Friday, November 16, 2007


Eleven students of the Global Indian International School (GIIS) in Kuala Lumpur embark on a community theatre project supervised by Cinzia Ciaramicoli and Shanthini Venugopal of the Jumping JellyBeans (a leading children's theatre company). They performed three street interventions over three Saturdays in August 2007 and brought cheer to many while gaining immeasurable self-confidence. GLOBAL HARMONY is an experience these students will never forget!

Featuring music by Anael, Angelique Kidjo, Bahramji*, Dubdealers*, Nickodemus*, and Orientation*. Shot on a Panasonic DVC32 and edited on iMovie by Antares.

Release date: 11.11.07
Playing Time: 35:32

*Available on Blue Flame Records