Wednesday, May 7, 2008


How can you free a man who’s already free? RPK has always been free. Do you think a few pathetic iron bars can encage a Man of Steel? Once you have overcome all your fears - even your fear of death - you are forever free. And Raja Petra Kamarudin, at age 58, has certainly achieved that, going by his last blogpost before he was hauled off to Sungai Buloh Prison on May 6, after refusing on principle to pay bail.

Freedom is a spiritual condition. Physically, RPK may not be free to drive around town and have a beer with his mates. Perhaps RPK the self-made Master of his own Destiny is taking this golden opportunity to journey within and take a break from the incessant fray raging in political circles.

Going into self-chosen seclusion and deep silence may be his way of detoxing, recharging and renewing himself. It will be an ascetic retreat sponsored by the federal government - but he will emerge glowing with even greater luminosity.

Remember, Gandalf the Grey wrestles the Balrog and they both plunge into the fiery abyss. When Gandalf reappears he has become even more powerful as Gandalf the White. The Balrog perishes.

Only, in the case of RPK, the Balrog is a monster of infinite darkness called BN.

[RPK portrait courtesy of Malaysiakini. Balrog illustration by Ted Nasmith]