Friday, June 20, 2008

RPK FOR IGP! The Stonewall Begins To Crumble!

(Photo courtesy of TV Smith)

Breaking news on Malaysiakini, 20 June 2008.

RPK's explosive Statutory Declaration at the KL High Court dated 18 June 2008. Click to enlarge!

On behalf of all truth-loving Malaysians, I salute your courage, RPK! Thanks for blowing BN's cover. Once again, I nominate Raja Petra Kamarudin for the post of honorary Inspector-General of Police. After you've helped sort out the Force, you're free to go back to blogging full time :-)

Najib, are you mulling over the best place to run to? I hear the Mongolian desert is beautiful beyond words - lots of female camels that don't mind being humped!


J.T. said...

Wow! Thanks for the news. This is explosive alright.

Starmandala said...

The Star doesn't seem to think so, J.T. Took a look at their site earlier. Biggest news is SAPP giving BN the finger. Pathetic, eh? :-)

Still, we're in better shape than the Americans who voted for Bush THRICE - if you count Herbert Walker, the Biggest Thug since Genghis Khan!

Anonymous said...

where is the proof? who is the source? what evidence? it's all hearsay... nice story telling rpk... you won't quit till you destroy malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Patience, people. The game of political chess also goes one step at a time. SAPP, BN, RPK...
Next move, BN...

Anonymous said...

'lots of female camels that don't mind being humped!'ha...ha...ha ..rotflmao.

Anonymous said...

For an explosive news of this size, in a foreign land the implicated minister would have resigned immediately to facilitate investigations.

Here, you stay put and instead supervise investigations.

And to boot it all would you believe it!! All the VVIPs are staying mum. So too MSM. Looks like silence will extinguish any charges or accusations.

Makes interesting PhD material in political science.

Anonymous said...

Raja Petra is one very brave and truthful person! Imagine fighting the so-called impenetrable power that be! Thanks to men like him for persistently fighting for justice for unfortunate Altantuya (imagine her and other victims of such brutal injustice’s feelings of helplessness, anguish and horror at that time....everytime I see her or her father's photo), and thus for all women in general; can we have more brave and just men like these? How come PAS is strangely silent on this very fundamental issue; rather than chasing after women with their Taliban clubs; just for the way they dress? Or is it because they blamed Altantuya/women in general or that they don't care since Altantuya is supposedly an "infidel"/non-Muslim?! PAS, let me tell you, very evil men and women lurk in every civilization , including in the Islamic one! If you can demo at some artists' concert over trivial issues, why can't you demo on these sexist, sadist and racist monsters in the authority; who are the real betrayers of the "Malay/Islamic civilization"! Instead of pestering and harassing us, non-women-in-the-veil that you detest so much!

Noor Aza Othman,
Women for Justice Support Group Project.

Sklau said...

All English media papers are certainly not publishing this bombshell for obvious reasons. However most Chinese Dailys have this article on their front page.

I watched Bernama TV repeatedly the last couple of hours hoping they might mention RPK's SD in as short a sentence as they could compose. No such luck though Believing Elvis is still alive was a better bet.

UMNO's machineries is working overtime at this very moment to find the best rebuttal and the most effective method to squirm out of this 'mother of all murder'. I just hope a very brave sultan would come to Pete's aid at this crucial juncture of his life when he risk everything for the sake of the nation. We can commend and praise him for his bravery till wings start to grow on his shoulders, but UMNO don't give two doodle piss what we say or think. We really need guts from the rulers now for the simple reason that if such heinous crime were to be covered-up and the perpetrators go unpunished, it would definitely set a precedent for worse to come.

Starmandala said...

Is this not an evil situation when ministers and their wives believe they can get away with murder and financial mayhem? And are we not accessories to evil when we accept this as inevitable in our sheeplike fear of losing our jobs and publishing such news far and wide?
This isn't a rhetorical question, folks - it's addressed specifically to my friends in the "mainstream" media! How can you face your own kids when they ask why you kept mum instead of doing your professional duty by reporting what happens - and RPK's SD is beyond any doubt front-page news!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is the season for SD's and swearing by the Koran. Nothing seems to matter for the moment, whilst Malaysians are suffering the real effects of increasing prices of primary commdodities.
Corruption is getting worse in both the public and private sectors.
I have not met you for some time since you told me that you wanted to teach me how to do some programming that would wean me from dependence on Microsoft.
Cheng Poh Heng