Wednesday, May 7, 2008


How can you free a man who’s already free? RPK has always been free. Do you think a few pathetic iron bars can encage a Man of Steel? Once you have overcome all your fears - even your fear of death - you are forever free. And Raja Petra Kamarudin, at age 58, has certainly achieved that, going by his last blogpost before he was hauled off to Sungai Buloh Prison on May 6, after refusing on principle to pay bail.

Freedom is a spiritual condition. Physically, RPK may not be free to drive around town and have a beer with his mates. Perhaps RPK the self-made Master of his own Destiny is taking this golden opportunity to journey within and take a break from the incessant fray raging in political circles.

Going into self-chosen seclusion and deep silence may be his way of detoxing, recharging and renewing himself. It will be an ascetic retreat sponsored by the federal government - but he will emerge glowing with even greater luminosity.

Remember, Gandalf the Grey wrestles the Balrog and they both plunge into the fiery abyss. When Gandalf reappears he has become even more powerful as Gandalf the White. The Balrog perishes.

Only, in the case of RPK, the Balrog is a monster of infinite darkness called BN.

[RPK portrait courtesy of Malaysiakini. Balrog illustration by Ted Nasmith]


Anonymous said...

Dear Antares, I look forward to reading your article with great anticipation and excitement. Your intelligence and superb choice of words mesmerised me to the core. However, my reason for posting a comment for the first time here is because I am worried sick for RPK. Is he all right? MT is down (I wonder who the culprit is) and I am dying to hear some news about his well-being.

Faraway Land

CaptainCaveman said...

Bravo! Antares, keep it up. May The Force Be With You

Starmandala said...

Thank you for the very kind words, friends (though I'm a bit frustrated not knowing who "anonymous" is, must be an extremely shy person! How can I invite you to tea? :-) CK, you've become a familiar commenter here and I really do appreciate your warm presence!

Everybody who has been inspired by RPK's blogging over the past few years surely feels in an acute way the hideous injustice being done to him - and RPK isn't the only one who has rubbed BN up the wrong way. The Hindraf 5 are still under ISA detention along with dozens others who have been left to languish for 6 long years.

My advice, as always, is to be a warrior not a worrier! RPK has been
exemplary in demonstrating the power of fearlessness - it is the process by which the human and the divine fuses. RPK can only become more godlike even as the Umno ghouls descend further into fear-driven demonic reactions. That's exactly what RPK meant when he said: "Let's send Altantuya's murderers to hell!"

MT has been accessible from my computer, so it could simply be traffic congestion in the Klang Valley.

The drama of RPK's arrest and incarceration can only hasten the demise of tyranny - and he has chosen to walk his talk like the authentic human being he is. Support RPK with your love and admiration and repay him by reclaiming your own sovereign power and freedom!

Anonymous said...

Dear Antares,

The Phoenix Foundation said...

Yoh! Antares!
Come down from the Hills 2
PJSessions Ct!
I know U know where it is!!!
C U @ A & W 8.00am!

Anonymous said...

Dear Antares, my hasty fingers must have pressed the Enter button before I could say anything except for the salutation.

Josephine aka "anonymous", I would love to join you for tea but I am now staying abroad. Thanks nevertheless.

It is most apt when you said it is only good to be a warrior instead of a worrier. RPK is one warrior, a name which will go down in history. One day, when I am old and grey, I know I can sit my grandchildren down and smile proudly pointing at RPK's picture on the page that here is one man the future generation can emulate with profound pride in the heart.

RPK, the walking goons nowadays can't' hold a candle to you. You are one in a a song goes...

Starmandala said...

Ah, Josephine! Time and space are so compressed in the digital era that if we wanted, we could sip virtual tea in a virtual kopitiam or do facebook chat in lieu of an astral rendezvous!
Thanks for at least revealing your name :-)

Loken PaL-aNi-SaM-y said...

Hi Antares,
I am trying everday to feel like freedom is a spiritual condition. Somedays I succeed, and on others, I am trying to define what freedom is?

It was uplifting reading your blog. Tks and TC.

fie the elf said...

i agree with everything you said :)

Anonymous said...

Agredd & love ur statement "Freedom is a spiritual condition" !!!