Monday, November 25, 2013



From Malaysiakini: "Wanita Umno has reportedly declared a "jihad" or holy war to prevent opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim returning to Parliament in a by-election this month.

"It is a jihad because this individual should not be given the chance to destroy the country's political stability and prosperity," women's wing deputy chief Shahrizat Abdul Jalil said, according to
The Star newspaper.

Shahrizat, a former cabinet minister, lost her seat in Parliament to Anwar's daughter Nurul Izzah in landmark March elections that handed the opposition unprecedented gains against the ruling coalition.

"If we allow him to lead the country, he would lead us to destruction," she said as she launched the women's wing campaign for the Aug 26 by-election in Anwar's home state of Penang.

Oh, Shahrizat, Shahrizat! It saddens me to hear you say such horrible, wicked things about my esteemed friend Anwar Ibrahim. The only time I recall meeting you was at the launch of the last KL International Litfest. Remember what I told you? "Shahrizat, you're the only BN minister I don't mind being photographed next to!" I thought you were intelligent and charming and your kids were beautiful and friendly. But how I can maintain those positive feelings towards you now that you've revealed your true colors? You're just another corrupt and misguided Umno hypocrite. If you had any foresight or wisdom you would have quietly hopped over by now, instead of going down with the KD Umnoputra. I know Abdullah Badawi was very nice to you after you lost your parliamentary seat to Anwar's astoundingly attractive daughter, Nurul Izzah - he kept you on the Umno payroll and made sure you still earned a big fat salary as Ng Yen Yen's stand-in.

It's quite clear now you're only in politics for the money and false glamor. If you were sincere about serving the rakyat you'd have considered joining DAP, PKR, or even PAS! Umno is the party that has very nearly destroyed Malaysia through systemic corruption, unmitigated greed and total abuse of power - and a large portion of the credit for that goes to your Supermamak former PM!

Those of us whose perceptions haven't been clouded by BN's sleazy largesse view Anwar Ibrahim as the nation's best hope at this juncture for genuine reform. There isn't a single Umno politician we can trust to do what's required. 

Zaid Ibrahim made a feeble attempt to overhaul the judiciary and was instantly shot down by his Umno colleagues. Shahrir Samad no longer inspires at all. Indeed, Shahrir is now the Umno ghost that talks utter cock which nobody even bothers to quote. You were perhaps the last hope for Umno - and now you've blown it with your despicable misuse of the word "jihad"! It reveals how shallow, self-serving and narrow-minded your understanding of Islam actually is.

Well, the upside of it all is that we can now torpedo the Umno flagship without having to worry about collateral damage - because the sinking vessel is transporting nothing but soiled goods anyhow.

Action stations! Fire one! Fire two! Fire three!

[First posted 16 August 2008]


Anonymous said...

antares, well said!
she is not pure Malay, right!?
jihad?! tot muslim uses jihad with non muslim onli,
how comes jihad is between the 2 malays this time or whatever u called moslim.....and gosh, look at her pics that u posted, she looked GREY!!!!!!! ewwwwwwww......a 'tan' skin tried to look puteh, there u go, become 'GREY'
try harder! shark~li~shag.......

Anonymous said...

Lol. Who's say political stability is good when UMNO still in power.

We live in a peaceful era. We don't need any stupid war including JIHAD. Shahrizat have no brain at all . That's y she look in election...

Anonymous said...

Shahjehad is a sore loser.
We are not in Sri Lanka, Tamil Tigers jihad against the Ceylonese
Cant think of many sincrere mamaks
Sincere Watches

Anonymous said...

Jilat or Jihad.

I though Muslim woman not suppose to wage Jihad. So I assume have to be jilat than and as you all know woman like to jilat man. Nowadays anus included.

So Woman in Barisan is out in drives to jilat the rakyaat and anwar.

How much I envy those who can be in permatang pauh as I can imagine the male rakyat lining up to have a quick bj (jilat) by bn woman.

Starmandala said...

I'll pass on your offer of getting jilat by Wanita Umno, thanks! I'm still mulling over the Mamak factor in Malaysian politics. Whenever there's big trouble you can bet your anal virginity you'll find a Mamak or two lurking under a rock. Why is this so, can anyone tell me? Yes... I've been accused of being a closet racist, but I believe EVERYBODY is racist to a certain degree - it's really a question of whether or not one readily admits it - and how much one invests in one's prejudices.

Anonymous said...

Bro Antares,

I'm also mamak you know, but not under a rock. Shahrizat was the most hardworking and down-to-earth minister umno had. I suppose she was trying to repay Paklah by uttering those nonsense. She better jump ship before 26th to redeem herself.


Starmandala said...

Keeping my fingers crossed I won't bump into one of Shahrizat's daughters at a party and fall in love with her. Wouldn't do to have a ma-in-law like her... unless, of course, she disowns Umno completely and returns to being HUMAN :-)