Sunday, April 13, 2008

Saving Up for Sufiah Yusof

What a fabulous fiasco it turned out to be, the hue and cry over the recent revelation by a scabious Murdoch-owned tabloid (News of the World) that a female math prodigy who entered Oxford University at 13 was now working in Manchester as a "£130-an-hour hooker" ten years later. Why the hue and cry? Simply because the girl, Sufiah Yusof, was supposedly Muslim, one of five children born to a Pakistani father and a Malaysian mother.

Like everybody else I found the story intriguing enough for me to poke my nose into it - and what I found online was a series of provocative poses uploaded as a slide show by the News of the World. Now I must admit I took an instant shine to Sufiah, especially after watching an interview with her. She came across as a highly articulate, self-confident, sexually liberated young woman who had consciously decided to embark on a lucrative career as a professional erotician. Luscious bod too.

"I've had some of the best sex I've ever had working in this job," she says candidly. Sufiah sounds totally British, so it's rather odd that some Malaysians still believe they have some sort of claim over her as a "princess of the soil." The truth is, what Sufiah does with her life is none of their fucking business, no pun intended. Okay, during the Mahathir era the Malaysian government did sponsor Sufiah's studies in the hope that she would someday do her motherland proud. But dammit the kid was only 12 at the time and it was her dad Farooq who came up with this insane and cruel method of "accelerated learning" designed to hydroponically produce academic geniuses. Not surprisingly, Farooq Yusof was recently jailed for molesting two 15-year-old students who were taking home tuition from him. You can imagine what sort of relationship Sufiah had with her dad.

But this blogpost isn't about Sufiah Yusof, even though she inspired it. What I want to talk about is the erotophobia of the Abrahamic religions which has turned repressed sexuality into a multi-billion dollar industry.

The crux of the problem is that morality has become inextricably linked to sexual behavior when morality and sex have very little to do with each other. Cutting edge thinker Robert Anton Wilson often wrote about the conflict between what he called the logogram and the biogram. Morality is part of the logogram - a set of assumptions and beliefs conjured by the verbal mind. Sexuality is part of the biogram - a reproductive strategy activated by biochemical, bioelectrical and sensory processes that do not take their cues from the analytical mind.

In other words, the language-processing conceptual mind creates artificial boundaries and limitations and then assumes they are real and universal; while the body operates on a complex series of autonomous programs triggered by the endocrinal and hormonal systems, evolved over billions of earth years.

The late great Austrian psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich (left) theorized that sexual repression is the source of many psychological and social problems. The split between mind (logogram) and body (biogram) causes us to destroy each other and our planet, Reich believed, and is the underlying cause of warfare. Reich saw the ability to lose ourselves in sexual ecstasy as the ultimate measure of well being. He held that neurosis is none other than the sum total of all chronically automatic inhibitions of natural sexual excitation, and everything else is the result of this original disturbance. Reich's psychotherapeutic goal was to restore the primacy of our sensual nature. To really let go during the sexual experience. Not just an orgasm but a complete, full release. For Reich, a key question was: Why did people support the Nazis? Reich found that several things went together in Nazi Germany:

* Strong paternal authority
* Sexual repressiveness
* authoritarian values
* reactionary political ideologies

Sexual desires naturally urge a person to enter into all kinds of relations with the world, and to enter into close contact with others in a variety of forms. If these urges are repressed, they can only express themselves within the narrow confines of the family. In patriarchy, there is much more emphasis on sexual control than in matriarchy. If all the wealth passes through the father, you want to be very sure who the father is. If it passes through the mother, there is less concern as to who the father is. Monogamy will cease to be presented as the only legitimate form of sexual bonding. [Brief summary of a paper by Victor Daniels of Sonoma State University]

E.F. Baker, in an essay on Reich published in the Journal of Orgonomy wrote:

"Reich could only conclude that sex, which was formerly believed to be solely for reproductive purposes, had the vitally important function of maintaining a stable energy level within the organism. It would follow, then, that without sexual repression, there would be no neuroses. This is indeed the case in those societies that are sex-affirmative, such as the Trobriand Islanders'. Such societies are matrilineal in structure. In western civilization (and most Asiatic and other countries), a patriarchal form of social structure exists which is sex-negative. We have, therefore, to be concerned with the social cause of sexual problems and hence neuroses. Our whole society is oriented against true sexual freedom and, from infancy on, every effort is made to inhibit and repress any sexual manifestations. Boys and girls alike are severely reprimanded for any curiosity about the other's body, and adolescents who engage in sexual relations can be severely punished. Thus, only a few are allowed to grow up with a natural sexual attitude, and yet, when they marry, they are supposed to be able to function. Few find or attain a satisfying sexual relationship even in our day when youths are boldly showing their sexual interest and demanding its fulfillment."

So why would anyone be willing to spend £130 (approximately RM870) just for a sexual romp with Sufiah Yusof? It's simply because she has figured out that the majority of men can't find sexual gratification at home and are happy to pay handsomely for a really fantastic fuck. Few women, once they're married and have children, bother to remain sexually appealing to their husbands. By specializing in the erotic arts, Sufiah capitalizes on fulfilling male fantasies of carefree, no-holds-barred sexual play. If an occasional evening out with somebody like Sufiah Yusof can help maintain a man's sanity, then that £130 can be considered money well spent.

Those who believe Sufiah Yusof needs to be saved from a life of sin and godlessness are themselves most likely to suffer from acute sexual repression. Growing up in a patriarchal culture and indoctrinated with erotophobic beliefs that equate pleasure with immorality, the existence of a sexually liberated female like Sufiah threatens the fundaments of their belief systems.

