Friday, August 29, 2008

Sick of Politics? Try Some Exopolitics, Folks!

In our bi-polar universe everything occurs in paired opposites, even star systems. Just as we're all aware of the value of balancing our yins and our yangs (our female and male aspects, for those who no spik Chinee; our warps and woofs, for those who speak only Caninese), the entire galaxy - perhaps the Whole Universe - is seeking to align and synchronize its inner and outer workings, particularly at auspicious junctures like NOW - when cycles micro and macro are converging and culminating in what Terence McKenna called "Singularity" (and the rest of us are happy to call plain old Oneness).

Just as every plug seeks a socket, stars too are seeking realignment and reconnection with their polar counterparts: Sirius (M) is beginning to recognize the Pleiades (F) as its stellar spouse. For as long as we can remember Sirius has dominated the Earth's northern hemisphere - the "upper" chakras - while Pleiadian energies have ruled the southern hemisphere - the "lower" chakras). Sirius claims paternity over earthian humanity and is constantly trying to mold us in its own image (that's where the patriarchal Elohim operate from, especially those emanating from IHVH, whose unruly stepchildren, the Anunnaki, colonized the planet and manufactured the Adamic race to perform menial tasks... but the genes mutated out of control!).

The Pleiades is a very complex star alliance comprising a bewildering assortment of evolutionary possibilities - hence, its influence is more "motherly" and not so dogma-bound.

Orion, I think, might be a gay system with a crush on Sirius - hence the close collaboration between these two stars in Egyptian lore. That fancy belt with three flashing rhinestones is a dead giveaway, even though they're supposed to be stargates!

So what about Arcturus? Well, I was greatly chuffed when I got hold of José Argüelles's Surfers of the Zuvuya in which he presents a star map depicted as a kabbalistic Tree of Life, showing Arcturus as the male aspect of Antares. Indeed, José talks about the Arcturus-Antares Midway Station - a sort of conference center serving the Milky Way - where souls assemble to discuss, well, galactic affairs. Many of us, José says, spend some of our sleeping hours "there" trading gossip and catching up on the real news - but have no memory of it when we "wake up."

Indeed, José Argüelles is so sure of his Arcturian origins he updated his calling card to read: "Valum Votan, Arcturian Minister" and his wife, Lloydine, became Bolon Ik (see their website I don't doubt José's claim. If you've read any of his magnificent books, his intuitive grasp of cosmic science and math boggles the more female Lemurian-Pleiadian mind. Maybe Buckminster Fuller was from Arcturus too?

The native Maya - like the majority of indigenous tribes on earth - have a special connection with the Pleiades. So how does Arcturus fit into the Mayan Factor? My take on this is that the Arcturians brought their crystalline intelligence to bear on the Lemurian remnant by incarnating as their gods. So we have all these Pleiadian-seeded tribes worshiping Arcturian god-kings whose grasp of cosmic sciences and higher mathematics produced artifacts like Angkor Wat, the Easter Island heads, Tiahuanaco, Machu Picchu, and the great ziggurats of Central America.

My intuition informs me that Arcturians are incredibly technical intelligences - galactic engineers in charge of grid maintenance and repair. A clairvoyant friend who lives in Sodus, New York, told me (after I sent her a webcam view of Mount Shasta) that she dreamt she was deep within the bowels of Shasta where she witnessed the arrival of an Arcturian technical team, who proceeded to download a vast computer program into the subterranean crystal bank. She felt she was sent there to receive a copy of the program within her cells which she could then take to Magick River and download into the quartz banks below the Mother Fall. She took this mission very seriously and paid her own airfare in 1999 to accomplish the task. From Sodus, New York, to Magick River, Malaysia - just to install some dadfangled Arcturian software in the innards of the heart chakra portal! That's dedication for you. Anyway, her mission was successfully accomplished on April 12th, 1999 (I was there with one other witness). Amyras - that's her spiritual tag - informed me that there were vast numbers of nature spirits and guardians protecting the Mother Fall.

I had already felt that, but it was good to have it confirmed by a "pro." Since then, I've had quite a few psychics turn up who, without any prompting, immediately identified me as the guardian of the interdimensional portal at Magick River. Almost freaky - but, then, being an Antarean, I'm used to funny stuff like that happening.

Now, all this talk about Sirians and Pleiadians and Arcturians and Antareans might sound a tad complicated - but if you look at it as you would a history of North America, with a complex of indigenous tribes apparently overrun and colonized by bearded palefaces from across the sea (or outer space) - each with a different language and culture (Nordic, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, British, German, French, Russian, Jewish, Polish, etc) - then it's fairly obvious that what goes on in the heavens is reflected right here on earth. It's all holograms, folks. So if you're bored with the primate politics of planet Earth, help yourself to a refreshing dose of exopolitics!