Thursday, August 7, 2008


The malicious and illegal attempt of a renegade faction of the Royal Malaysian Police to destroy Anwar Ibrahim's political destiny constitutes a despicable act of treason and has befouled the name of the entire police force.

Why do the Sultans say nothing in the face of such unmitigated evil?

Welcome to Mugabeland!

All those involved in this heinous plot to thwart the will of the rakyat, sabotage Pakatan Rakyat's reform agenda, and hijack the destiny of the nation are accursed beyond redemption. Their fate is hereby sealed. Do you hear me, Bad Bad Bad Awi? Your beloved son-in-law is Evil Incarnate and you have been totally contaminated by his dark influence!

Anwar, you will emerge from this final ordeal unscathed and victorious - and in a matter of weeks the Pakatan Rakyat will form the new government.

If the court refuses to grant bail, let's flock to police stations in vast numbers, demanding to be investigated and charged for anal and oral sex. Imagine 500,000 people throughout Malaysia queuing up to file police reports against themselves for having guiltlessly enjoyed cunnilingus, fellatio, sodomy - and for subscribing to democratic ideals!


A special police operations centre was set up some time ago to coordinate all activities related to the Anwar Ibrahim sodomy crisis. No, the special police operations centre was not set up AFTER the alleged sodomy act took place on 26 June 2008. It was set up way before 26 June 2008.

Why the need to set up a special police operations centre BEFORE the date of the alleged sodomy act? Are they clairvoyant and did they peep into their crystal ball and ‘see’ the crime happen before it actually happened? Was the special police operations centre set up so that they could solve the crime? Or was the special police operations centre set up BEFORE the date of the ‘crime’ so that they could invent the so-called crime?

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