Tuesday, July 3, 2007

FIRE THE GRID @ 11:11 GMT ON JULY 17th 2007

For months I've been receiving emails about a planetary healing and renewal project called Fire The Grid. I get a lot of "New Age" stuff like this perhaps because I used to do a fair bit of sacred ceremony myself, after hearing about Solara and her 11:11 Doorway Activation and moving to Magick River as an entity named "Antares."

Anyhow, although I've acquired a variety of different interests along the way and sometimes get a bit exasperated with wild-eyed, born-again, gung-ho visionaries (having been one myself for a while), a part of me remains sympathetic and committed to the absolute necessity for radical transformation on this beautiful but hideously beleaguered planet. These are times when cynicism and skepticism ought to be reserved for corporate propaganda, political spin, and fascistic fearmongers - and not used to snuff out any lighted candle that threatens to dispel the darkness around us.

So what's Fire The Grid all about then? Apparently a Canadian woman named Shelley Yates was involved in a freak accident and had a near-death experience in November 2002. Her son Evan was pronounced braindead by the doctors - but both of them miraculously survived and recovered.

Shelley, by her own admission, had been a very angry and negative person (on account of her being sexually abused as a kid). Now she found herself receiving strange messages from mysterious beings of light, charging her with a mission and a vision to galvanize the entire planet (or at least a few million adventurous souls) into consciously coming together for ONE HOUR at 11:11 GMT (7:11PM Malaysian time) on July 17th 2007 to express gratitude, joy and celebrate the promise of a renewed and rejuvenated Earth.

Shelley Yates in 2002 was a penniless single mother with a lousy attitude problem. How in heaven's name was she going to accomplish such an impossibly monumental task? Watch this intriguing 8-part video (I assure you, it gets better and better!); visit Fire The Grid; and then decide for yourself. Enough said! :-)










"I have a story to tell you that I know will be hard to believe in parts, but it has happened to me, and I cannot erase or deny any of it (though at times I wish I could). I am a "normal" woman who grew up in simple yet chaotic times. I am much like you in most every way. I always thought I would be the last one to have a miracle occur in her life, much less two miracles, and all that has happened since. Therefore the tale I tell could be of your life, and not mine. But seeing it is mine I guess I was meant to tell it.

"What I want to establish first, is the fact that miracles do happen and they happen to people like you and me. What we need to make these miracles happen is to open ourselves to the communication that is all around us every day. Communication not from this world but from the world of our creator, the cosmos and the universe. The message comes from a distance, but you find it by going inside and believing. We can all create miracles within our lives, and that is one of the main points in writing this for you. I have no special tricks. Simply open yourself to the possibility that what I tell you is possible and that it is available to every person." - Shelley Yates