If I were living in the vicinity of Manchester, I might be sorely tempted to look Sufiah up. Not with the thought of saving her, of course, but it would be absolutely delicious to have a juicy discussion on algorithms and integral calculus with her while nonchalantly peeling off her algebra. Well, I'd better start saving up. This foxy lady who began life as a math genius doesn't come cheap!


Sleekblackmercedes said...

I like this post very much dude!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow .. which hot blooded (maybe also the not so hot blooded) man does not want to jump on her - beautiful sexy and brainy too !!

I admire her confidence - I do what I do, to hell with you do-gooders. (sakit-nya Zaid)

P.S. Seriously, many woman (maybe even man) aspires to be like her too - wild and uninhibited but alas, societal pressures dictates otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Oops ... (sakit-nya Zaid) should read as (sakit-nya Zahid).

Finger problem lah, distracted by her luscious body and come-take-me poses.

Starmandala said...

Ha ha, you guys, when I finally receive my 1.5 million euros from those bloody Nigerians I'll sponsor an AirAsia flight to Manchester for you two - plus a weekend romp with Shilpa. How's that sound? (I'll be there with my trusty videocam! ;-)

Anonymous said...

aiya ... drooling already.

I pray that you receive your many euros soon - hopefully God answers kindly to prayers of this kind too.

P.S. No videos unless you are part of video, so no opportunity to blackmail each other mah ...

Anonymous said...

I thought you were into Sade.
Now it's Sufiah a.k.a Shilpa Lee?
I forgot you're pansexual.
You're a complete nutcase. You're just gonna tire yourself out. Men always do. Pretend you're such a stallion and 15 minutes into horseplay and you're all spent, I mean.

Sufiah should hook up with me instead.

Ant, I'd be honoured if you'd include me in that there list of friends--- After all, we've been friends since what... 2001? 2002?


Starmandala said...

Hiya Gan... I usually address all my lewd prayers to Aphrodite. Guess if I were female I'd be a devotee of Eros! The vastness, complexity and multidimensionality of the All-Encompassing Unified Consciousness Field humans lamely call "God" is more directly accessed and integrated in stepped-down packets of energy each labeled according to a specific attribute. It's not very helpful to view the Idea of the Divine from an exclusively anthropocentric perspective (which is what the Book Religions do, hence the confusion, conflict, and dichotomy these dualistic, schizoid belief systems engender).

As for your comment, Creambuns... hey, great to hear from you! Yes, you're looking at the original poly-D solipsistic pansexual - which means I find EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY sexy, including YOU. Well, I was indeed the Italian Stallion many years ago, but these days I've become a boring beast of burden - hence my erotic flights of fancy (if my sex life were as exciting as it used to be, do you seriously think I'd be at the computer half the night, blogging? Heck no, I'd be too busy snogging!) Tell you what, when the Nigerian scam euros come through, I'll include you in the Shilpa Lee tour package. Why not? Long time since I experienced being a polyp colony! I'll probably do a Peter Sellers and... just watch ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wei Antares ... I just ask for God lah, don't need a whole lecture lah.

Didn't understand your speaking especially when eyes still rolling towards heaven from fantasizing and drooling over Sufiah ... groan, groan, groan ...

Can't wait for that Manchester trip ... come fast man !!

Starmandala said...

Sorry about the verbosity, Gan. Old habits die hard. I was a lecherer... I mean, lecturer for nearly two years. Perhaps you ought to thank me for attempting to take your mind off Sufiah. With all that drooling you might ruin your computer keyboard! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks ... my keyboard was submerge in drool !!

& some other parts was flooded too ...

Anonymous said...

Sigh... I can see the appeal of doing what Sufiah is doing!

Project Second Chance for all my street animals:

1. Animals in my home right now: 14 living with me, more on the way.

2. Requests from neighbourhood people for help with strays and injured or ill animals: 5 calls that I haven't responded to today.

3. Number of donors: 3

I keep thinking that even RM130 an hour equals a lot of premium pet food, medicines, cages and carriers! Wow! And vet bills! Can pay em off without being in debt with the kind understanding vets who are quite sympathetic to this eccentric lawyer who never turns an animal in need away!

Unfortunately, I'll never be as 'laku' as Suff!

Starmandala said...

You've tugged my heartstrings with your comment, Creambuns. Imagine putting out just so you can support all those strays. One of these days I'll be flush. Wouldn't mind paying you RM130 an hour for a noble cause! ;-)

Anonymous said...

"Life is not worth a damn, if I am not what I am".... Cheers to Sufian for having courage to be who she wants to be, and enjoying herself for being who is is - A COURAGEOUS HONEST WOMAN.
And why are these hypocrites here in Bolehland so upset about it?

bibliobibuli said...

nice piece, antares. i also did my research and read her comments posted in forums - and she views her career choice very positively. the important thing is that it is her choice. there could be some anger in her decision though.

"the news of the world" isn't even fit for use as toilet paper - what a rag!

Starmandala said...

Lovely to see you here, Sharon. Pity I haven't been able to show up at your Readings (Saturdays are usually when friends flock to the river!) Considering her high-pressure childhood, Sufiah Yusof has had to acquire a tough shell just to survive. She isn't the only angry young person on the planet, that's for sure! Thanks very much for your comment, appreciate it :-)

Anonymous said...

all i know is that you are fucking crazy and this post is disgusting lot!

Starmandala said...

Hmmm... another "anonymous" commenter! Let me guess... you're either the Mufti of Perak... or Sufiah's mum? :-) You're probably correct about my being "fucking crazy" (maybe you meant "crazy about fucking"?)... but "disgusting"???
Well, de gustibus non est disputandum!