Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Think YOU Have Problems???

Could this be the DIMMEST sector of the entire electromagnetic spectrum? Dimmer than even the Umno General Assembly?

NOTE: This video from the Huffington Post loads very slowly. To view without irritation, click on pause after it begins loading and go take a leisurely crap.

Max Blumenthal says: "I have covered the Christian right intensely for over four years. During this time, I attended dozens of Christian right conferences, regularly monitored movement publications and radio shows, and interviewed scores of its key leaders.

I have never witnessed any spectacle as politically extreme, outrageous, or bizarre as the one Christians United for Israel (CUFI) produced last month in Washington. See for yourself."

[And decide whether it's all about Rapture or Rupture!]


ghostline said...

a couple of years ago, i saw that news excerpt on 'Jesus Camp' and couldn't help thinking: "great. we're stuck between two great (in terms of magnitude) unstoppable forces of chauvinism, intolerance and sheer stupidity heading in opposing directions.

And they've got all sorts of serious military hardware a mouseclick away from those pea-size brains.

Starmandala said...

Thank heaven the earth has a handful of friendly reasonable folks like you and me to counterbalance all that evolutionary deadweight huh? ;-) On a more sober note, all we can do is bear in mind that a single burning candle of love, peace and goodwill can neutralize a whole bunch of hostile darkness!