Friday, September 28, 2007


Pictures from Malaysia Today

Courtesy of Jeff Ooi

26 September 2007 will be remembered as the day the lawyers marched for justice, demanding a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the scandalous V.K. Lingam video clip made public on 19 September by Parti Keadilan Rakyat (People's Justice Party).

Bar Council president Ambiga Sreenevasan also handed a second memo to the Prime Minister's private secretary, demanding that a Judicial Appointment Commission be instituted.

The Royal Malaysian Police, in typical fashion, attempted to intimidate the 2,000 strong crowd of protestors with riot squads, a hovering helicopter, and a roadblock preventing the buses ferrying Bar Council members from entering Putrajaya.

And so the lawyers walked 5km along the highway to the Palace of Justice where other colleagues, opposition polticians, and civil society representatives had assembled for the march to the PM's office. Soon after the memoranda were handed over, the sky opened up and "baptized" the marchers in a torrential downpour which we trust will soon come to symbolize for all of us the Cleansing of the Malaysian Judiciary.

Before any real political reforms can occur, we have to purge the Malaysian Judiciary of unscrupulous cronies, lackeys, and scoundrels - and restore the credibility and independence of our courts. I urge all Malaysians - do whatever you can and, above all, focus your collective will on cleaning up the hideous mess and perverted justice Mahathir's 22-year rule has bequeathed us.

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