Monday, October 15, 2007

The most gifted vocalist in history?

Ladies and gentlemen.... Bobby McFerrin!

I've always loved Bobby McFerrin. Not just for his phenomenal vocal dexterity, perfect pitch, and impeccable sense of rhythm - but also for his exquisite wit and buddha wisdom. McFerrin is the only world-class concert artist who can travel anywhere in the world for a gig packing only a toothbrush (in fact he doesn't even have to do that as most hotels provide one anyhow :-) Here's more from Bobby:

One more for luck. Bobby's spontaneous duet in Montreal with Cameroonian bassist and multi-instrumentalist Richard Bona is truly inspiring. The fact that such talent can flourish on this planet infested with verminous demented warlords is reason enough to wish it well on its ongoing journey through the Photon Belt!

[Thanks to Heiko Niedermeyer who forwarded me the YouTube link!]


Unknown said...

Thanks for posting the videos. Yes, he's got some mad skills.

Anonymous said...

mind blowing!! the clip is so old, he's prolly the granfather of beatboxing.. something wrong with the crowd though.. pretty stoned :P

jan said...

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