them at one sitting, I felt compelled to pass this crucial data on to anyone who really wants to understand the transformations we are undergoing as we quantum jump from planetary to galactic citizenship. According to the Mayan Calendar, we have less than 5 years to sort ourselves out.

Here are both parts of Ian's well-crafted and engaging talk. Each part is about 1½ hours long - but I assure you it's time well spent...

Part One

Click on the "CC" button to hide subtitles

Part Two

In Lak'ech
(Mayan for "I am another aspect of you!")

7 Transformer



Raven said...

I just came back from a tour of the Mayan archeological sites in the Yucatan. I have also visited Machu Picchu, the Nazca Lines and the Anasazi Great Houses in New Mexico and Colorado. I find it mind boggling what native people accomplished 1000 years ago. How does one move a 200 ton stone block with ropes and logs? I'm convinced that they 'had a little help'.

Starmandala said...

Linear time creates the illusion of PROGRESS - which is why we've been conditioned to believe that we are as a species much cleverer and more "with it" than our remote ancestors. Truth is, evolution is more like a Fibonacci spiral and we keep going round and round but on different levels of awareness... anyway, the science available to the "ancients" (with a little bit of help from various ET colonizers) would be seen as Magick - and that's approximately where we're headed again this time round the evolutionary carousel!

Madcap Machinist said...

I think I'd like to visit Machu Picchu some day too.

I saw the entire talk now and found it interesting. I'd probably check the dates later but they sound about right. Qualitatively... an engaging talk with a great idea.

I went to the website, downloaded the transcript and will have a closer look later.

I'm skeptical about the time travel part... a global catastrophe, in my opinion, is more likely to happen.

It seems a simple conclusion that once you get to the top of the pyramid, there's nowhere else to go i.e. in this context, time stops. But if it were possible to make the pyramids higher, perhaps the Mayans would.

What I am thinking now is, when you get to the top of the pyramid, what do you do? Go back down. Walk, jump off, fly off. As you do that, contemplate the calendar another way: from a short span to a longer span, and when you get to the bottom, think about the next 16 billion years, and climb back up.

Time travel? Yeah, kind of.

Starmandala said...

Hiya Madcap! For some reason I never read your comment when it was posted but your remarks about not knowing where to go upon reaching the apex of the pyramid amused me. You might find it interesting to know that in sacred geometry (or synergetic--energetic geometry if you prefer Buckminster Fuller's term), the square-based pyramid does not figure at all except as an engine of massive oppression (this is why organizations run on this model inevitably enrich the few at the expense of the many).

What we must envisage instead is an OCTAHEDRON (which looks like two pyramids joined at their bases). What happens with the octahedron is that the center of gravity (authority) is right at the mid-point - and if you perceive the octahedral form as the convergence zone wherein two large tetrahedra intersect, you'll find yourself smack in the middle of a transdimensional structure or transmutation chamber where quantum changes on the atomic and molecular levels can occur.

The mid-point of an octahedron is what some call an Antarion Conversion or Zone of Overlap (or Loom of Maya to use Jose Arguelle's terminology) and it corresponds with what we call the MERKABA - the counter-rotating electromagnetic field that allows for interdimensional travel or the holographic projection of consciousness into form along multiple probability waveforms. Exciting, huh? The steering mechanism is a triangulation of Desire, Will and Focused Intent with Total Empathy or Divine Compassion.

Madcap Machinist said...

dude...good thing I saw this on the sidebar...whoah... is that what the graphic on your sidebar means?

Starmandala said...

You mean the Galactic Shield right above the Adam & Eve cartoon? Fascinating blend of symbols there: smack in the middle is Hunab Ku, hub of the galaxy represented by a Yin-Yang singularity-duality of luminous and dark matter, male and female polarities, enclosed within Metatron's Cube (whose outline looks like a hexagon but zoom out a bit and you'll see a 3D cube). The four colors = 4 directions, 4 points of the Grand Cross, the measurable universe, and probably the chromatic spectrum too :-). Jose Arguelles aka Valum Votan has been studying this stuff for decades and has much more to say about it!

Omen said...

I saw the videos of Ian after investigating the 2012 prophecies. I found them pretty amazing and hold my hat off to him for that. After i had watched them all i went onto his website to find out more about him, and where he was now with his predictions - only to find he had died. Gutted for the guy - all of the stuff he has been telling us will happen he wont now get to see (unless hes watching from spirit). Who knows until it actually happens to us.

I seem to remember Ian saying that once we have completed the top level of the pyramid and we reach 28 October 2011 we will have reached the level of consciousness where we dont need a calendar any more. Creation will be complete and time will not mean the same thing.

What i am currently not understanding is 21 December 2012 was found on a stela at Coba, but the universal cycle completes 28 October 2011. What happens between this date and 21 December 2012????

Slightly confused with that one.

Starmandala said...

Greetings, Omen (an appropriate User ID!) 21 Dec 2012 is the date in the Gregorian calendar that corresponds with in the Mayan calendar - according to calculations by Jose Arguelles (and also John Major Jenkins, author of 'Maya Cosmogenesis 2012'). However, Carl Johan Calleman and Ian Xel Lungold disputed that date, saying actually corresponds with 28 Oct 2011. I haven't a clue how to calculate such things and as far as I'm concerned it makes little difference which Gregorian date you prefer. In my experience I've found that precision and prophecy rarely go together! Personally I like 21 Dec 2012 because it's the Solstice - and the date also marks Frank Zappa's 71st birthday :-)

P.S. We don't have to watch the clock when making love, do we? By the same token we can bloody well ascend without referring to ANY calendar ;-)

Anonymous said...

The concept of time is pure illusion and it constrains what you can do in a lifetime. This government likes that a lot, hence their obsession with controlling time and the perception of how it passes.

I agree with antares on the misguided concept of what "progress" is- and I take it one step further to state that as a civilization, we are much, much dumber and out of touch than our ancient ancestors.

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