Saturday, July 19, 2008


You lost all credibility with me in November 2006 when you chose to cover Najib's arse instead of doing what any credible leader would have done, that is: tell your deputy to go on temporary leave of absence so that police investigations into the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder could proceed unhindered and undistorted by a morally condemned Attorney-General and a self-aggrandizing IGP. By failing to do so, you have become tarred with the same despicable brush as all the other sleazebags and slimeballs in Umno - and therefore your neck is no longer worth saving, nor are any of your banal utterances worth publishing.

Infamous stained mattress displayed during 1999 Anwar Trial (Photo courtesy of Malaysiakini)

Each time you open your mouth to comment on the braindead sodomy accusation you only sink deeper into the slimy mud of contemptibility. Do the intelligent thing and rescue an iota of your dignity as prime minister by instructing the police to drop the case at once - because it has seriously damaged Malaysia's international reputation - more so than a million tattooed and transgendered sodomites staging an anal sex carnival on live TV could blemish our image as a civilized nation.

Only thing you have going for you is the fact that Mahathir hates your guts. That alone makes you a lot less obnoxious than most of your benighted colleagues in Umno. Your avuncular aura and gentlemanly stance also ensure that people tend to spare you the worst insults. However, your hands are just as dirty and bloodstained as Najib's since you are fully complicit in the Altantuya cover-up - don't kid yourself that anyone believes you're Mr Clean!

I challenge you to prove me wrong. Sack Musa Hassan and Gani Patail for falsifying evidence to ensure Anwar's conviction in 1999. Then order Najib to go on leave while you investigate how many generals he has bought off with lucrative contracts. After that you can stun us all by hauling up Mahathir, Tengku Adnan, V.K. Lingam, Vincent Tan and Ahmaid Fairuz for a thorough grilling - before charging them with manipulating the appointment of judges and influencing the outcome of trials. Do that today and tomorrow I'll say something really nice about you. Promise!


Anonymous said...

AHA! Great minds think alike. Despicable was my blog post title today. Despicable indeed. The lies, the cover-ups, the cowardice shown by those in office, they are worse than the shits in the arsehole.

Anonymous said...

Same thoughts brother. For 33 years I hv been respecting Pak Lah. In 1998, I was disappointed 'cos he did not speak up against the fabrication. Understandable cos he would not have been TPM or PM today. But now as a PM, he is still harbouring criminals in his cabinet and allowing the abuse of public institutions. Is that Hadhari is all about, Chief Imam?

Maybe, I hoped, he has something coming round the corner to surprise us and win back people like us but his comments on the police action on Anwar lately negates all hope. The drama should end and the King must save the rakyat. Or is the King scared that the Generals (and wives), having been fed luxuriously by Rosmah/Najib, may show allegiance to umno.

Pak Lah, you are lost. Please revert back to God if you are still a believer. Jangan ejek Tuhan, nanti kita semua kena bala (not the SD Bala).

Umno member since 1977 'cos of Che Lah then.


Starmandala said...

Ha ha. I get my iBook back tomorrow. It miraculously repaired itself. Let's hope the same for Malaysia! :-)

Thanks for such delightful comments, Lilian and Rasheed!

Anonymous said...

Dear Antares

We are indeed becoming more and more of a laughing stock to the world.

Unfortunately, it looks like AAB is what we Chinese call a "hsiao ren" i.e. a small man. Meaning a petty person, does not fit the shoes he is wearing, not a true leader etc.

Don't forget also the baleful "influence" of SIL on him!

Phua Kai Lit

Starmandala said...

I look to mythology and folktales for inspiration, Kai Lit - and, of course, one of the most powerful stories available to us is Tolkien's amazing masterpiece, "Lord of the Rings." Using that epic as a template, we can see Abdullah as Denethor, steward of Gondor - a decent chap enfeebled by evil influences close to him, and his addiction to the luxury and privileges of power. Dollah's son can be likened to Denethor's eldest son Boromir - who succumbs to temptation but is fortunately killed before he can accumulate more bad karma. The SIL is in some ways a lot like Wormtongue, who becomes Saruman's pet dog. Saruman represents spiritual or intellectual power corrupted by secular ambitions - a pitfall for all who enter politics, a bloody arena where success often contains the seed of failure. By the same token, Frodo and his hobbit companions represent the Rakyat - quiet living folk from the kampong thrust into a political maelstrom by fate but who ultimately triumph.
Guess who best matches the role of Aragon of Arathorn, king-in-exile of Gondor, whose return and coronation mark the end of a Nightmare Era - and a New Dawn for Democracy?