Sunday, April 19, 2020

A Sirius Warning to Errant World Leaders from the High Council (updated & reposted)

Photo at right: The original Sun Bear

[Sonja Holten, my virtual friend in Holland, sent me this message dated April 7, 2007, from Michael Sun Bear, earthly emissary of the Great White Brotherhood. I don't know who Michael Sun Bear is or if he's related to the famous Ojibwa medicine man named Sun Bear (1929-1992) who invited the Tibetan exile, Ngak’chang Rinpoche, to teach in America, but since the Warning from the Sirian High Council is pretty similar in tone to the one I would issue myself on a bad hair day, I decided to blog it instead of emailing it all around and annoying my skeptic friends. In the event that the Nameless Ones who work with Echelon and the NSA are monitoring my blog activities, will you kindly pass this message on to your handlers, thanks.]

I am Michael Sun Bear, and have been asked by the following Ascended Masters and Chiefs to deliver this message from the Great White Brotherhood.This communication must reach the decision-makers of the world and I am asking you to help me achieve their goal. It is critical that this message reaches all tribal nations as well as all levels of government globally.

Those of you in mass media, please print this message in your publications; those of you who know people in positions to get this message out please send it to them. It is time for humanity to stand side by side, rather than in opposition. The future of our planet depends on it.

Feedback is most welcome. Please email me if you have any questions or comments.

Peace & Light,

Michael Sun Bear
Intuitive & Peace Maker
Descendant of the Northeastern Tribes



We are St. Germain, Ambassador to the Galactic Federation of Light, and Archangel Michael, Prince of the Archangels and the Angelic Hosts, Ascended Tribal Chiefs White Eagle and Sitting Bull. We have been chosen to address you on behalf of the entire Sirian High Council of the Great White Brotherhood under the Prime Creator.

We have come to impart a critical message to you regarding the calculated, diabolical, geopolitical stratagems of your current leaders. KNOW THAT YOUR PARTICIPATION DOES NOT GO UNNOTICED. We are the Warriors of the Light and are acutely aware of your devious plans to undermine all Spiritual Absolute Truths. We sit among you in your private meetings and listen as you scheme strategies for lustful personal gain of power and money. We have stood by and watched greed consume you as you destroy your nations. We will stand idly by no longer.

Many of you may choose to continue moving forward on these misguided paths, which are meshed with the Dark Lords. You are the ones that this stern warning from the Sirian High Council is addressing. Heed it immediately or face dire consequences. Dismantle the government agencies and programs you have allowed to exist that are geared to suppress, control and annihilate the populace. Ignore the warning and swift retribution is imminent.

Please let us reiterate. We know there are certain events scheduled to unfold shortly by institutions of government that will appear to the world once again to be the actions of so-called terrorists. This stern warning is being given for those of you who continue to walk in sheep's clothing, but secretly work for the diabolical forces of the Illuminati. YOU WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR YOUR ACTIONS BY THE HIGH COUNCIL OF THE LIGHT.

Let us be more specific concerning what we know of your activities: the deliberate or accidental release of the [Coronavirus COVID-19] as well as the [drones] that carry and dispense this flu virus [over densely populated areas]; cover-ups of the government orchestrated events of 9/11; government misuse of the most advanced Tesla technologies; weather manipulation via the HAARP system; cloned crystals, secretive "black ops" projects as well as a host of covert agendas; violations of Nuclear Arms Treaties; space exploration hoaxes; abductions; rituals and human sacrifices like that of JonBenét Ramsey; Russia's overt and continued slaughter of her own people; billions of dollars, including most of the monies sent from the hearts of people globally following the 9/11 attacks, as well as the monies siphoned by the Federal Reserve System and the Central Bank, that are being held in European banks; illegal practices that have corrupted the Papacy. The list is endless.

We, the Sirian High Council of the Great White Brotherhood, affirm to you that justice is rapidly forthcoming and the Illuminati's corrupt stranglehold will be removed from this Earth in an instant swoop if the following demands are not complied with immediately:

-- [George Soros] is to notify drug companies immediately to destroy the [COVID-19] stockpile that has been produced thus far. He is to see that not one unmarked plane [or drone] spreads this man-made virus.

