Monday, August 18, 2008

A Fragrant Flower Blooms on the White Tree


During his hour-long visit at the hawker centre this morning, Anwar was greeted by hawkers and residents. Camera & editing: Ng Kok Foong |

From Anil Netto's blog:
Something remarkable happened near the UiTM campus

Umno supporters unfurl a banner supporting the Malays-only status quo of the UiTM college on Nomination Day (Photo: Abang Benet)

At around 9.45 last night, Anwar bravely addressed a crowd of close to a thousand people on a service road outside the UiTM Permatang Pauh campus. Nearby apartment dwellers and students from the hostel, mainly Malay, poured out to listen to him. Some of these students must have been among the reported crowd of 5,000 who had demonstrated here against Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim’s suggestion that the university open its doors to non-bumiputeras.

Anwar stressed to the crowd the importance of multiracialism. He would be a prime minister that would be fair to all Malaysians and it would be his responsibility to make sure he took care of all ethnic groups.

“Orang Melayu anak saya… (pause) … orang Cina anak saya … (pause) …. orang India anak saya,” he said in poetic and dramatic fashion.

Applause broke out from the largely Malay crowd which included the Malay UiTM students.

“All it takes is for the right leader to tell them the right thing and they will support it,” marvelled a newspaper editor who witnessed the scene.

For the first time since Tunku Abdul Rahman proudly proclaimed Merdeka on 31 August 1957, people are experiencing a powerful surge of genuine patriotism, founded on profound love for their homeland - and not just as a state-funded flag-waving public relations exercise.

Anwar's dramatic political career spanning 40 years - with its ups and downs and its moving, human dimensions - has touched the core of our collective hearts and replenished it with fresh optimism and belief in a glorious future under a clean and just government.

This intense feeling of joy, hope, and spontaneous cooperation amongst the various races is very real. When Anwar expresses a fatherly love for the Malays, Chinese, and Indians, what he has accomplished is to restore an essential, hitherto missing, ingredient to our political life... and that is the POWER OF SOUL.

Viewing this newly uploaded video from, I was reminded of that poignant moment in Peter Jackson's Return of the King when a single flower is seen to bloom on the long dead White Tree in Minas Tirith, even as Aragorn son of Arathorn leads the charge against the Black Gate of Mordor, signaling the end of Sauron's evil reign in Middle Earth.

What a blessed time this is for all loyal Malaysians who truly love their country and who refuse to migrate just because the government has been infiltrated by liars, crooks, and hypocrites for so many decades. Now is the time to reclaim our birthplace from those who only know how to rape, pillage, and lay waste to our once and future paradise!