Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim @ Shah Alam, 1st July 2008

I wish to record my sincere appreciation to the dynamic team at MediaRakyat for uploading Anwar Ibrahim's full speech at the Shah Alam stadium on YouTube within a matter of hours. Now Malaysians around the world can hear what the man has to say... and decide for themselves whether they still prefer the Devil They Know!

ANWAR: Ceramah @ Shah Alam (1 July 2008) PART 1





[Courtesy of MediaRakyat]


Anonymous said...

Check out this old man at I personally admire his courage and determination to withhold his rights and stand against one big giant. Won’t it be cool if some bloggers write/comment about his problem?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for supporting us.

Anonymous said...

Mr ant. I just wanted to say that i envy your english language. You write so good, i wish that i can write like you, someday..

Starmandala said...

Anonymous, I'll check out the link you provided. Don't tell me it's that guy in PJ who's been complaining about F&N selling him a can of sweet milk with dirt in it?

MediaRakyat, you're most welcome and I thank you for the good work you're doing for the New Dawn in Malaysia!

Callister, thanks so much; would it help if I told you I envy you your youthful charm? :-)