-- Prince Phillip is to see that no harm comes to Prince Harry. He is not to enter the War for which he is being trained.

-- Russian President Vladimir Putin is to see that no other lives are taken in Russia.

-- Humanitarian projects that misappropriate funds with no checks or balances must become accountable for their disbursements.

-- Corruption of Rome's Papacy is to come to an immediate halt.

-- All chemical and genetic engineering companies that partake in programs designed specifically to bring harm upon humanity are to desist at once.

-- [The POTUS] is to immediately halt all nuclear lobbying with foreign countries and remove all existing nuclear programs. [He/she] is to release the embargoed free-energy technologies instead.

-- Global governments are to immediately halt blank-slate technology projects.

-- President Bush is to authorize the hearing of Sibel Edmond's case.

All warnings from the Sirian High Council are directed to these core Illuminati members: George Bush, Sr., President George W. Bush, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Dick Cheney, Ben Bernanke, Robert Gates, Vladimir Putin, Ehud Olmert, Benyamin Netanyahu, Dov S. Zakheim, Queen Elizabeth II, Tony Blair, Prince Charles, Prince Phillip, the House of Rothschild, David Rockefeller, Felipe Calderón, and Rupert Murdoch. Know that you are all on notice, and are being monitored by the Galactic Federation of the Light whose agents sit among you undetected. You are to cease and desist immediately or experience grave and humiliating discipline.

The United States of America was founded upon Spiritual Truths brought forth by your forefathers. Their intent in the original Constitution was for the People to have Free Will as well as Freedom. Planet Earth is a free-will zone, along with the entire Universe, and as such there is a respect for the sanctity of life and a commitment to never violating it. The honoring of all life-forms is paramount. Now time has arrived at a crossroads where the Dark Lords and the Warriors of the Light confront one another. You have been forewarned - if you choose to continue your heinous activities, you will fail miserably

St. Germain
Archangel Michael
Chief White Eagle
Chief Sitting Bull

[First posted 9 April 2007]


Raven said...

Good work. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Know that this man has taken this name as his own, and is not part of any Indian tribe, nor a heavenly representative of the Saints and Ascended Masters. The Universe does not send threats or ultimatums. NEVER. This man who calls himself Michael Sun Bear is in fact, a lunatic - a man who suffers from delusions of grandeur. He has touched many lives in tragic ways, as he weaves his delusions with threads of truth that keep good people guessing ... that is until he crashes and struggles with one of his bouts of paranoia. This man seeks a flock to lead, yet his chosen ones keep falling away, and the doors keep closing on him. He believes he is here to fight the devil and to lead others to Ascension. His only follower so far is his woman - an intelligent individual who he has thorougly tricked and constantly confuses - a true victim of the cult mentality. MSB is seeking a woman to inseminate, as he believes he carries the Christ seed, and so far, he has been turned down. I pity the poor girl who falls for this ruse. He's looking for sex under the guise of creating a new Christ Child. He claims to be a shaman and a doctor, and has credentials for neither.
Beware of this Michael Sun Bear. He will leave a trail of agony and confusion behind you, as he seeks his next victim(s).

Starmandala said...

Greetings, "Anonymous"... thank you for posting a public warning against "Michael Sun Bear" with whom I had a brief email exchange (I'll post his message below). I was slightly troubled by his erratic spelling and careless syntax, but I've found that many "sensitives" aren't too fussy about their written language skills - perhaps they use more of their right brains? Your disclosure presents no surprises. Alas, almost everybody who bills himself or herself as a "shaman" or "oracle" is subsequently found to have clay feet - so I've come to accept that, ultimately, all powerful egos just yearn to get laid regularly and effortlessly (and I am no exception)! So if we accept that as par for the course, we can still utilize the helpful data these oracles pull in. Look at them as you would look at rock stars - who are all shamans in their own right. Nobody is shocked when they just want to shag you after a sweaty gig! :-) You say the Universe never sends threats or ultimatums - I beg to differ! I see warning signs all around me - from the Elements, the Devas, the Friendly ETs. I myself issue warnings to my cats when they get overly demanding, and to my dogs when they persist in chasing motorcycles. Frankly, I'd like to see a big hand coming out of the sky and giving a tight slap to supercilious assholes like Cheney and Wolfovitz; of course, the same Big Hand would then emerge from the clouds and give folks like me a friendly pat on the back and a Voice would boom: "Well done, kiddo!" However, when such miracles do occur, we have a tendency to look around for concealed holoprojectors and loudspeakers... and get totally disillusioned when we do find them! I guess so long as humans are programmed to seek a Messiah or Deliverer, there will be no end of candidates for the role. Anyway, for what it's worth and in its unedited form, here's MSB's one and only email to me, dated April 20th:

