Thursday, August 2, 2007

Huun Huur Tu & Malerija @ RWMF 2007

Huun Huur Tu - everybody's fave-rave Tuvan throat-singing phenomenon all funked up with some tasteful, techno-trance from Malerija (who add the Russian rush). In concert on 15 July 2007 @ the Rainforest World Music Festival, Sarawak.


kiwiboy88 said...

These guys get better and better. Love it - I nearly danced my headphones off at home. See you next year. Stephen Hall

Anonymous said...

yes we did meet antares :) i even gave you a big sweaty hug. you were playing some percussion instrument that was on sale at the CD Station when i approached you. anyhow, i am totally enamoured by Huun Huur Tu! now i want to go to Tuva! :D

Starmandala said...

Oh yes... now I remember the hug, thanks! Circuits were overloaded, that's for sure :-) What's the point of going to Tuva, Nyx? You won't find Huun Huur Tu there - bet they live in Berlin or some German city! Almost all the throat-singers seem to have migrated to Germany within the last couple of decades. Boerte was the first throat-singing group I met - they've got their own academic faculty in some German university!