Sunday, August 17, 2008


Pic © TV Smith (click on link to view original!)

Pic © TV Smith (click on link to view original!)

Pic courtesy of Din Merican

Pic courtesy of Din Merican

Pic courtesy of Din Merican

I was there in spirit, yelling "Reformasi!" along with Nurul Izzah - and (some say) 100,000 Anwar supporters. So far, the eye-count for the Reformasi crowd on Nomination Day at Permatang Pauh, 16 August, ranges from a low of 15,000 (Reuters) to a high of 150,000 (PKR sympathizer). But most reports concur that the BN crowd numbered at most 5,000 - not counting 3,000 police and riot squad personnel. Thanks to my old pal, T.V. Smith, for the inspired images; and also to Din Merican, PKR Program Director, for capturing the excitement of the moment. Can you feel the winds of change, people?

Courtesy of Anwar Ibrahim's YouTube Channel

PKR’s Gobalakrishnan wears an Anwar mask at Permatang Pauh on Nomination Day (photo courtesy of Anil Netto)


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Anonymous said...

pergh...ramai giler anwar's supporters