"Dear Antares,

First of alI, I'd like to thank you for getting St.Germain's message out. Many people have responded in kind and it has gone global. There are dots all around the world being created; consciousness is on the cusp of 'bleeding' together, uniting as one. Very exciting times, indeed!

The dire warning did indeed reach the White House, and the Bush administration (who we know are working with the dark lords), has chosen not to heed it. Events have now started to unfold for the good of humanity. Lately, if you have noticed, the skies have been a glowing red, due to altercations in the inner stellar between foreign predators who have no regard for our upcoming ascension into the fifth dimension as we rapidly approach 2012 and the lightships who will have none of it. .

The reason for this urgent message was simply because of the intended and planned attack against Iran with the usage of nuclear weapons, then a counter attack on U.S. soil. The plan was foiled when St.Germain's message arrived.

Nuclear arms will not be tolerated by the Federation. In the past year there were incidences where nuclear missles were de-activated shortly after launch.

Given President Bush has not heeded the message, and Dick Cheney was responsible for the events of 9/11 (along with senior Bush, John Ashcroft and Tony Blair among others), neither one will finish their terms in office.

Watch the good media that soon to be released between now and the summer soltice, and see for yourself that the Federation has already taken action.

Many Blessing,
Michael Sun Bear

PS -- As far as the background of receiving the information, I have been receiving messages since I have been seven years old, and that would be an entire email. Eventually I will get my story out, but right now time is of the essence!

Anonymous said...

Hello Antares: Thank you for your comments and for your wisdom in seeing through the charade that calls himself Michael Sun Bear - a white man who is a Shaman wannabe. Initially, many of us have had positive experiences with him, as he has a unique charisma and charm; only to draw back when his mental illness kicks in full force. He channels NO ONE, except his own delusions. This man is looking for quick fame, money and easy sex.

Starmandala said...

Oh dear, Anonymous... now you got me worried! Maybe MSB is just another renegade aspect of ME? Because I must confess I do enjoy "quick fame, money and easy sex" (GULP!)... but, then, I always assumed EVERYBODY does! ;-) I'm sorry you had an unhappy run-in with MSB, but you must realize good looks often conceal bad habits.
Rumors abound about Brad Pitt's repulsive B.O. problem.... heh heh.

Starmandala said...

Earlier I responded to Anonymous with this statement: I must confess I do enjoy "quick fame, money and easy sex." I really ought to add that I was merely being facetious. Fame not only comes only after decades of plodding away at what we enjoy doing and do well, it's also totally evanescent and utterly meaningless. Money is not wealth or health or prosperity but no amount is ever quite enough! As for "easy sex"... hmmm, would I opt for some "hard sex"? Well, maybe once in a while when I'm feeling XXX-rated. To be sure I wouldn't want to experience "difficult sex" - perhaps the best term is "effortless and painless sex"? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Antares: All's well that ends well. I do not believe you would enjoy anything if it would cause grief or harm to others. I see the seriousness in your laughter. Love and light to you....

Starmandala said...

We can't keep meeting like this, Anonymous.
Strange as it may seem, I've been telling friends that my current User ID expires in 2012... and that I will become Anonymous in January 2013. You are right, of course, that I value giving and forgiving and I do trust, after all these aeons, that Amor Vincit Omnia. You are a genuinely beautiful soul.

Anonymous said...

Wishing you love, peace and fullfillment, Antares ....