Thursday, July 31, 2008

"Let the Polis Investigate." Har har har har har!

Saiful Bukhari Azlan's lawyer, Zamri Idrus, could do with a crash course in holding media conferences. His whole demeanor, body language, and evasiveness mark him as somebody with a hidden agenda - and those tinted glasses hardly help to dispel the impression that we're looking at a somewhat "shady" character. All the man can say is:

"Let the polis investigate."

"It's under polis investigation."

"No need to go into this issue."

"I can't comment on that."

Asked about the first medical report by Dr Osman Hamid of Hospital Pusrawi, Zamri's ridiculous reaction is that nobody knows what "the so-called report" is all about. Hey, bodoh... it's about Saiful Bukhari being a goddam liar, making up a wicked story about being sodomized eight times by a guy with a bad back.

The reporters want to know why Saiful is under polis protection. "He requested it," Zamri says. Boy, the Malaysian polis are ever so accommodating, always eager to serve the rakyat. Does Saiful think Anwar's supporters will hunt him down and hang him from a lamppost? Obviously, these Umno thugs believe everybody else thinks just like them.

Not only Zamri Idrus, but every Umno mouthpiece that has commented on this repulsive piece of chicanery - from Badawi (PM) to Botak (home minister) to Moh Choon Toy (health minister) - has used this phrase, "Let the polis investigate," like a magic mantra. Indeed, the phrase seems to be interchangeable with "Leave it in God's hands!"

And Malaysia is NOT a polis state??? Well, whatever it may be, Malaysia is definitely in a totally psychotic state - or, at least, the hoodlums are that have been misruling this poor country for decades. Now that Umno is facing its own imminent demise, panic has broken out and is causing it to sink deeper and deeper and deeper, with every move it makes, into a stinking quagmire from which it will never be able to extricate itself.

Glub glub glub. Good riddance, Umno.


UMB said...

Saiful!! Who!!!

Why the need for all the high publicity Press Conference.

If you are sodomised, be it since the Police is handling the case.

Maybe Saiful should tell us more and who finance all this Press Conference which is not cheap.

Anyway, why hold it in a Hoel and why should your Lawyer wear glasses and in dim lighted hall.

Something to high?

Unknown said...

Yup .. leave it to de Polis and good guys go to jail .. bad guys get off free .. especially the upper echelons of our "most efficient" (puke) administration.

Implosion said...

Ah, but media such as TV3, RTM, TheStar and other circus monkeys have no idea (or standards for that matter) what is news and what isn't....

Starmandala said...

Anyone with a bit of NLP training can figure out the body language of insincerity, obfuscation, and shameless shysterism - laced with characteristic Umno arrogance.

tinton said...

I wonder what Karpal Singh thinks about his former protege.