Thursday, July 19, 2018

EARTH: Paradise or Prison Planet? (reprise)

While it may appear that the "Zionists" have much to gain from America's new-era military adventurism, the truth is that the faction with the biggest vested interest in destabilizing the planetary equilibrium are the Zeta-Drako-Zephelium Confederacy who time-traveled to current Earth's 18th century to install a "Frequency Fence" designed to thwart humans from evolving into conscious multidimensionality before and after 2012 - when the next opportunity to transcend the dense-matter spacetime loop will occur.

In our remote future, circa 4300 CE, the Z-D-Z's are already colonial masters of a totally mind-controlled, microchipped humanity who worship them as living gods. That's right, this "possible Future Earth" is a virtual prison planet - exactly as envisioned in The Matrix.

However, in the late 1980s, more than 8% of the human population began reintegrating their "missing" DNA strands and this resulted in millions across the planet experiencing more vivid dreams, intuitive impulses, and life-changing glimpses beyond the 3D Veil.

Within a generation, the human tribes would have permanently released themselves from the insidious scenario whereby they would meekly allow the Zeta-Drako-Zephelium Confederacy to hijack their evolution and turn them into automatons. The elitist "Secret Government" and its covert operations would be exposed and true mental and spiritual autonomy would at last become a possibility on this planet.

In the event that humanity successfully catches the meta-galactic evolutionary wave that peaks from 2012-2017, the prison planet Earth of 4300 AD will dissolve as a possible reality and all entities trapped in that nightmare automatically released into the heavenly reality option of Gaia-Sophia, the Earth's higher harmonic planetary blueprint which exists in Harmonic Universe 2-3 (we are currently in Harmonic Universe 1).

The Zeta-Drako-Zephelium Conspiracy would be a complete failure and those destructive entities would be compelled to go back to the end of the evolutionary queue and give up their parasitic tendencies.

Perpetual conflict on earth generates a high level of pain and panic - and effectively destroys the ecosystem. Only when humans are in harmony with nature can we evolve into the subtler (heavenly) realms. That's why the human agents of the Zeta-Drako-Zephelium Agenda are hellbent on wreaking maximum havoc in the 3rd Dimension at this juncture.

Do not buy into the Fear and Panic they are generating in order to hijack your spiritual destiny. Instead, stay centered in compassion, trust, and inner joy. All will be well that ends well.

At the Goddess Gaia-Sophia's Sacred Service,

Galactic Agent Antares

[Written 14 April 2003. First posted 1 September 2008, reposted 18 November 2013]


LynMay said...

I stumbled upon your book entitled - 'Tanah Tujuh' and I bought it together with some other books.

Was not too sure if it was you until I saw the 'Magick River' website somewhere :)

Have yet it read it though..


Anonymous said...

Bro Antares,

Wow! That was a mind boggling piece,bro. Someone told me about an archaeological finding that our calendar will end in 2012. It somehow matches your article, though, ie, 'when the next opportunity to transend the dense-matter spacetime loop will occur'

On another note, 'harmony with nature' may also be ' harmony with the Infinite' or in "Unity with the One Lord of The Universe". That's self-annihilation, ie, we transcend dense-matter and evolve into the subtler (heavenly) realms. Then the ZDZ would not be able to touch (manipulate) us.

Can we assume that ZDZ is Anti-Christ (Dajjal), because majority of humankind will be worshiping it, as was told.

Bro Antares, may peace be upon you.
My understanding is very vague to actually comment on this, my apologies.

Muslim Idealist

Starmandala said...

Sorry,I have been so preoccupied with the dramatic ongoing political shifts I forgot to respond to your comments!

Lynn May, thanks for buying my book.
May it prove an engaging and instructive read! :-)

Muslim Idealist, your intuition serves you well, regardless of your preferred terminology. I can also speak in religious metaphors - but there has been so much interference and contamination in those frequency zones, anything I say will only lead to more bickering - and we certainly don't wish to get snagged on petty-minded and devious semantics!

Amenti said...

I see you are familiar with the teachings of the Azurites as well.

You are well on your way to understanding my brother, and I commend you for existing here with I along with all the others. We need more awake people...I feel the time is getting close.

Take care.

Starmandala said...

Whooooosh! Who was that masked commenter codenamed "Amenti"? The URL is literally No Site! Too bad I can't offer you a nice cup of tea, you left so quickly and without a forwarding address... but your comment perked me up greatly and for that I thank you.

Yes, this post was inspired by my delving into Secrets of Amenti (I keep a copy by my bedside, it works very well as a tranquilizer :-)