Wednesday, August 8, 2007

No peace on Peace Hill (an interesting excerpt from Malaysia's boldest blog)

The IGP said that he is being framed by his own men. If he is lying that is bad because he would then be in the same league as Umno’s much-disgraced Information Chief. But if what he says is true then that is equally bad. This demonstrates that the IGP has lost control of the police force. Is the police force a force by itself? Is this why officers from the special unit are moonlighting as assassins for those who wish to dispose of pesky foreign lovers? And it appears, according to the court testimony during the ongoing murder trial of Razak Baginda and his two attack dogs, weapons and ammunition can be taken in and out of the armoury without any security checks. In fact, the court was told, the officers can even take home the unused bullets and other dangerous stuff.

Malaysia Today had already arranged to video-record an interview with the late Altantuya’s father but unfortunately the interview had to be aborted because he was being closely followed and he could not shake off his tail. Malaysia Today wanted to record on video the very interesting testimony from the man who has intimate knowledge of the real story behind the Altantuya murder. Of course, normally Malaysia Today has to base its information on what the many Deep Throats have to reveal. But this was going to be no Deep Throat.

This is the father of the deceased who was going to bare it all for the world to see. He had a story to tell and he wanted the world to hear his story through Malaysia Today. But it was not to be because three intelligence agencies would not let him out of their sights.

What they told me was most frightening indeed. It seems the two police officers currently on trial for murder never revealed the location where Altantuya was disposed. The police knew exactly where the place was in spite of its extremely hidden location and which is off the beaten track. How did they know? Is it because that location is ‘gazetted’ as a disposal site? Furthermore, I was told, when the forensic people took away Altantuya’s remains, they discovered that the remains were not of Altantuya alone but of nine different people. I wanted all this on video because short of this 'evidence’ not many would believe such a thing like this.

Now Razak’s Affidavit that he filed during his bail application in front of Justice Segara makes sense. According to Razak, the inspector told him he had already killed six people before. Were these six amongst the remains of that nine?

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