Monday, January 21, 2008


Since the afternoon of January 15th I've had no Streamyx access. Service was restored around 1 p.m. on January 21st. That's one whole week and probably a dozen phonecalls to TMNet Customer Care. Impressive.... NOT!

All systems can and occasionally do break down. However, when it comes to essential services like telecommunications, electricity and water, prolonged downtime causes unquantifiable losses and that's why a turnaround time of 24 hours must be the maximum acceptable limit. Beyond that the companies responsible need to be made financially accountable. That should speed up the maintenance and repair department a little - when their annual bonuses are on the line.

To make matters worse, whenever you call TMNet Customer Care, they invariably put you on hold for several minutes during which you're blasted with idiotic ads for TMNet ("Dedicated to bringing you the best in internet and multimedia services" - my foot!). Talk about rubbing salt into the wound...

So who's responsible for making something as vital to modern life as telecommunications a privatized monopoly business? And not just a privatized monopoly - but an almost entirely monoethnic one to boot?

Saw a great T-shirt on sale at Central Market recently. It features a bold TM logo underscored by the tagline: TAK MALU ("No Shame" in Malay). Come to think of it, TM could also stand for Tun Mahathir - the Supermamak who gave Malaysia privatized electricity, water, telephone, and medical services!

BAH! (I wanted to say NIAMAH! but Patrick Teoh has taken out a patent on that one).